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Only try this site if you like being disappointed! AttachedPeople failed to deliver as promised.

Look, if we want to be bored, we can always go home to our wives. That’s NOT why we’re on affair dating sites.

If you like hearing the same old tired crap that you hear from your wife from a total stranger, well, great. This is the site for you. Obviously you’re the kind of person that can’t get enough boredom and misery in one place.

affair dating scam image

Why do we think is the most boring site we’ve ever reviewed? Let’s take a look.

When we first signed on to, we were sure it was a scam just from the look of the site. Sometimes, like with, we find out we were wrong, and the site is awesome all along.

This was NOT the case with We were sure it was a scam when we signed on for the first time, and we’re sure it’s a scam after several months of using it.

The site is boring, broken, clunky, and gross-which wouldn’t be nearly so bad if the women were awesome, hot, ready to hook up, or any combination of those features.

Unfortunately, NONE of that is true. The women on this site are one of the worst things about it, and there are a LOT of bad things about it to choose from when we made our list.

home screen image for attachedpeople

The women on this site are honestly just a drag. We found a few that were probably private investigators, and it was almost a relief. At least they weren’t the same tired old profiles of the same tired old women, desperately searching for people who are willing to listen to their stupid, tired, desperate problems day in and day out.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

We don’t like to judge a book by its cover….but judging a website by its landing page (or “home page”) is usually a pretty safe bet, as far as judging on appearance goes.

When you first sign on to, you’re greeted by a plain white screen with the faces of a bunch of women on it. Wow. We already know just from this marketing tactic exactly who this site is designed to appeal to: lonely, pathetic dudes who will spend money on any website that promises him he can get laid.

Of course, as with all scam sites, these women disappear the second you create an account. The hot ladies leave, and you’re left with some desperate, pretty sad creatures that would have problems getting laid by their own husbands after a drinking binge with the lights off.

After the girls disappeared and we were left with what we’ll call “bargain bin remnants,” we discovered that using the website to send emails and chats was a lot like pulling teeth, but without the relief of getting a bad tooth out afterwards. It was incredibly difficult to get any girls to email us back. In fact, we sent out 200 emails while we were on, trying to get responses.

Of those 200, only 36 even bothered to reply back to us.

There weren’t really any spambots. We’re not joking when we say that we really wish they had been spambots. At least we could have just deleted those. When it’s actual women, we felt like there was a chance, and we HAD to keep trying our best.

We didn’t get a single date out of this site. It was a total and complete waste of money.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

Are you sick of hearing your wife talk about laundry, finances, the kids, and health problems? Yes? That’s why you’re logging onto an affair dating site to get laid?

Oh, sorry friend. We have bad news for you. ALL the women on are entirely fond of talking about their gallstones, their kid’s soccer practice, their shopping lists, and their mortgages.

It’s basically everything you want to get away from, except you get the pleasure of paying for it. We didn’t find a single fun woman on this website, which was a complete and total shame. We could have forgiven the website for being clunky, gross, and completely scammy-looking if it had at least hooked us up with some fun women.

No, instead we get Sad Dottie, who was probably working at the local diner when you last went in. You know that lady? The one who isn’t all that ugly, she’s just obviously given up on life and takes it out on your limp toast?

That’s this website in a nutshell. It’s a world of limp toast.

Another thing we hated about (not that we really need another, but we have plenty to share) is the billing system. Of course, we should really say that what we hated was the LACK of a billing system.

While most websites for dating offer a membership that gets progressively cheaper as you go on, is EXORBITANTLY EXPENSIVE!! You’ll wind up paying PREMIUM prices for the joy of not being able to meet any women who want to hook up.

Worse still, there are no deals, no offers, and no guarantees to make up for the fact that this website charges a FAR higher price than any other good websites. Even, our most expensive site on the Top Five, charged less AND offered a money-back guarantee!

