How to Tell if She’s Down: How to Approach a Chick

"Approach her but keep it simple"

“Approach her but keep it simple”

Finding a down chick is not always easy. These days most women are friendly, vocal, and outgoing. All of the markers that we’re used to looking for when we’re trying to pick up a chick for a fun night could just mean she’s being friendly. If you think you’re reading all of her signs correctly, go in for the kill, and then end up rejected, you are going to feel upset. That confusion can cause a fight that may keep you from hanging out at a particular bar a while. It wasn’t your fault that you got upset, but let’s face it the old game is dead and gone; if you want to get laid, you need to play by new rules.

Don’t Dance Around the Topic

Look, if you’re looking for a lay just out and be honest about it. If you’re talking to a chick and the two of you are vibing you may as well just say what’s on your mind. You miss a woman’s company sometimes, but you don’t have it in you to date or have anything serious. Guys have this false idea that all women are looking for love at first sight or some deep spiritual connection before the boobs come out. This isn’t the case. Chicks are people and want pretty much what we want most of the time. Use that to your advantage when you’re looking to get some.

Don’t be Vulgar or Rude

"It is not going to work with her"

“It is not going to work with her”

Look, just cause you want to get down doesn’t mean that you need to tell her about her body in lavish detail. She washes it every day and she probably already knows that she looks hot. Nothing turns a chick off more than some guy coming up to her and making comments on her body parts. Why? Because that’s self-centered! You want to get a chick to want to come home with you? Realize that she’s the one doing the shopping. Instead of focusing on how you are going to feel or how much pleasure you are going to get from her body, try to focus on how much pleasure that you are going to GIVE her body. For some reason dudes don’t want to seem too sensitive, but telling a chick that you love it when a woman is getting off is going to make her much more interested than telling her how much you like doing things with her body. It’s all about the approach.

There is No Rate of Pussy Exchange

Yeah, we said it. Women don’t owe you sex. Even if a chick’s put out for every dude you know, that doesn’t mean that she owes you anything. Too many dudes act like a chick’s reached into his wallet and stolen his cash if she says she’s not interested. You know what that comes off as? Spoiled, childish, entitled and bratty. No chick wants to bang a brat. Women want men, act like it.

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