Sexy First Date Idea: Burlesque Show

You’re only going to be out with this chick once may as well make it a night to remember. The better the first impression of your date the more likely she’ll be to put out. Nothing makes a chick want to get a room more than a date that she’s not expecting. Show her a good time by taking her to see a show that she may never have seen before. Local performers and burlesque troops make for excellent entertainment on a first date. After you take in the local night life, you can chat her up at a coffee house before hitting the hotel room. Keeping the night sexy and flirty will up your chances of sealing the deal.

Try Burlesque

"A burlesque show will be worth it"

“A burlesque show will be worth it”

When you’re going out to eat with a new date a lot of guys make the mistake of doing a five star venue. For some reason this is doubly true if you’re looking into a one night stand. If you’re having an affair you don’t always have to wow her with fifty dollar plates. Instead, take her someplace that’s more casual and relaxed. You only need a place that serves bar food and some good drinks to take a woman out on the town.

In fact, check out your local burlesque scene and see what’s going on. If you don’t know what burlesque is, dude you’re missing out. It’s a sexy, fun, and flirty strip tease. Many local burlesques troops will perform Unlike the dancers at the local strip club, these chicks are in it for the fun. It’s not expected to tip them and they don’t give lap dances. They’re just performers that tend to show off their boobs.

You want to show a chick a fun time, not wow her into marrying you. Plus, if you start the night with something scandalous or a little cheeky, she’s bound to key into the idea that you want to make this a night of sexy fun. It’s a great way to gauge what the babe is into and figure out what sort of chances you have in hitting a home run at the end of the night.

Then a Nice Coffee House

"Now that's perfect"

“Now that’s perfect”

24-hour coffee houses are some great places to talk about whatever entertainment you and your date took in. Typically quiet in the wee hours of the morning, coffee joints offer a very relaxed atmosphere for processing. This is the best place that you can go if you want to figure out how comfortable your date was with the burlesque show and it’ll give you a huge hint as to if she’s ready to give you a private show or not. If it’s not her thing, she’ll tell you, or at least show you by being closed off and evasive. However, odds are, if you picked her up on an affair site, she’s not only going to be down, but the show will give her a ton of ideas for when you round the date off in a local hotel room.

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