In other words, it’s a very expensive site that doesn’t give you what you’re looking for. Not exactly what you want, and nothing you’re going to want to write home about. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

Do not waste your money by giving it to You can always hear the woman you’re married to whine about her life. You don’t need to hear that kind of crap from a woman who’s not even going to put out for you, and you especially don’t need to hear it from a bunch of women when you have to PAY to hear it.

Stay away from this stupid piece of crap website. You’d do better just going to a damn mall and yelling, “DOES ANYONE WANT TO HAVE AN AFFAIR?” Or better yet, try out, our #1 pick for the BEST website for having affairs while married.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Yellow Prince

    can’t give this one anything but a bad review, it’s just not a good place to try and hook up with hot girls!! never mind that the site is so slow, it’s full of fakes!

  2. when i did a comparison to other websites, i found that i couldn’t even meet a SINGLE hot woman over here. attached people is FULL of gross pics and fake profiles!

  3. Probably a scam but I gave it a try anyway…disappointed…full of fakes, they even use some pretty common porn star pics that I have seen all over the internet.

  4. NOT REALLY A LEGIT SITE FROM THE GET GO. i’m not impressed with because it REALLY doesn’t deliver and mostly i’m annoyed at the lack of results!

  5. Zachery Buzzard

    this isn’t a good site…you are wasting your time and money…if you know what’s good for you you’ll try a dozen other sites out there to find the lucky lady for you

  6. Forgotten Swallow

    i went and did a test of several different sites like this and out of all of them i was most disappointed by this one, there are just so many scam profiles, i don’t recommend it!

  7. for an affair site this is just PATHETIC. barely has ANY people on it, lots of empty and fake profiles, what a mess of a site!

  8. Jackal Tough

    did a review 2013 list of my favorite and least favorites and this one was on the latter! i don’t recommend it, it’s just empty and you will NOT get laid!

  9. for a dating site this is just bad. i can’t say that even got me a single message back let alone a single hook up…good luck on other sites!

  10. Florentino Seelig

    I’ve been on a lot of affair dating websites and this one is REALLY not good. No one ever is online and I guarantee they don’t check their message inboxes!

  11. Hungry Eagle

    hate to give a bad review but that’s all this deserves! it’s just not a good place to hook up with anyone, these girls don’t even answer any messages! good luck with nothing


  13. Craw Furious

    definitely a scam. the only good part about it is the hot pics you see from time to time on here lol but good luck even finding those! just not a good site.

  14. legit at times but honestly is just not a good place to find a hook up. i feel like it’s just asking for me to get caught, it takes so much effort!

  15. Chase Holdeman

    this really isn’t a good site. you won’t get laid and honestly that’s because it’s so EMPTY. can’t blame them, it’s slow and not well put together at all!

  16. Evil Raven

    I took a test run of a bunch of different sites and this was one of them. I can’t recommend it at all! It’s just not the best place to find a good date when you’re married.

  17. falls short in every way as an affair site!!! has NO PEOPLE TO ATTACH TO, it’s just NOT GOOD and you will waste so much time here for NOTHING!

  18. Plusstrong

    when i did my review 2013 list of good dating sites this one really missed the mark…i feel like it’s just full of fakes, a total waste of time!

  19. for a dating website this is NOT GOOD. there are worse ones out there but this one is just full of a lot of fake profiles, at least their pics are hot though!

  20. Hassan Cowper

    i’ve done a lot of affair dating and this site is definitely no good, you will NOT GET A GOOD HOOK UP, you will most likely be found out because there are PIs lurking around here…

  21. Little Tainted Doll

    did a review of a lot of my different sites i’ve visited lately and this one really isn’t good at all. so many fake profiles, unanswered messages, a good chance of a virus, too!


  23. Hilarious Beaver

    probably a scam on about twenty levels, lol. i’m not even impressed by the pics though some of them are ok. if you like to profile surf you’ll see so many of them are just empty, too!

  24. about as far from legit as anything but attachedpeople might be good if you’re into just…looking at some pictures, haha. worse sites, this one is just a joke!

