You Want an Affair? Don’t do These 3 Things!

Spend Your Cash On Dudes This should be obvious, but it’s the problem that dudes who are looking to get out in the dating world always make. They get attention by buying the whole house a round. They want to draw ladies in with impressive shows of wealth and end up blowing their whole wad at the bar on rounds. This means that there won’t be any money left to spend on chicks and if you’re trying to get into a woman’s danger zone she’s not going to let you in for free. When you’re trying to get somewhere don’t spread the wealth around. Buying one round is nice if you can afford it, but if you can’t then you’d better make sure that you’re only focused on giving out freebies to women that you want to bang. Get Lazy Chicks like dudes that look good. You know this is true. While it’s also true that clothes go a lot further with the babes than they do with us, you’re not going to win yourself any hot dolls with a beer belly. Try to get out for a walk every once and a while, do some crunches and some push-ups in the morning. You don’t have to be a total…

Wise Up! You Could be Having Hotties Right Now!

Look, dude. We’re not saying that you’re wasting your time or anything, but you could be scoring with babes RIGHT NOW. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get out there and play the field, it’s a man’s natural inclination, right? So what’s keeping you grounded? If it’s the fact that you don’t feel like you’re an Adonis or something, snap out of it! We’re not either and we aren’t sleeping alone tonight. If you keep striking out with the babes, then look no further. We have some tips for you to get laid TONIGHT. Save the Stories Chicks can sense desperation. They’re more in tune with their emotions than we are, and that means that they aren’t going to stand for some manipulative bullshit. This isn’t like you’re trying to build upa relationship or string them along. What you want, and what you’re not getting, is a one night stand. You don’t have time to waste spinning tales. Be direct and a straight shooter. Babes love it when a dude takes charge of the situation. Tell her that you’re not in the mood for a relationship but you really would love to just spend the night with her. When you approach a woman honestly she’s going to either say yes…

Will an Affair Help Your Marriage?

Get it Out of Your System Men report that they feel trapped a lot by marriage and children. What happens is that you get hitched in your early 20s, the wife pops out a few kids and everything slows down to a halt. You can’t go out like you used to and in half of the cases you never really got the chance to go out in the first place. If you never hit the party circuit then of course you’re going to feel like you’ve missed out. YOU HAVE. Going out there for a few last hurrahs doesn’t mean that you really don’t want the wife and kids, it just means that you want to experience what everyone else is. By doing that you’re going to feel more accomplished with your life and you’re going to be able to approach your home life with renewed experiences. Get Better in Bed If your wife is your first serious relationship, then you’re probably going into it with some bedroom doubts. It’s okay, dude, we understand. One of the things that women complain about all the time is that their man isn’t bringing it to them like they thought he would. They apparently think that sex is easy or something. Going out…

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Having an Affair

“Affair serves as a catalyst to a successful marriage” There are many men out there who are unsatisfied with the current state of their relationship and want to have an affair for sexual, romantic or other personal reasons. If you’ve considered it or even gone ahead and done it, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re like a vast majority of the male population who are in loving relationships with women where the only problem is that for whatever reason they aren’t stimulated enough. There are some men, though, who are wary of starting up an affair because they feel that it’s rude to their wives or girlfriends and are worried that the guilt will eat them alive if they did something like that. Having an affair usually indicates that there’s something lacking in a relationship, or maybe even that you’re just bored – neither of which are things to be ashamed of, and for some relationships (especially long-married couples) an affair can be just the thing to remind you how good you have it. “After having an affair you will find increased happiness with your wife” Sometimes, one partner having an affair can have a “get it out of your system” effect. If you’re tempted by the cute girl at…

What to do when your Affair gets Serious

“You should break up without hurting her” If you started up any relationship with a woman, regardless of its nature as primarily sexual or even a bit romantic at times, you were probably attracted to her. Many men hear “attracted to” and think it only means romantically, but even being unable to get that cute blonde out of your mind or being unable to stop imagining what a night with that gorgeous redhead would be like is a form of attraction. Considering this, it’s not surprising to hear that there have been cases where that attraction has progressed into something a little more serious and when that happens, some men are understandably a little confused. To put it bluntly, you have two options – go with the flow of things and allow your once fun, on-the-side fling become serious, or break it off before any further damage can be done. Going on with any romantic feelings you might have can be rewarding but can also be challenging for you – it may be difficult to ration the amount of time you feel that each woman deserves and having feelings and developing a sense of feeling that you HAVE to tell someone about it, meaning that your committed relationship might have…

