How to Treat an Easy Lady

"Treat her real nice"

“Treat her real nice”

Look, you want to bag a chick who really likes sex. The problem is that every time you open your mouth you end up turning them off. Considering all the talk you’ve heard about how easy she is to turn on, you’re stumped as to what it is you’re doing wrong. It’s true that there are a lot of babes who are ready to party and aren’t too choosy with who they get down with. However, these chicks aren’t going to just put out for anyone because they have a dick. Most chicks, even easy ones, get to call the shots and that means that if you’re a jerk to them, you’re not going to get laid. Here are some tips to get you past the jumping point and rolling in the sack with that hot babe whose been down for everyone else.

Don’t be Rude

Look, if you call chicks sluts and bitches they are not going to be flocking towards you. No one wants to get naked with someone who is going to just be a jackass to them. Why would they? First thing about getting a down babe is to stop that shit right away. If you’re looking for a woman who puts out easily, you’re obviously not judging her for doing so. There’s not a thing wrong with a woman who likes sex, by saying that crap you’re making them feel like you’re judging them (and making them less likely to go home with a dude overnight for a while so stop fucking up the party for the rest of us). Just because she’s crazy in bed doesn’t mean anything outside of the bedroom. Once you stop acting like it does then she’s going to be a hell of a lot more receptive to you.

Don’t be Pushy

You want to get laid, don’t act like you’re going to die if you go home alone. It’s pathetic. What you want to do is to approach a woman like you just think that you two would have fun together. Chicks really are attracted to men who have their shit together and act like there’s nothing about approaching a woman. You have to come off like you’ve done this before and if she says no, it’s no big deal. The more relaxed you are, the more she’s going to get the idea that you’ve got other options. Chicks are competitive. If she thinks that you’re likely to go home with some other babe, it’ll bump you up on her list of guys to do.

Let Her Know it’s not Just About You

"Show her a good time"

“Show her a good time”

Chicks want to have a dude that’s going to make them curl their toes in bed. You don’t have to have the biggest piece to swing to do that, either. First rule of getting laid is to make sure that the lady comes first. Chicks that are more open about having one night stands tend to hang out together. If you make one girl call down the gods and curl her toes all of her friends are going to know about it. Instead of being ?that guy who always tries to get laid? you can become ?That guy who made me get off three times in one night?. We don’t have to tell you what dude you want to be.

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