NEVER Say These Words to Babes if You Want to Seal the Deal

There are some things that you can say to a chick and some things that you cannot. It’s important to realize that when you’re dealing with ladies that they aren’t all the same. Some girls like bad boys and some chicks require you to be a freakin’ Southern Gentleman and you never know what you’re getting, really. However, just because babes can be unpredictable doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things that you ABSOLUTELY should NEVER SAY if you want to get in good with any of them. When you get a chick alone, strike the following from your vocabulary.

Asking Her Why Her Friends are Bitches

"Why would you even ask that?"

“Why would you even ask that?”

Do you want to get slapped? The quickest way to get a sweet chick to turn on you is to start ragging on her friends. That’s pretty much the first rule of dating. Even if you hate her friends at first sight, keep that to yourself. Her friends are being ?bitches? because they know you’re some creeper who wants to get in their friends pants. If they are being protective it’s because they don’t know you from Adam and don’t quite trust you yet. It’s important to remember that chicks travel in packs for their own protection more than anything else. A lot of them make promises to not leave the bar without everyone else in tow. To break this cycle you need to be understanding that the whole pack mentality is a survival mechanism, not just there to be a cock block.

Call ANYONE A Cunt or a Bitch

"Do not ruin your impression in front of her"

“Do not ruin your impression in front of her”

Some words are flagged as violent. Curse words ACTUALLY TRIGGER parts in the human brain, those two words in particular actually can get the same reaction from a human body as slapping can. That means that when a chick hears those words come out of your mouth, she’s going to immediately, for better or worse, label you as a violent person who may harm her. This means that she is going to be AFRAID of you. She won’t want to go home with you and she absolutely won’t want you to see her naked. You want to have women feel comfortable with you, not scare them off. So find other words to use for people that annoy you.

Complain About Other Chicks

When you think you’re venting a totally legitimate complaint, that’s not what babes hear. What they hear is some man-child whining about how he never gets any play and how women ignore him. It makes you sound like a little kid who really wants some ice cream but the adults said no. Now yeah, it’s true that most babes have a huge nurturing side and they really want to take care of people, but most of them don’t want to sleep with children. If you start railing about how all women do something or no women ever appreciates you, she’s going to wonder why you’re such a loser, not want to boost your spirits.

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