Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List basically represents everything that’s wrong with the married dating game. For one thing, any website that tries to sensationalize cheating to this extent immediately turns us off-we like it when websites focus on how nice it is to be able to meet women who are looking for a little spark in their daily lives, not when they’re focused on how raunchy and nasty it is to be cheating on someone left at home. Maybe we’re just old-fashioned (we’re not). But what should really make you turn and run away from this site is a little bit in their Terms & Conditions: “ makes no guarantee that the website is secure in any way.” Yeah, whenever you see that in the Terms & Conditions of a website that you’re putting your sensitive personal information into, you should run the other direction. This isn’t going to go well. So, is that all that’s wrong with Nope! Let’s look a little deeper at everything that’s wrong with this terrible mess of a website. Setting aside for the moment the fact that has basically admitted that they don’t care if your information gets lost, stolen, or used against you, we still would NEVER use this site for dating. Why? Well for… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List

We have definitely got a recommendation for you! That recommendation is…that you stay the hell away from This site is such a scam that it makes us want to take a shower after visiting it. This is a piece of crap website that is run by some VERY smart people. This isn’t just put together by a couple of students on a bender looking to make a few easy bucks by capitalizing on the frustrations of lonely people, oh, no. This website is far, far worse. Don’t believe us yet? Have you heard good things about and want to know the truth? Let’s find out what makes so reprehensible. This is one of the skeeviest websites we’ve ever had the misfortune to try. For one thing, this website was all about promising things it could not possibly fulfill, which is where you know that things will go wrong. Right on the main page, it guarantees, “Every lonely guy will find a sexy wild mistress to please his every need,” and “Every horny housewife will find a muscular hunk that will give her hours of pleasure.” How the hell can they even pretend to guarantee that? There’s no restrictions on age, attractiveness, body type, or even health when… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List is a scam site from the U.K., because we’re going International now! Seriously, a few of us do some work in the U.K., and as we’ve said before in our guide to keeping your wife in the dark, it’s easy to hook up with ladies on affair dating websites when you’re actually on a business trip (although claiming you’re from out of town is a pretty good way to get laid IN town, if you don’t actually travel for work). So while we were in the U.K. for work, we decided to test out a couple of the hottest sites in the U.K. for affairs dating, and see how they stacked up to our favorite sites in America. The answer is….don’t rely on to represent a whole country. If you do, you’ll think the U.K. has really crappy taste in affairs dating websites, because this one is awful. What makes it so bad? Let’s take a closer look. Many of the sites that are ranked in our Bottom 20 suffer from the problem that they’re complete lies., strangely enough, did not suffer from that problem. In fact, there was a very accurate traffic counter right on the main page, proudly proclaiming their membership information. Remember, for a… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List

We’ve done a lot of thinking about, and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the affairs dating site that other affairs dating sites pick on. It’s just not a very ROBUST site, and doesn’t offer very much. It also doesn’t deliver well on the things it promises. All in all, it’s a pretty shoddy, silly little effort that looks like it was put together by someone who had heard of affairs dating and thought it sounded like a fun weekend project to put together in his spare time. What sucks so much about Let’s find out… First of all, this site isn’t nearly as focused on affairs dating as we’d like. For one thing, affairs dating is just one of the many things that focuses on, and it’s definitely not the one that it does the best. The biggest focus of seems to be that it’s pretty good (apparently) for swingers. We’re not really too big on the whole swinging lifestyle thing, but mostly that’s because our wives aren’t really into that-and besides, we’re interested in affairs dating because we got bored and want a little time AWAY from our other halves, not to spend more time WITH her. This site makes it very difficult… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List

