Find Your Go to Girl

There are two kinds of affairs that a married man can have. They can have the hit it and quit it sort, where the girl’s just there for a night or two or they can have a Go to Girl. A Go to Girl is a chick that knows what’s going on in your life. She knows you’re married and she doesn’t care as long as you’re around when she needs her toes curled. The Go to Girl is the babe that you can always count on for a quick and wild romp that won’t come back to haunt you in the morning. So how do you find this mythical creature?

What Makes a Go to Girl?

"She is ready to have some fun"

“She is ready to have some fun”

Go to Girls have their own lives and their shit together. You’re going to want a babe who has her own agenda and isn’t waiting for a man to save her. She’s busy and prefers to find a man who can scratch her itch and then be out of her way. These babes aren’t going to fall for lines and they will roll their eyes at any attempt to woo them. They don’t want to be wooed, they want sex.
Here’s the deal with the Go to Girl. They need respect. If you’re going to treat them like you’re some favor in their life, they’re going to dump you like cat litter and go onto another dude whose less of a hassle. They see sex as a need, a hobby, and almost treat it like a business relationship. Don’t think you’re her only down dude, she isn’t expecting it of you. The moment you think that you’re running the show is the minute that she’s going to turn the tables on you. In short, this chick is no nonsense about her life. She wants you to have fun with. It’s perfect.

Where do You Find One?

"Find intimacy without intricacies"

“Find intimacy without intricacies”

We’ve had the most luck around businesses and college campuses. Hitting up the local business district’s bars around five or so will allow you to watch a sea of professional hotties as they pour in to toss back a drink before they get back to their lives. When you approach one, the best way to do so is to just buy her a drink and settle down. Don’t be offended if she waves you off, remember, she’s on a schedule too. Don’t worry about if she’s got a ring or not either. In fact, married chicks with jobs make the best Go to Girls in our none too humble opinion.
College campuses are also a great place for Go to Girls. Usually we tell dudes to keep it to chicks who aren’t the brightest candles on the mantle. However, when you’re looking for a Go to Girl, you want one that’s sharp and understands the game. That means that you want to find where the law or med students are hanging out. These chicks have a LOT on their plate, they’re stressed, and they definitely want to get some of that stress worked off.

The BEST thing about Go to Girls is that once you find one, they know others and they’ll talk. This means that if you lay it down right with one hot Go to Girl, you’re going to suddenly open the door to dealing with more of them. That also means that you need to be on your A game with them. Don’t be rude, don’t act like you’re doing them a favor, and always make sure that she’s satisfied.

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