Cheaters Always Prosper: How to Have the Best Affair

"Control your expressions"

“Control your expressions”

So you want to have an affair, do you? Look, we’re not here to judge you. We wouldn’t be working on this site if we were. As a matter-of-fact, having an affair is something we like to think we’re pretty damn good at. It’s not that you don’t love your wife; you just need to get out and play the game a little bit more. You probably got married too soon, or want to do something freaky that you sure as shit aren’t going to try to fly by the Mrs. That means that your only option is to have an affair or to rent a hooker. One of these things may not be legal in your area, so we’re here to help you with the first.

Keep it Simple

The last thing that you should do when you start having an affair is make up complicated stories to tell. You absolutely want to make sure that the stories you tell all of the ladies in your life are easy to keep track of. This gets truer the more mistresses you want to pack on. One of the biggest mistakes that dudes make is that they come up with these extremely impressive stories to hook in the best babes and then they can’t keep their words straight. Even if you plan out your story to the last little detail, there is always a chance that the wrong thing will slip. Chicks see right through that shit eventually. They’ll put two and two together and you don’t have to make a big slip up like the wrong name to get them wise. Not only that, but they also could end up tipping off the wife and that’s the last thing you want to deal with.

Trust No One

"Do brag about it - keep it to yourself"

“Do brag about it – keep it to yourself”

We mean it. This is even true for your dudes and anyone else you think is down. Your buddies may have hidden morals or regrets that they haven’t told you about. Sure, it’s bros before hoes, but you can never be sure who really thinks that. That’s why you need to keep it to yourself. We knew a dude once who thought he could tell his bros everything. Turns out one of them had this huge crush on his wife. As soon as this friend of his had a chance, he was telling the wife absolutely everything. Remember that before you kiss and tell.

Don’t String them Along

We’re not saying that you should tell the girl you’re dating everything. Hell, most chicks shouldn’t ever hear the truth. However, you don’t want to pretend that you’re in love instantly with a chick. First, there’s really no reason to. Let’s be honest, that whole ?chicks need to be loved? thing is a myth that some uptight jackasses make everyone believe so their daughters won’t go out with people like us. Women love sex and there are plenty of them that are more than happy to just get in while the getting is good then make their exit. When you can find a babe that’s down with that, you’re going to have the best affairs ever. They don’t expect anything and won’t put any pressure on you.

The Best Affair Dating Websites

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#2 Site: AshleyMadison
#3 Site: AffairsClub
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: MarriedDateLink


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