Tips to the Perfect Profile: How to Get Chicks who Want Married Men

Even if you set yourself up on one of the BEST websites for married men to meet girls (check out our list of the best websites for married men to meet women), you’ll still have to do a bit of work getting these girls interested in you. There are a LOT of married men out there looking to get laid on the side, which isn’t news to you, your wife, or anyone.

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So, how do you make your profile stand out?

Simple. What you’re going to do is become the fantasy that every girl looking to hook up with a married man wants to see.

When a girl says she’s looking to meet a married man, that doesn’t just mean she’s looking for a man with a ring on his finger. There are a few things that girls want from a guy like this:

  • Girls want their married man fantasy to be sophisticated, cool, elegant, and refined.
  • Girls want to be spoiled by their married man.
  • Girls want a guy who has his shit together.
  • Girls want a married guy who isn’t pathetic and needy.
  • Girls want a married man who doesn’t complain about his wife all the time.

If you want to complain about your wife, get a relationship therapist. If you want to meet hot girls who are totally into hooking up with married men, keep the “W” word at a minimum. Unless a girl asks, do NOT bring up your wife, even if it’s to say that your date is much hotter. Some girls love the fantasy of banging a married man, but get anxious when they remember that there’s a real woman on the other end of that relationship. Don’t ask us, it’s a weird girl thing, we don’t get it either.

These girls want to be spoiled.

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No, this doesn’t mean you have to buy them things every time you go out with them. However, if you do have a little extra cash in your pocket (NOT credit cards-look at our guide to having an affair without getting caught for reasons why cash is king), make sure to spoil her from time to time. Focus on EXPERIENCES, not items. The things you buy a girl can be forgotten or lost, but experiences will make her feel like she’s been spoiled for several weeks yet to come.

If you don’t have a lot of cash, it’s pretty cheap to SAY you like to spoil pretty women. And if you can’t afford at least one nice outing with this girl before hitting the sack, you probably shouldn’t be looking into the kind of girls that want to be spoiled.

Be a “Busy Man-with Needs.”

This is the persona that is going to get younger women running to your profile and salivating. Contrary to popular belief, the reason most women who like hooking up with married men prefer married men isn’t because of money. Many girls do like to feel spoiled, but this is RARELY exclusively about money. Here are some more things girls like about married men:

  • Girls believe married men know how to treat women.
  • Girls believe married men aren’t looking for a commitment.
  • Girls believe married men are a fun, casual relationship they can cancel at any time.

These are great things for girls to believe, so make sure they have a reason to keep thinking that way.

The other reason it’s good to come across as a “busy man with needs” is that you can focus all your special time on a new girl you’re hooking up with. This means that when you’re with her, she’s not going to expect that you’re going to work really hard to make her happy. She knows you have a lot on your plate, and she knows that her part in that is to make you feel good for the brief span of time you have together.

Keep a casual, laid-back tone.

When you’re setting up your affair dating profile, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right tone. If not, girls are going to be instantly turned off. You want to seem casual-girls don’t want a guy who’s constantly anxious and stressing them out. You also want to make sure you don’t seem like a sad sack, since girls find that a total turn-off.

Your best bet is to look really laid-back, both in your profile picture and in your profile itself. You should look like you have your shit together so well you can add something else to your plate. You should not look like you’re desperately searching for a way out of an unhappy life.

Again, if all you want is someone to listen to you whine about your wife for a few hours, get a therapist. If you want someone to take your mind off it instead, make sure to set up your profile to attract cute, fun-loving girls who want to spoil you back.

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