Top 5 Pickup Lines for a One Night Stand

Pickup lines are both loved and reviled in the dating world. They’re pretty much a joke if you are talking to women and for obvious reasons. They usually run the whole line from hilariously corny to downright offensive. Though there are some gems that we’ve found, for some reason, actually tend to get us results. Remember, you have to deliver a pickup line in a fun, relaxed sort of manner. These are more ice breakers than deal sealers.

1. You have a lovely voice, I’d like to hear it tonight

"Your voice is sweet"

“Your voice is sweet”

If you’re talking to a chick who really does have a nice voice then there’s no harm in complimenting it. Not only does this usually flatter a chick, but it will put the idea in her mind that you wonder what she sounds like when she’s getting busy. Wanting to know what a babe is going to sound like in bed means that you’re very interested in getting her off. Anything that sounds like you’re more focused on her pleasure than yours is going to get her gears going.

2. You want to get breakfast in the morning?

At the end of the night when the bars are closing and everyone is finishing up for the night people are starting to plan out the rest of their evenings. This means that the babe you’ve been talking to has a few options and you want one of them to be ?spending the night with you.? when she looks confused you can just shrug and say that you’d like to hang out more.

3. You want to get some coffee?

"Take her to a coffee shop"

“Take her to a coffee shop”

Again, the end of the night but you’re not tired. A cup of coffee at a quiet 24 hour cafe is the best thing that you can do when you want to get to know someone better. This also is a lot less creepy than suggesting she meet you at your apartment or the hotel across the street.

4. Wanna call it a night?

Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach when it comes to women. When you’re ready to roll and have been talking to a babe the best thing that you can do is ask for her to cash out with you. If she’s game, she’ll know what you mean. If not, it’s important that you just bow out gracefully. You want a one night stand, not the end of the world.

5. So what is your opinion on the One Night Stand?

This one works! Honestly, half the babes that we ask this question to respond that they’re down. THEY APPRECAITE a dude who knows what he wants and goes for it, no questions asked. We were floored. The other half will say no right off the bat and that stops you from wasting your time or creeping anyone out.
The true key to a successful pick up line is that you need to be light hearted. If you get shut down, oh well, move on. A chick is going to respond to someone who is friendly, laughing, and does not pressure them a lot better than she is going to respond to a dude who is going in all guns blazing and acts like she killed his dog when she says no. Be direct, but not pushy, be obvious, but don’t be a jackass.

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