If Your Wife Gets Wise to Cheating

"She is smart - beware!"

“She is smart – beware!”

When you’re having an affair, it’s a dangerous game that you’re playing. In most cases your wife isn’t an idiot, she knows you and she’s not going to be easily kept in the dark for a long period of time. We’ve always said that the keys to having affairs are to make them brief, make them sporadic, and to keep treating your wife normally. Even if you start being extra nice to her, she’s going to notice that and wonder what’s going on in your world. However, there are times that the best of us end up getting ourselves in trouble and start to ping her cheating radar. What do you do when she starts acting wise? We’ve got some tips for you.

Stick to Your Guns

Even if she’s so close to the mark you feel like she HAS TO KNOW, stick to your guns. If she asks if you’re cheating on her, the best things to do is to act shocked and ask her why she thinks that. Keep a cool head. Most women are nervous about us running off on them anyway so you need to just breathe and let her have her moment. Assure her that you’re not; you’ve just been busy lately then let her be pissed. Give her a while to get herself under control and say no, you aren’t. DO NOT get mad at her! This will just cause antagonistic behavior. Instead, say that you’re sorry you made her feel like that. Offer to sit and talk about what will make her feel better. This will take the focus off of your extracurricular activities and onto her.

Assess your Actions

"Take a look behind - she might be watching"

“Take a look behind – she might be watching”

If she’s getting smart then you need to either tone it down or figure out what tipped her off. The key to having successful affairs is to act normally. If you start acting out of the ordinary, even if you’re being extra nice to her, she’s going to figure out that something is wrong. If you’re not a dude who shows up with flowers randomly, then don’t start doing it. Likewise, if you guys always do something together, don’t start making excuses to skip it. You need to fit the affair in around your life, not fit your life in around the affair.

Remember Affairs are not Relationships

The point to having an affair is to have sex. You don’t want to get tangled up in another person’s life or their day to day activities. You can be friends with the chick you’re banging on the side, but the moment she starts falling in love with you is the moment that you need to head for the hills and never return. You have a life; you are established with the family. The affair needs to be treated like any other hobby that you work in around your day to day life. Blowing off work for a day to hit up the ?gym? is understandable, but doing it on a regular basis is going to get you fired. Keep a cool head and don’t get attached to the side babe.

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