Leave Her BEGGING For More: Try This in Bed

"Rock her world"

“Rock her world”

Don’t you leave this article yet, dude. We are not trying to insult you or your powers with the ladies, but we have got some news for you. See, we went around some of our local college campuses and polled the hotties with the best bodies to see what gets their toes curling. It’s well known that women talk. If you serve it up right to the right babe, then suddenly you feel like you’ve opened up the closet to some sexy Narnia or something. Down babes hang with other down babes, you see. That means that everyone is going to know if you’re a zero or a hero. Here’s some things you should try the next time you’re trying to make a good first impression on your back.

Hips Don’t Lie

That curve of a woman’s side, right before her hip is one of the sexiest thing about them. It’s also a very sensitive area on most people that doesn’t get enough attention. Run your fingers gently up and down her side before you hold her tight. If you’re curled up in bed, it’s a great place to kiss or nip at. The important thing to remember is to NOT TICKLE HER. We like making girls laugh, but most girls don’t like being tickled. They want to feel a little thrill, not throw up because they’re laughing too hard. One of those things is sexy, the other is not.

Let Her Hold You Down

A lot of dudes are going to pump the breaks at this, but hear us out! First of all, you cannot beat the view when a woman is riding you. You get to see all of her wonderful body and watch it move. The urge to just grab her and hold her close is worth fighting out. But if a chick grabs your wrists and holds them above your head you’re getting two added benefits. For one, her angle has changed and you get to have a whole new wonderful view. For two, her angle has changed and the way that she’s riding is going to feel different. The switch up is totally worth it. Also, a chick that feels in control of the situation is likely to be a little more forceful with her grinding and that’s something we absolutely support.

Be Courteous…

"...and passionate"

“…and passionate”

Look, you’re wanting to get with a babe because you like women. That should mean that you want to make sure she’s purring like a kitten. Ask her what she wants and be willing to try things. A lot of chicks are under the impression that they shouldn’t have wants or fantasies. This is a shit impression and the only way it’s going to change is if you’re open to letting her lead the way. When you’re in bed with a woman, pay attention to how she’s acting. And we’re not talking about asking her ?do you like that? as if you’re a broken record. We mean to look at her reaction watch how she moves. If you want to try something new, ask ?is it okay if we try this? and let her say no if she wants. Ladies come first, that should be every man’s motto.

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