What to Do When You Get Caught in an Affair with your College Student

“Don’t get too attached” If you’re a student teacher or a college professor, doubtless you’ve been tempted by the gorgeous young girls that file in and out of your classroom on a daily basis. Relax, temptation is normal – you’re in a relationshipwith a wife or serious, long-term girlfriend and while you probably love them and want to maintain that stable relationship, it’s hard to resist those young 20-somethings that smile at you every day, consider you the highest form of intellectual authority and always want to know your opinions on things. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking of dating one of those girls on the side, or even gone so far as to start up an affairwith a college student in your class,there are some things to keep in mind. If there’s one indiscretion that seems to keep becoming another, and then another and it becomes pretty clear you’re not going to end the affair, you can make it work. There’s a time and place for your affair to happen, and that’s outside of the classroom. If you’re new, secret college girlfriend is in your class, you have to be careful not to play favorites, or you’ll get other people talking. Don’t show her any special treatment (they say…

Top 5 Pickup Lines for a One Night Stand

Pickup lines are both loved and reviled in the dating world. They’re pretty much a joke if you are talking to women and for obvious reasons. They usually run the whole line from hilariously corny to downright offensive. Though there are some gems that we’ve found, for some reason, actually tend to get us results. Remember, you have to deliver a pickup line in a fun, relaxed sort of manner. These are more ice breakers than deal sealers. 1. You have a lovely voice, I’d like to hear it tonight If you’re talking to a chick who really does have a nice voice then there’s no harm in complimenting it. Not only does this usually flatter a chick, but it will put the idea in her mind that you wonder what she sounds like when she’s getting busy. Wanting to know what a babe is going to sound like in bed means that you’re very interested in getting her off. Anything that sounds like you’re more focused on her pleasure than yours is going to get her gears going. 2. You want to get breakfast in the morning? At the end of the night when the bars are closing and everyone is finishing up for the night people are starting…

Top 3 Overnight Spots for an Affair

A Far Town The best place to take a chick for an overnight tryst is out of town. That way you are going to completely reduce the risk of bumping into someone who knows your wife. You can also relax more when you are dealing with the object of your affair if you’re not constantly looking over your shoulder for your neighbors. We advise to either try a campground an hour or more out of town or the next town over if you live in a more crowded area. The larger the city the less risk you run into, but as a rule of thumb, pretend that your city is much smaller than you think it is. If you’re keeping both the mistress and the madam in the dark, it’s even more important that you keep a firm grasp on where you guys are at all times. Out of Your Social Circle Married couples tend to fall easily into a routine. We don’t need to tell you to not take your date to your wife’s favorite restaurant, do we? If you are a regular ANYWHERE that means that you cannot take your affair out with you there. If you want to hang out with your buddies at your favorite bar…

Top 3 Ways that Men are caught Having an Affair and How to Avoid Them

For men, having an affairis not only a thrill, it’s a pleasure and a luxury – you feel like you’re in paradise, floating on a cloud and getting to have the best of both worlds. While there’s no reason to not be happy about your good fortune, it’s this kind of attitude in excess that leads to many men getting caught, found out and exposed for having affairs. The top 3 ways are things you can easily avoid, but might not think about – here’s how to stay on your toes and keep having your fun. You should delete all text messages from your mobile 1. Some men are betrayed by their phone records. If the cell phone bill or account for your wife and girlfriend isn’t shared, or even if you do and you’re the only one that can manage it, you don’t have to worry about this as much. Since the chances of her seeing your phone records are pretty slim, you can get away with a little bit more – just make sure you delete your text messages and emails from your other woman just in case she gets a look at your phone. If you do have a shared account, remember that she has access to…

The Best Affair Dating Websites

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#1 Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Site: AshleyMadison
#3 Site: AffairsClub
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: MarriedDateLink


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