Playing the Field While On the Field

When you need a break from the old ball and chain, meeting hot girls is hard. Going to the usual places, like bars and clubs, is too obvious. Not to mention the reason you got married in the first place was to stop having buy drinks and cater to one person for an entire night… only to watch her go home with some other guy. Here’s the thing, though: you’re looking for hot women in all the wrong places. Every dude that’s ever tried to pull one over on his wife gets caught by coming home with liquor on his breath and someone else’s perfume plastered all over his clothes. There’s also the added factor that any potential hook-ups you’re checking out might look pretty good through beer goggles. If you’re going to take the risk, the girl has to be worth it.
We like sports, and finding a hot piece on the side is as easy as joining a co-ed sports team. It sounds weird, but they exist. Usually if you search for it on the Internet, there are local ones that meet every week or every month. This is where you need to start your hunt for prime hotties, and your wife will never even suspect anything. You’re just out playing ball!

You Get to Be Rugged

"Woman fall for that rugged look"

“Woman fall for that rugged look”

When you’re playing sports you get to be a man’s man, show off your athletic skills and make some sweet saves on the field. We know a few guys who are on co-ed softball teams, for example. They play hard, but they also get to meet a lot of girls who even enjoy the same they thing do. Only in this case, you get to see what they’re like beforehand, and then try to score.

You Already Know They’re Hot

"She is hot"

“She is hot”

Sometimes, what girls wear disguise what they really look like. Leave it to women to get you thinking they’re a super model under all that war paint and tight skirt. You get her into bed, realize you’ve had one too many drinks and then see that corset was holding in something you didn’t expect. You don’t have to worry about that when you’re playing sports! The girls aren’t trying to be hot, so you know what they really look like. There aren’t any unexpected surprises awaiting you in the sheets, so when you slide into home base, you already know your girl’s body is tight. You’ve seen her all sweaty and throwing balls around, and that can easily be the same in the bedroom. Scoring yourself a dime piece is as easy as telling her she’s got a good throwing arm. A woman with a strong arm is always good to have around, especially when it’s time to batter up.

Tomboys Love Being Treated Like Ladies

The thing about women is that they love to be spoiled, even the ones that are hard into sports. Offer to take your new booty call on a real date, or else she’ll probably move on to someone else on the team. You’re not proposing marriage since you’re already married (but she doesn’t have to know that), but dinner can’t hurt. You also get to see her looking hot in make-up and a dress, so it’s worth the money you shell out on dinner. Girls that are into sports and typically masculine stuff are usually not pampered, so she’ll love it if you hold doors open for her and offer to take her coat. It takes a smooth man to pull it off, but you can do it. The more practice you have, the easier it gets, like hitting a ball out of the park. Just be careful that she’s actually a tomboy, and not playing for the other team!

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