Be “Honest” With Your Date: Partial Truths are Easier than Whole Lies

Now that you know how to date someone without getting caught by your wife, it’s time to tackle the other side of the equation.

Yes, it can be just as difficult to navigate your girlfriend(s) as it is your wife. Some of them will want more, and you’ll have to be prepared for that eventuality. Fortunately, we have many tips for you about just how to make sure you’re on the right side of any arrangement.

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Don’t date seriously.

If there were a double-bold option for that text, we would use it. The absolute WORST thing you can do for your cover is start to fall for a girl outside of your marriage. This is also pretty much the worst thing you can do for yourself, personally, at all. Most wives will forgive a momentary indiscretion-remember, over 70 percent of married men ADMIT that they cheat on their wives, and most of their wives won’t just walk out.

Forgiving serious infidelity is MUCH more difficult. If you want to keep your life the way it is, keep it casual. If you were looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, congratulations! You’ve already found one. She’s at home, probably doing laundry.

Seriously, if you’re so unhappy in your marriage that you’re looking for someone to love, you shouldn’t be on an affair dating site. You should be getting the hell out of that marriage, and THEN looking for someone new. Affair dating is for guys who like their lives, they just get bored and want a little extra sugar on the side.

Give your girl half the truth.

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There’s no reason to tell your girl on the side too much about your life. Sure, she probably wants to know some, but you both know that’s just so she can make sure you’re not a serial killer. What you do says a lot about who you are, and a lot of girls want to know more about you before you both finally get what you want.

If you’re a financial planner, just say that you work in finance. It’s the truth, and you’ll never get caught in a lie later, like you would if you told an outright lie about what you do. If you’re a restaurant manager, just say that you work in the restaurant industry. Don’t give more specifics than you can help-if she’s constantly demanding more answers, she’s probably not someone you want to trust with your affair.

If a girl starts demanding to know more of your personal information, cut it off immediately. You’re not in this to meet a new wife, you’re just trying to have fun on the side. So, why are we so adamant that you shouldn’t give her too much information?

A girl with all your info can track you.

Some girls are scammers, only into the idea of hooking up with married men because they want to try and blackmail them. You can work out which ones they are pretty quickly, by seeing if they’re content with vague answers like “I’m in HR” or “I work in sales.” If not, you might want to give this one a pass-even a night of really great sex isn’t worth being found out.

Travel affairs are safer.

The best way to get out of dating seriously, and the best way to keep yourself safe, is by meeting someone on a travel-only basis. If you travel a lot for work, GREAT. This is the absolute easiest way to make sure you’re always going to be safe when you’re having an affair. As long as you stick to a cash-only system, you’re going to be almost un-traceable.

Traveling for work is fantastic. You don’t run the risk of anyone you know finding out about your girlfriend or your extracurricular activities, and your risk of your wife finding out firsthand are as minimal as they can possibly be. Just don’t be TOO obvious about being excited to go out of town. These are very low-risk affairs, and can still be very rewarding.

But what about men who have jobs that don’t require travel?

Say you travel for work.

Even if it’s not true, this is still one of the best ways to keep things casual. You have two choices in this case. The first is to tell the girl that you’re a local, but you travel for work and won’t be around too much. This works best if you want to see her frequently.

The second option you have in this case is telling her you’re actually from another city, but are occasionally in town for work. This is better for girls you don’t plan on seeing very often.

The second plan works best if you’re in a big city, where your chance of running into someone you know is almost zero.

In any case, incorporating travel into your job of choice is a great way to keep yourself from being too available to your piece on the side.

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