The only lonely people on are not housewives looking for a good time, they’re men who are sad enough to have been duped by this site into spending money on this pathetic website. If you’re considering spending money-even just for the two-day trial-on, STOP! There are better things you can do with that money. Give it to a sick kid in Africa. Buy flowers for your wife. Throw it in a fountain. Just do NOT give it to the people who run! Why shouldn’t you give them your money? Read on, and find out why we’ll never go back to is a pretty bad website with a pretty bad premise. The concept behind is that it’s for guys who want to hook up with bored housewives. First of all, we really doubt that anyone on this site is actually a bored housewife. We looked around extensively, and couldn’t find a single woman that looked like any housewife we’ve ever seen. Strippers, sure, but not housewives, not on’s profile photos. The premise of the website is that once you join, you’ll be able to get the phone numbers of lonely housewives in your area to text them, and you can meet up for sex… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List is not worth your time, your money, or your effort. This website is not only one of the worst we’ve ever found, but one of the LAZIEST we’ve ever found. If you sign on to, expect to pay more than you think you will. Expect to meet fewer women than you think you will. In general, just expect to be less happy than you were before you signed on to this exercise in frustrated futility. So, why do we hate so much? Let’s look at why this is one of the worst affairs dating sites around, and why you should absolutely avoid it at all costs. The first thing a website needs to do in order to draw you in is to be workable. This means that your website needs to work, essentially, in the way that you want it to. does not work in the way that you want it to-namely, in the way that you want to use it. It will not get you an affair. It also, unfortunately, doesn’t work in any OTHER way, either. The website is pretty broken, as far as websites go. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s definitely not a home-grown U.S.A.-based site. How do we know… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List is a joke. First of all, we admit that part of the reason we’re not too enthusiastic about this site is the fact that it does something we’re not too keen on, right at the beginning. Namely, we really don’t LIKE being confronted with pictures of man-junk as soon as we log onto a website. It kinda turns us off of the whole dating and hooking up thing, if we’re being honest. But as soon as we log on to, we were immediately shown several good ol dick pics, right in the cyberface. What’s the reason for this, really? What’s the excuse? We’re not sure. In some of our reviews, we’ve mentioned that it’s obvious that websites are only out to get money from men, with how they just plaster boobs and butts onto everything. We changed our minds. Give us the boobs and butts, please! We don’t like looking at dude-junk! Of course, being teabagged by isn’t the only thing we hated about it. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of disgust, annoyance, and hate to go around. So, why did we decide wasn’t worth our time, but our eternal loathing instead? Read on to find out! is a pretty bad site as far as websites… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List is a ripoff. Let’s just start this DatingAffair review with that in mind. uses every skeezy tactic in the book to try and lure in unsuspecting members so they can rip them off. They use really obvious lies, stupid exaggerations, and a bunch of completely useless features that don’t begin to address the problems of the features that are missing from this crappy website. So, what makes so terrible? Let’s dig in and find out what’s wrong with it. The first thing you’ll find when you sign on to is that this is a website designed to make money from MEN. Every picture you see, even before you log in, is nothing but boobs, boobs, ass, ass, boobs, ass, boobs, cameltoe, and boobs. This site might as well be a Google search for girls in underpants, because that’s all you’re going to see….even if you’re a woman, we guess, which is kind of weird. Then again, knows what its audience is. This site is all about getting men to sign up and pay for the service. What’s the first way men are tricked into using this service? First, you see a whole bunch of profiles of beautiful women who are “waiting to meet in your… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List

Kiss your belongings goodbye-they’re on the way out the door with your wife if you use This website promises that it is “100 percent secure,” which is about as big a lie as promising that it has millions of members. At least the promise that it has millions of members will just leave you disappointed. The promise that it’s secure when it’s anything BUT secure is a lot more likely to get you in a heap of trouble from your wife, your boss, and your whole life. So, what did this site do to us that we’re so pissed about? Read on and find out why we’re so angry! First of all, is NOT very flush with girls. It claims to have millions of members, but that’s a complete lie. According to our research, we’ve found that the actual number of users on this website as logged by NetSource is a lot closer to 100,000 than “millions,” which, as you may have noticed, is pretty damn small. However, the number of PROFILES is well over a million. So, how do they account for this discrepancy? Easy. Most of the profiles on actually belong to private investigators. Not only are there a lot of PIs on, but… Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List is one of those sites that looks great at first…until you see exactly how it works, and exactly how HOSED you are if you try to use it to get laid. This site looks very professional. It looks like the exact kind of site you’d want to go to, if you’re looking to have an affair. Everything is spelled right, everything looks nice, and everything looks classy. So what’s the problem? The PROBLEM with is that it’s a TRAP. What do we mean by that? Read on and find out. is the kind of website that every website designer should look to for inspiration. It’s beautiful, it’s classy, and it looks fantastic. It has a lot of the features we want from a website, and can easily be the kind of site you could spend a lot of time on…. But it’s a lie. There are only two kinds of people (besides duped guys like the ones that pay the bills) who use The first kind is escorts. Yes, these are women who have sex for money. Expect to be contacted by an escort within 24 hours of first signing up for the website. You’ll get a message (or at least we did, every time we…

The Best Affair Dating Websites

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#1 Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Site: AshleyMadison
#3 Site: AffairsClub
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: MarriedDateLink


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