How to tell if a Woman is Okay with Dating a Committed Man

“She doesn’t care that whether you are committed or not”
Being a married (or at least seriously committed) man while simultaneously looking for a woman to have an affair with on the side can be a tough road to walk. There’s no middle ground, it seems, with the way women feel about possibly becoming involved with a married man – they’re either extremely alright with it and willing to have that kind of relationship, or they’re adamantly against it and will get very angry with you for even hitting on them at all if that ring is on your finger.
As vapid and shallow as you might think it is, paying attention to how she reacts to things in the media will give you a big hint with some women (again, not all – let’s not operate on stereotypes, here) in a way you might not have expected. If you happen to see a news article on a site, or on the cover of a magazine about which celebrity guy is cheating on his wife this week, point it out. Gauge her reaction to that, because even if they’re celebrities and not people you know in real life, just the idea is enough to give you the kind of clue you need regarding her opinion on infidelity. If she seems shocked, appalled, and generally disgusted, take that as your indicator that you should probably not try and get with while you’re in a committed relationship. Alternatively, if she seems apathetic or is even interested in flipping through that magazine and reading the article or in a best-case scenario (believe it or not, an interest in celebrity gossip may actually work out in your favor here, guys) she might even applaud it. That usually means her opinion aligns with yours, and if there’s a mutual attraction, you might as well go for it.

“You can tell by her body language that she is interested”
Often, the first time you have a conversation with a woman you’ve just met is enough to give you an idea of how she feels about dating committed guys. Tell the truth about your less-than-single status because it’s never a good idea to lie to women. Work it into conversation subtly; there’s no need to blatantly say that you’re married, or she might think that you’re arrogant enough to automatically assume she’s hitting on you and your plan could end up backfiring. If she’d been flirting with you before and responding well to you flirting with her and continues (sometimes even tries a little harder) to flirt with you, chances are, you’ve found the kind of woman who is completely accepting of dating a committed man, sometimes even a little more excited by it than normal. On the other hand, though, if she acts completely put off by it, you should back off – your chances are slim if not none and all you’re going to do is make her think less of you if you continue to flirt with her. You don’t want to come off as someone who won’t take no for an answer, because then you’ll just end up seeming creepy.

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