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Our reviewer complained every step of the way when using AffairConnect! Avoid using this site if you enjoy being happy!

We’re guessing you wouldn’t call yourself the MOST honest guy in the world. After all, you ARE on a website whose only purpose is to teach you how to get laid and hide it from your wife.

However, there’s a difference between lying and LYING. is not just a kid who claims his dad is a record producer when in reality, his dad works as an accountant for a record producer.

affair dating scam image

No, this is the kid who claims his dad is Prince William when his dad is a janitor at the local high school.

It’s easy to spot lies when they’re absolutely ridiculous. This was already a bad site before started trying to BS the hell out of us, but once we started uncovering the lies, they started coming faster and faster, until we couldn’t even keep track of all the ridiculousness.

What were these whoppers? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the biggest lie that pretty much any website tells their potential members: MEMBERSHIP DATA.

When you first sign on to, you’ll see something that they’re very proud of: a big banner at the top of the website proclaims, “40 MILLION MEMBERS!

image for affairconnect


Really, You’re going to try and make us believe that you have more members than something like, which has been around since The Spice Girls were new and fresh?

This is just kind of sad. We did some digging, and found on a statistics website that the actual number of people who have EVER signed up for is less close to 40 million and more close to…300,000. Ever. In the history of the website.

That’s not the amount of current members it has. That’s its total membership EVER.

Worse still, a bit more digging found out that less than 90,000 of those members were WOMEN. Yes, there are fewer than 100,000 women on, so you’d better hope you’re one of the lucky ones in their area!

Seriously, those are pathetic numbers. Those are the kinds of numbers we’d expect from a website that just started this year, or was specific to only one state of the U.S.

But wait, as the late Billy Mays would say, there’s more!

Of those sad 90,000 women that you think you can meet, over HALF of them are actually not in the U.S. at all! Instead, they’re located in SouthEast Asia and Eastern Europe, two places notorious for originating scams for dating sites, designed to dupe hard-working guys out of their money. These places are full of fake women, and not even very many of them

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

We sent out 200 emails, which we’re pretty sure means that we contacted every single woman with an active profile that was located in the U.S. Yeah, 40 million members, sure. Is that why there were only two in all of Texas? TWO! Man, this website needs to at least get better at lying. This is just getting embarrassing to watch.

Of those 200 emails, we got back a grand total of 19 responses…less than 10 percent. Wow, it’s a good thing they have 40 million members. Otherwise, this might be SAD.

Of those 19, pretty much all of them were obviously fake. They were generic responses, designed to make sure that guys stick around and keep paying through the nose for this crappy website.

We even tried to talk to these “girls,” if they were actually girls, looking for at least a little fun to pass the time we had to spend on this dumb, obnoxious, fake stupid site. Unfortunately, none of them responded to a follow-up message. It was almost like we were missing a laugh track at this point.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

Excitingly, promises a money-back guarantee if you aren’t totally satisfied with the website. That’s great! promises that too, and has delivered consistently on that promise in the past.

It’s a good thing does offer that, because their prices are VERY high. Expect to spend hundreds of dollars if you’re on here for very long at all.

We contacted customer service after our membership ended, informing them that we hadn’t had a single affair.

They didn’t respond. We emailed them again, pointing out that they’d guaranteed we would have an affair within the three months, or we would get our money back. We didn’t get a response.

No matter what we did, we never got a response from this stupid, broken website. Eventually, we gave up and just went looking for better websites instead, ones that weren’t just an obvious scam designed to try and get your money.

This site is a waste of money.

Not only that, but they aren’t responsible with your money. If you give a single cent, you will never see it again, and you will definitely never get anything you want in exchange.

You might get a computer virus, though. That’s kind of a thing when you’re talking about websites located in Eastern Europe and SouthEast Asia. They pay girls tiny amounts of money to maintain about 90 percent of the profiles on these sites. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

If you’re looking for a good website that will help you get laid as a married man, you have DEFINITELY not found it in This is the kind of website you’d recommend to someone you hate. It’s a prank more than an actual website, and you’re an idiot if you don’t realize that from it’s lying, pathetic claims.

Instead of a website who can’t be bothered to come up with believable lies, try one that actually backs up its claims. Try, our top pick for married affair dating, and see how much better the truth can be.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. pricy and really not worth the money when you consider how you aren’t getting laid at all. this place gets the lowest review out of the bunch of sites i have tried!

  2. I can’t think of a comparison to how bad this site is. It’s EMPTY for one and if you want to actually get a hook up on Affair Connect, you’re really barking up the wrong tree!

  3. not only is the name a ridiculous turn off but it’s probably a scam. only positives about this place are that the pics are sometimes hot to look at!

  4. doubt this place is legit. i haven’t had any luck hooking up with chicks on affair connect and usually i have at least a ton of messages by now!

  5. Eusebio Newbiggin

    not good at all. i counted at least five fakes when i signed in for the first time. you’ll be lucky if you get out of this site with only spam mail, you won’t get a hook up!

  6. Intense Shining Bear

    i wanted to test out a bunch of sites and this was one of the ones i regretted. a total waste of time, also a really obvious name and that’s not discreet at all!

  7. i am pretty sure this is the worst affair site i have ever used. affair connect is crawling with fakes, some of the private investigators are so obvious!!

  8. Strong Wolverine

    when i made a review 2013 list i put this one on there rather low. it just doesn’t help you get a single hook up and you are wasting time and money on this place.

  9. not my first choice for dating…there are many better options than…you will not find someone that you want to spend time with here…try any other site really!

  10. Demetrius Porter

    NOT a good affair dating site at all. You will NOT get laid, and the women that aren’t fake and are actually active are UGLY!! Pass on this one for sure!!

