How to Keep Your Wife in the Dark

"Keep things normal and exciting at the house"

“Keep things normal and exciting at the house”

Now that you’ve managed to hook into the hook up culture, you need to make sure that your wife doesn’t find out. There are some dudes that say all good things will come to pass, but that’s not true at all. The fact of the matter is that most men get sloppy and that’s when the party ends. You don’t need to be some master of disguise or a super secret agent to keep the Mrs. from finding the mistress. There are some very simple ways that you can do this without causing yourself too much grief. The added piece of mind will keep you having your cake and eating it too.

Clearing the Cache

If you’re using a shared computer then you’re going to have to keep your iTracks a secret. The problem that most men have is they may assume that their wife is clueless with computers. This isn’t the case anymore. Most people understand how to clear cookies and keep their browsing history clear for security and ease of browsing. That means that you can get away with clearing the cookies and history every so often without causing your wife any alarm. If you want to be truly sneaky, however, you’re going to have to selectively clear the history. Make sure that after you go to a site you aren’t supposed to be on you go into the history and cookies and only clear things that have to do with that site. That way, when your wife looks into the history there’s nothing amiss because nothing’s really missing as far as she’s concerned.

Using Cash

"Keep it in cash"

“Keep it in cash”

Most married couples have joint bank accounts and most women worry pretty constantly about money. If you’re suddenly taking a lot more trips or buying expensive dinners for two your wife is going to notice. The easiest way to keep her in the dark is to get yourself a party account. It’s easy enough to pick up a little bit of side work here and there for most dudes, even if it’s just running scrap metal or fixing someone’s computer. If you get a raise at work, you can also funnel some extra money off the top into a personal account that she doesn’t know about. Depending on the stranglehold your wife has on the pocketbook, this is going to be easy or it could take a while. The beauty of it is that once you’ve got your party account set up, you can spend all you want without any fear of her finding out!

Separate the Tech

You’ve heard the phrase “phone for your bros”, right? Getting a cheap track phone or a netbook and keeping them at your office, in the car, or in some secure location is a great way to keep the wife from finding out about your affairs. If you only have one way for babes to contact you, then they also can’t tip off your wife if THEY get wise. Remember, if you have another computer have another EVERYTHING. Use a different email, different log-ins, nothing should be the same. And do not do your normal stuff on the tech that you use for your affairs. Keep everything in its neat little corner to assure that your wife will never know.

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