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The value found at AffairsClub is just one reason why this is in the #3 spot. We enjoyed the site and the results we got from it

AffairsClub is one of the sleekest, sexiest, most quality sites we’ve ever seen. While it might not have as many women as the two sites we ranked higher on our list, and, we were really impressed with the QUALITY of the girls on AffairsClub.

Affairs Club call to action image

What made them so great? Let’s break it down.

The first thing that struck us when we first logged on to AffairsClub is the design of the website. While the website doesn’t matter if you’re going to use the site to meet girls once and that’s it, web design is one of the things that makes a huge difference in the long run. If you’re going to be signing on to the same site every day for months, the way we did for our AffairsClub review, you want a site that feels like it was well-designed.

homepage screen for affairsclub

We met some REALLY quality women on this site. If it hadn’t been for and the even more beautiful, interesting, and quality girls on there, this one would probably be our number one.

As it is, we were still incredibly impressed with the girls. We’d use AffairsClub again at any time, and be glad to do so.

What We Discovered After Using Affairs Club: Is Affairs Club Worth Our Time? (Hint: It Is.)

When we signed on to AffairsClub, we were pretty serious about making sure it received a fair test. We sent out emails to 200 girls over a period of a few months. We were REALLY surprised with how many of them we found that were smoking hot!

Of the 200 emails we sent out, we got back 139, which is just about a 70 percent success rate. This is fantastic when you consider that with most normal websites for dating and hooking up with hot girls, the highest response rate you can expect is somewhere around 50 percent. That’s how you know you’re on a great affairs dating website.

After getting that many emails back, we were very excited to start setting up dates. We went out with seven girls from this website-and let us tell you, these were HOT dates. Five of them were “happy endings”-both for us and for the girls!

Affairs Club: Sample Emails That Landed Us Some Hot Dates

Here are some of the emails that worked very well for us on Affairs Club for getting responses.

Example 1:

“Pat: do you really think it’s fair to list so many of my favorite books in your list of favorites? Why, you might as well have condemned me to 100 years of solitude. I might as well say a farewell to arms if I can’t put them around you soon enough, and just hope that all’s well that ends well. (I’d beg for forgiveness for the puns, but I’m not sorry.)”

Example 2:

“Hi, Dani. I’m sure you have a lot of men telling you how beautiful you are, how they’d run through fire for just one date, and how they feel like the world stopped turning the first moment they saw you. If not, shoot me an email. A girl like you deserves to hear that daily.”

Why Did We Love Affairs Club So Much? Check Out the Affairs Club Features That Set It Apart From the Rest

This is one of the more fully-featured sites we’ve ever seen while reviewing affair dating sites. The searching function is very detailed, and lets you narrow down your search by a multitude of factors, not just by location.

We also love that this is a very secure site. Not once did we think we were being followed or having our profiles checked by a private investigator, and we were on here for months.

Hey-when you’re several guys with wives, you start thinking REALLY carefully about which sites are safe to use.

How to Become a Top Dog at Affairs Club: Our Best-Kept Secrets

One of the best ways to get an edge over the competition on AffairsClub is to BE CLASSY.

The girls on this site are pretty high-quality. If you’re not prepared to bring you’re a-game, you should be prepared to take that game to another website. Affairs Club is totally full of guys who think all they have to do is post a picture of their abs, and they’ll get laid.

This is NOT the case!

In fact, the best way to make sure you’re a success is by AVOIDING grainy shots of just body parts-and yes, that includes the infamous dick pic that gets congressmen and babydaddies alike in trouble.

Another thing you can do that will really help you out in the long run on Affairs Club is to be FUNNY in your first emails to girls on this site. We’re not sure why, but the funnier emails worked a lot better than usual on these websites, and serious emails weren’t nearly as big a hit as they usually are for us.

No One’s Perfect, Not Even Affairs Club. But They Get Pretty Close.

If there’s something that we don’t love about AffairsClub, it’s that the menu is a little TOO comprehensive. This is a fantastic menu, and it has everything you could need in order to find and navigate an affair.