  25. Larry Ironmonger

    REALLY NOT GOOD. i don’t think i even got a single message in return while i was on this website! pass on this one and find your hot date somewhere else.

  26. Strong Titan

    when i did a test run i tried this one out and i was mostly unimpressed. the girls aren’t even hot. lots of fatties, and even they didn’t answer my messages!

  27. MY LEAST FAVORITE AFFAIR SITE. not only does attached people not load but when it does there’s just no one on it, the girls are ugly, too!

  28. Chimpanzee Mini

    UGLY women and for that reason it’s near the bottom of my review 2013 lists. gotta say i expected more but then again the layout is so dated i’m not sure how i could!

  29. about as bad as a dating site can get but it does have the plus of desperate women!! attached people only has that going for it but you MIGHT get laid!

  30. Felipe Fry

    about as far from my favorite affair dating site as it could be! this site is REALLY bad, and you should only check it out if you have NO OTHER options!!

  31. Hilarious Beaver

    NOTING BUT A BAD REVIEW FROM ME. this one is about as useless as they get, take your dating attempts elsewhere. if the girls are actually here on this site they will not talk to you anyway!

  32. nothing comes close in comparison to how BAD attached people is as a dating site. you will not get laid. you will mostly get as frustrated as you are in your own marriage!

  33. Quote Zamkix

    fake profiles and so this is definitely a scam. i recognize some of these girls from porn, lol. take your money elsewhere, or at least just enjoy the pics!

  34. pretty far from legit but i’ve gotten used to it with these sites. at least on attached people you can look at some nice profile pics while you’re at it!

  35. Nigel Flanders

    not a GOOD site by far…ignoring the horrible layout, there just aren’t any girls around and you really have to stretch to even get a single one to talk to you! not worth the money.

  36. Sad Abandoned Proton

    this was a bad test run. it REALLY isn’t worth the money, super expensive and there are just NO women on here that are worth your time…or that are even REAL!

  37. a REALLY BAD affair site. attached people offers VERY LITTLE for the money and you will regret ever spending a penny of it. most of the profiles aren’t even filled out!

  38. Freaky Mini Tumbler

    One of my least favorites on my review 2013 site list. This really isn’t a good site to try and get a hot date, take your time and money elsewhere to a dozen other, better sites!

  39. for a dating site…attached people is NOT GOOD. i didn’t meet a single woman here. the only upside was the fact that i got a chance to look at some hot chicks!

  40. I’ve been around the block as far as affair dating goes but wow this one is REALLY bad. not only does the site load super slow, but it’s basically empty, anyway!

  41. Dangerous Leather

    gets one of my lowest review rankings so far. i am not impressed by anything here, you have to send out so many messages for absolutely NO profit, pass on this!

  42. in comparison i have found at least a dozen sites that are better than and by better i mean I ACTUALLY GOT LAID. don’t waste your time!

  43. Agent Giant

    definitely a scam so pass on it. if you MUST stick around at least get a good look at the obvious fakes in the profiles that are definitely just screencapped porn stars!

  44. i’ve been on a lot of legit sites and that’s NOT attachedpeople. if you look around you MIGHT find one or two real chicks on here but they’re probably fat.

  45. Shelton Zoucks

    just not a good site. you are wasting a lot of money just by signing up here and creating a profile. hard to believe people stick around for months!

  46. Bitter Waffle

    went on a test run and left rolling my eyes. what a joke. there aren’t even any hot girls on here, it’s all fake profiles, you will not get laid and so what’s the point?


  48. Southern Gangster

    not a good site and i ranked it pretty low on my review 2013 site list…full of fake profiles…fake pics…fake everything. you will be lucky if you get a single response!

  49. for a dating site this isn’t any good but MIGHT get you a hookup if you try hard enough. poke your way through the profiles and maybe you’ll get lucky.

  50. Carl Thompson

    not a good affair dating site at all. i have found so many others that are a METRIC TON worth more to you if you are looking for the special lady!

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