Rekindle Your Fire With an Affair

“Get the spark back in your relationship”

After the “I do’s”, it can be hard to keep all the promises you made. Maybe the spark is just dead, and you’ve done all you can to rekindle it, but it just isn’t working out. There are a multitude of reasons that marriages fail, with nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, though divorce might not always be an immediate option. Having children or being reliant on your partner’s income can keep you with her out of necessity, but that doesn’t meant that you don’t want to have any fun. Being discreet about your affairs isn’t as easy in this day and age, but it certainly isn’t impossible. You just have to play it smart, and an affair is easily within your reach, ready to light your fire all over again.

Most married men aren’t looking for another relationship to complicate their lives, so you want to avoid women who are going to cling. Go out to the bar, and don’t be afraid to turn down a few girls to get to the better ones. Don’t settle for just anyone – the girls who flock to you immediately are going to be the girls who want to hang around, want to make you breakfast in the morning, and will want you to call them back. Ties like this are what get you caught in an affair – have fun, don’t get into yet another commitment. So, in favor of the not-so-attractive girl clamoring for your attention, go for the girl who will barely look your way all night. She’ll be more fun if you can get her in bed, not to mention she won’t want to bother you afterwards. This way you get to have your fun, and then return scot-free to your wife.

“Make sure to cover your tracks if you want to avoid this conversation”

After you get the girl, you want to cover your tracks, and cover them well. A woman scorned is nothing to mess with, and if you’re cheating, your wife is bound to get suspicious. Women have a sixth sense for deceit, so be cautious. That suit you wore to the bar? Take it to the cleaner’s, and pick it up on your way to work. If she asks you, just say that you spilled wine on it at a work function, and needed it professionally cleaned. Color-safe bleach can only do so much on high-quality fabrics like that, so taking it to a cleaner’s is completely understandable. Make sure you dispose of the evidence as well. No condom wrappers anywhere on you, no hairs, and make sure your cologne is the only thing she smells. Even the tiniest slip-up can land you in a world of trouble with your wife.

Naturally, an affair shouldn’t be your first option. But, if worse comes to worst and you think a divorce isn’t an option, an affair can be a fun way to relieve stress and practice getting back into the dating scene. Just make sure to play it safe, and you can have all the fun you want. Good luck and happy hunting, men!

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