However, this can be a little like going into a restaurant and finding that there are three hundred items on the menu. You can either stick with the same old special you know, or you can risk trying one of hundreds of products you aren’t sure you’ll really like. Even though there are a lot of awesome girls on this website, it can be hard to narrow down your search until you really know what you’re doing on here.

Affairs Club Review: Our Final Decision: Should You Try Affairs Club to Have an Affair?

We love AffairsClub for meeting women for married dating!

This website is full of quality women, safe to use, and a lot of fun. We had a great time meeting women on here, and would definitely go back. However, it just can’t edge out the slightly better and

50 Responses to “AffairsClub (by Review – We Loved AffairsClub Ranked #3 For Having an Affair”

  1. this is an amazing website to find the right girl to have fun with! can’t give anything but my highest positive review to affairs club, i really have a blast!

  2. There is just nothing that can be used as a comparison for this website. I’ve never met this many women on the bar scene, I love being able to find hot hook ups!

  3. Toughsillight

    was worried this would be a scam…but it isn’t! it isn’t my favorite dating site but it’s up there. i have yet to NOT have a message returned, that’s nice!

  4. this is a legit site though it is not the best one out there in my opinion. has a lot of good feature but it’s just not the best one for me.

  5. really good! i am so pleased with the results i had on this one and i will probably not try another website other than this from now on. hot ladies galore!

  6. Intense Wolverine

    i had just wanted to give this one a test run and i am glad i did. affairsclub really hits all the right spots and helps me find the best girls for me!

  7. A+++ rating!! I love this site. I will never try and hook up with women anywhere else. I can’t tell you enough how many beautiful women I have managed to meet because of this place!

  8. The Orange Ruby Flea

    for affairs you can’t beat this site to find someone that wants to have fun just like you… a lot of great married women on this site…didn’t see any fake profiles which is good

  9. this isn’t my first choice for dating but it’ll do. affairsclub has some good features it just doesn’t really suit my style in a lot of ways, hopefully it’ll work better for you


  11. this is my favorite dating site and deserves the highest review. i have never NOT gotten a successful hook-up on affairs club…a really great site with awesome ladies!

  12. in my book there is absolutely no comparison. i absolutely LOVE this site and all the women i have met on it. never had such amazing hook ups before in my life.

  13. William Wormwood

    i was worried this site would be a scam but it ended up being 100% legit. good for me especially when i am thrilled to meet a bunch of hot ladies once in awhile.

  14. A legit site, but I have used ones that have given me better results than affairs club. Not saying it won’t work for you, though! I just didn’t meet too many women in my area.

  15. Antonia Diegel

    overall a good site and i will be back for more hook ups. can’t say there are many things to complain about! the women i’ve met have all been amazing in the sack!

  16. Quote Zamkix

    i just wanted to test this out and i really am glad i did. affairs club changed my life…gave me some fun again…and i will never turn back from it!

  17. 10 out of 10 rating. i cannot express enough how awesome the women are on this site and i will always be back to give them another whirl.

  18. Mini Beauty Panther

    not exactly NEW to affairs lol but this site offers me some new ways of hooking up and having fun. really enjoyed myself i just wish it were a bit easier to navigate.

  19. i think this is a solid site for dating. it isn’t the best one i’ve used but i really like for some things. it’s way better for hook ups which aren’t always my cup of tea

  20. Marcel Beach

    if you like affair dating sites this one is among the best. NOTHING bad to say about it, i have only had AMAZING meet ups from the girls i have talked to no here!

  21. Grotesque Rabbit

    there aren’t anywhere near enough great sites like affairsclub floating around so i have to give a great review. you will NOT regret signing up, nothing but hook ups from here on out!

  22. there is nothing to offer in comparison…this site really helps you out when you are looking for the right girl to fool around with…i won’t try anywhere else from now on!

  23. Giant Leather

    worried this was a scam but it definitely isn’t! nothing but hot ladies here. i could not be happier though i DO wish that the site messaging system was more reliable… and the name wasn’t so obvious!