  11. Lefty Rabbit

    nothing but horrible things to say in this review. i nearly got caught because of this site. it’s really NOT discreet at all and the name is a dead giveaway!

  12. thinking of a comparison for this place is impossible because affair connect is just bad. you can’t even message people on the site, just e-mail! this is really ridiculous!

  13. definitely a scam. i have found a dozen fake profiles just in the first few days of being on here…and i’m betting they are PIs or something of the sort!

  14. be CAREFUL on this site and you MIGHT find some legit girls on it. affairconnect has a lot of spam and scams but you can find a hook up if you look hard enough!

  15. Moshe Byers

    honestly about as far from good as i can think of. this is just a consistently bad site and not run well at all. very dated, slow loading, scams everywhere!

  16. when i did a test run i was just glad this one had a free trial! i will not be back here. the girls don’t answer my e-mails and i was generally disappointed with the way they looked anyway.

  17. one of my least favorite affair site dating hubs…i think affair connect could have been great but it really falls short. at least have an in-site messaging system!

  18. Donna Seagull

    when i came up with my new review 2013 list of dating sites this one is near the bottom. it’s just really NOT good. i didn’t get a single lay on this site!

  19. for dating this is very low ranked on my list…but i guess it could work for others. affair connect is all about the booty call and that’s just not what i’m about.

  20. Virgil Holts

    as far as affair dating goes? this could be better by leaps and bounds. pass on this and find a site that really cares about getting you laid!

  21. Moose Tidy

    unfortunately my review of this site has nothing good to say!!! i really can’t believe i haven’t gotten a single hook up or even just a little date but this site has proven awful.

  22. when i think of a comparison to affair connect i can literally only think of crap. this is a BAD site, not good at all, and you will NOT get laid on it.

  23. Gazette Young

    a scam and all of us men having affairs should know it. you WILL get caught on this site…there are a lot of private investigators and you need to watch out!

  24. so many scam profiles, it’s hard to believe any of these women are legit on affair connect. i have spoken to one or two of them but most are fake.

  25. Winford Stafford

    this is just not a good site and you will regret spending any money here. it’s empty, for one, and what people are here are private investigators.

  26. Dangerous Beast


  27. Geoffrey

    This is probably one of the worst affair sites I have ever used. Don’t waste your time with Affair Connect, it’s just not good and you won’t get any booty.

  28. Gravezumtouch

    when i made a new review 2013 list of dating sites, this one is near the bottom…it’s just empty for the most part and you really have to work to get any dates.

  29. This isn’t my first choice for dating at all. Affair Connect is all about the sex, first of all, and that’s not me. Also, it’s more or less empty! Pass on it.

  30. Jason Hall

    pretty bad for affair dating sites and i have low standards. not a single hot woman in the bunch, all ugly and fat, and those aren’t counting the REAL ONES…

  31. Cockroach Rough

    F- review. i really did not enjoy this site. i feel like it doesn’t run well, the messaging system is super lacking, and the girls just aren’t hot. don’t waste your time!

  32. The only comparison to this site is to crap! Affair connect didn’t get me a single woman and it was a huge waste of money and time. I will not use it again.

  33. Strong Brutal Donkey

    without a doubt this is a scam, there are just empty and fake profiles everywhere, no one returns my emails, i wish i hadn’t spent anything here.

  34. whether this is legit or not isn’t the issue for the most part, i actually did get a hook up from affair connect, she just wasn’t as hot as the pictures

  35. Mac Reichard

    unconvinced that this is a good site. for the most part i think it’s awful and that you will not get laid. all the women on here are ugly as heck!

  36. Barbaric John Digger

    when i did a test of a bunch of different sites i couldn’t imagine some were this bad. the girls here aren’t real, the only emails i get are spam!


  38. Honey Space

    when i do my next review 2013 list, you’ll see that this one is ranked rather low. it’s just not a good site. you won’t get laid and for the most part you are leaving yourself open to being found out!

  39. a bad choice for dating but maybe affair connect is better for just getting a hook up. not sure. i will try it just to get laid next time and see how that goes…

  40. Perry Cressman

    not my favorite site when it comes to affair dating at all. for the most part you will just leave unsatisfied, mostly all i got was spam e-mails in response.

  41. Walker Blackbeard

    for me this is a real negative review, i haven’t gotten a single hook up and i don’t think i ever will on this site, a total waste of my money and a scam!

  42. when i think of a comparison for this site….nothing comes to mind because NOTHING is as bad as affair connect! comparatively, every other site has at least gotten me two or three dates!

  43. Otter Tainted

    probably a scam. i feel bad having spent money on this site, should’ve stuck with the free trial. the women here aren’t real for the most part!

  44. i’m not convinced this site is legit. some of the e-mails i have gotten seem a little fishy. affair connect might work for other people in different areas, though.

  45. really not good. i can’t warn you to stay away enough, this site is a mess and full of fakes, scammers, and private investigators! beware and take your money elsewhere!

  46. Surreal Kangaroo

    I just wanted to test out a few sites and have fun, but this one gave me a headache more than anything. It’s just a bad site, you won’t even get a single lay here!

  47. not the best affair site i have ever tried by far. affair connect has a dumb name and even dumber layout, you will not meet anyone but fatties and uglies!

  48. low on my review 2013 list for sure. this is not a good site. don’t waste your money here because you won’t get to talk to a single real woman.

  49. bad for dating, maybe okay for sex, not sure. affair connect is pretty skeezy looking to me so i’m not sure if you will even get to chat with someone real…

  50. Benton Wells


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