How to Cover Your e-Tracks

Having an affair can be a dangerous game. When you’re looking for something on the side you need to be sure that your wife or girlfriend isn’t going to get wise to you. Internet dating and surfing have made having affairs easier than ever before. You don’t have to worry about a real paper trail. However, these days almost everyone knows basic web security and covering your digital tracks is the single most important thing you can do to keep your affair under wraps. Below are the following top three things that men end up forgetting about or doing and then end up getting caught.

Going TOO Secure

"Don't give her a reason to suspect"

“Don’t give her a reason to suspect”

If you’re the sort of dude who is used to leaving his laptop open in the middle of the living room and then going out for a run or to hang out and suddenly start closing it, hiding it, and extra locking it down, she’s going to notice. Women are keen to changes of behavior and while they may not say shit, they’re going to know. The slow burn of curiosity is going to eat at her and then she’s going to go looking. No one wants to suddenly have that conversation that starts “why are you suddenly being so evasive” or “why are you locking your computer down”. Don’t change your Internet or computer use behaviors. EVER. SHE WILL NOTICE.

Clear the Cache the RIGHT Way

"Clean your browsing history and delete cache"

“Clean your browsing history and delete cache”

When you start using Internet searches the computer saves this information. This makes browsing easier and it also makes finding what you’ve been looking at easier. While it’s easy to delete all of the cookies and clear the browsing history every so often under the guise of “the browser was being slow” this excuse is not going to fly if you do it every few weeks. The trick to clearing the cookies is to go into the individual history and clear those things that you don’t want her to know about one by one. This way if she’s computer savvy she won’t start getting suspicious.

Spending More/Less Time Online

Are you getting the theme yet? The trick to not getting caught is to act normal. If you’re suddenly spending hours online when you used to happily watch TV or go out, then she’s going to wonder what’s going on with you. The best way to get her to not worry or wonder is to keep your internet browsing timed to small periods of time. Try scheduling your cruising of dating sites to when she’s not at home or when you’re at work. Plan ahead what sites that you’re going to use and have some templates set up for fishing emails. This will cut your time down online and keep her from getting wise.

As you can tell the biggest way to keep from getting caught is to not act like you’re doing anything wrong. This means that you need to make sure that everything you do stays the same way that you have always done it from when you’re online, to the sites you go to, to your security procedures. If you’re nervous about being caught, it’ll show. If you absolutely want to have something that you’re 100% sure she won’t get into, slowly change your behavior, any immediate changes to anything in your routine is going to tip her off to your infidelity.

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