  24. a legit site though i am unimpressed by the name and kind of cheesy layout. for the most part i think affairsclub is good but i haven’t met that many women here.

  25. Mckinley Coveney

    a good site and one i will keep coming back to! i really enjoyed this one and the ladies that i met on the website…will hit them up again for more fun times!

  26. Reborn Lana Redblade

    i am so glad i have this one a test run. affairs club is a blast when you look in all the right places, there are so many women i didn’t even realize were in my area!

  27. if you are looking for a fling, THIS is the site for you. it’s discreet and easy and i can’t help but give it my highest rating. 10 out of 10!!

  28. Dangerous Beast

    for affairs this is one of the better sites to go on and find your lucky lady. there are still some flaws and i don’t like the name, it makes it way too obvious!

  29. this is ok as far as online dating goes. you might still get caught though because the name is so obvious…affairs club? really? not sure about that lol

  30. Cleveland Fitzgerald

    one of the BEST affair dating websites i have been on so far! had no clue there were that many women in my area looking for a bang. guess i lucked out!

  31. Foxy Hammer


  32. if i tried to do a comparison between this and any of the other sites i frequent, there would really be no contest. this one is just amazing. i really love it and all the women i have met on it so far.

  33. Dirty Baron

    hoping this wasn’t a scam and i was rewarded. it’s a great chance to meet hot women but you do have to work at it. it isn’t anywhere near as easy as it seems.

  34. legit? yeah. all that good? not so much. affairs club is ok but that’s about it. it’s no different than any other dating site that i have been on looking for hook ups.

  35. Deon Newlove

    this is a good site and one i will keep coming back to! i love the women i’ve met here. i’ve had a ton of fun with them and will keep at it, rest assured!

  36. The Pluto Evil Torpedo

    i just tried this one as a TEST and look what it got me…half a dozen girls and a lot of fun! thanks, affairs club. you’ve made my life a lot happier!

  37. A rating on my end, i really love this site. i think that you should give this one a try out of all of them if you are looking for a discreet hook up that makes your day.

  38. Moose Rainbow

    of all the affairs dating i have done this one site makes it easier than most. it is not without its flaws however, sometimes fake profiles sneak in, so be careful…

  39. only decent as a dating site. bear in mind affairs club just wants hook ups and sex for the most part which conflicts with the romantic side of me.

  40. Clifford Fields

    haven’t done a lot of affair dating but this one is still one of my favorite sites to play around on. i’ve met a lot of gorgeous ladies and i will keep coming here for more!

  41. Maximum Smokey Duck

    A+++ review and i wish i could give an even higher rating than that! is my absolute favorite. i’ve NEVER had hook ups like this before!

  42. for comparison there isn’t another site that i have found to get me more hook ups. i couldn’t be happier with the money and time i’ve spent on here!

  43. Baroness Solid

    some people said this is a scam and they are WRONG. i have had great results here. it isn’t perfect but what dating site is? still thoroughly enjoy myself.

  44. definitely legit though i am not that impressed by affairsclub. i think that some things could really be done better…but mostly i just couldn’t get messages returned…

  45. Beau Patterson

    a good site and i will be back to keep playing around on it! i had a great time with the women i met on here. will try meeting more later too!

  46. Donkey Loose

    man i just tried this out on a test run and was HOOKED. the women on affairs club are SMOKING and i just want to roll around with them all night and day!

  47. A+ rating. i wish i could rank it even higher but wow, my mind is blown by how much response i got! seriously these ladies just keep coming!

  48. for affairs you will not find a better site to lurk around on. the name isn’t exactly the most subtle which is my big complaint, but there aren’t any scams i’ve seen!

  49. for dating not the best. i wish there was a more romantic side to affairs club but mostly everyone just wants to get laid and get laid fast. oh well!

  50. Kelly Pratt

    can’t beat this for affair dating. i think that most people go on here expecting a lot …and they ultimately get it! nothing but success in my book.

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