Love ’em and Leave ’em: Casual Dating is not Serial Dating

"Don't get attached"

“Don’t get attached”

When you are trying to have an affair the important thing is that you do not ever get attached to the women you’re meeting on the side. That can spell total disaster that is reminiscent of a Lifetime movie. Do not get emotionally involved with the chicks you are having an affair with. Affairs are about sex and that’s all. When you’re getting down and dirty with a babe, it’s only natural to start getting a soft spot for them, but you need to fight that urge. When you get too involved with them, you open yourself up to making mistakes that you, a married man, just can’t afford to make.

Using Family Money

"She know what you are trying to do"

“She know what you are trying to do”

This is the one that gets guys caught the most, hands down. A chick can play on your heart strings like you would not believe. When the girl you’re seeing on the side calls you up with a sob story it’s only natural to want to ride in on a white horse and save her. Even if it’s just a simple loan that you’re certain your wife won’t notice, do NOT give into the temptation.
Women are natural budgeters. They can multitask like we don’t even understand. This means that they can balance a budget, write a report for work, and go over the last conversation they had all at once. They tend to go over finances on a whim. This means that if suddenly they notice an extra 20 or 50 dollar missing they’re going to get curious. Then they start looking for patterns. Then, elementary my dear Watson, you’ve been found out.
The way to avoid this is to suggest that instead of using your debit card all month, you take out cash at the beginning of every month to use for ?beers with the guys and lunch? that cash can then be whipped out and used on your affairs with your wife none the wiser. No-matter how much you like the girl that you’re dating. Never EVER dip into the family till for her.

Giving the Mistress Your Home Number

Women can get attached, even if in the beginning they knew exactly what their relationship with you was. If a woman that you’re seeing on the side is starting to get too demanding or too clingy then she is likely going to try to creep into your home life. To avoid this at all costs, you should always have a ?party phone? or a simple track phone that you only use for the women you’re dating. If she starts to get too clingy you can always change that number, block her, or simply get a new track phone. Changing your home number for ?no reason? is a much bigger trail, especially if you have a household that’s going to be changing numbers along with you.

The other, more pressing concern is that if your mistress has your home number, what’s to stop her from calling your wife and outing your relationship? It’s been known to happen, especially if she’s buying into the fantasy that your wife is on the outs and it’s only a matter of time. The best way to avoid that problem is to never give it a chance to happen.

The Best Affair Dating Websites

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#2 Site: AshleyMadison
#3 Site: AffairsClub
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: MarriedDateLink


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