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If there are women looking to date married men, we did not find them on DatingForCheaters. This site will disappoint you! basically represents everything that’s wrong with the married dating game.

For one thing, any website that tries to sensationalize cheating to this extent immediately turns us off-we like it when websites focus on how nice it is to be able to meet women who are looking for a little spark in their daily lives, not when they’re focused on how raunchy and nasty it is to be cheating on someone left at home. Maybe we’re just old-fashioned (we’re not).

affair dating scam image

But what should really make you turn and run away from this site is a little bit in their Terms & Conditions:

“ makes no guarantee that the website is secure in any way.”

Yeah, whenever you see that in the Terms & Conditions of a website that you’re putting your sensitive personal information into, you should run the other direction. This isn’t going to go well.

So, is that all that’s wrong with


Let’s look a little deeper at everything that’s wrong with this terrible mess of a website.

png for datingforcheaters homepage

Setting aside for the moment the fact that has basically admitted that they don’t care if your information gets lost, stolen, or used against you, we still would NEVER use this site for dating.


Well for one thing, we knew it was a terrible website from the second it offered us the possibility to log in with our Facebook accounts.

That’s just about the worst idea we’ve ever heard of. Why would ANYONE want to do that? It isn’t even a website with a neutral name, like us crazy, but we’re pretty sure that anyone who sees the name “” is going to know exactly what we logged onto that website to do!

The scariest part is that of course, a lot of guys have their facebook accounts all hooked up to their computers at all times. One wrong click of one button, and congratulations!

You might as well ask your wife to put an ad on for you. That’s about as secure as using this site.

Another thing we hate is that there’s literally no access whatsoever for anyone who isn’t a member-and a PAID member, at that. Many sites let you browse through member profiles with a free membership, but require you to have a paid membership if you want to initiate contact. However, offers no free memberships, and doesn’t even let you see how many women are in your area before buying.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

There are NO girls on We’re starting to think that the entire website is JUST a trap. It might be a way for the world’s laziest private investigators to catch guys in the act of trying to get a date while still married-after all, if you can catch a guy signing on to, there’s not much doubt about what he’s been trying to do.

When we signed on to do our DatingForCheaters review, we sent out 200 emails to girls that we thought we wouldn’t mind hanging out with, or at least going out with once or twice.

All those profiles were either fake or inactive, and we mean ALL of them. Every single one.

Yes, we sent out 200 emails and didn’t get a SINGLE response. While this might be standard practice for some people, it’s by no means standard practice for us! For example, look at the stats we were pulling on, our best website for affairs dating. Out of the 200 emails we sent there, we got back a whopping 165 responses, over an 80 percent success rate.

Yeah…we don’t really have to say what our success rate on is, do we? Here’s a hint: it rhymes with “hero” and means a lot less.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

So in addition to the lowest response rate we could possibly get, we were also contacted by a lot of guys pretending to be private investigators. They were basically the world’s most OBVIOUS PIs, too.

For example, they were obviously fishing to try and get us to say incriminating things. One guy (we found out later it was a guy, not “Annie”) wrote to one of us, “Would you say that you like cheating on your wife? And please sign your name so I know ur for real :)”

After that, he asked us if the word “gullible” was written on the ceiling. Seriously, give us SOME credit. We might be unfaithful, but that doesn’t mean that we’re unintelligent.

We also got really freaked out by the policy that they don’t care if the site is secure or not. There’s also the fact that several times, the website was just offline for several minutes during our time on, and we contacted their support department, trying to get some compensation for the lost time.

Several weeks (WEEKS!) later, we got a response. It was a form letter that just informed us that has a policy that they can take the website offline at any time and don’t owe anyone their money back for any reason.

Wow. Thanks for the honestly….we guess. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair? is a terrible website that is out to take your money and laugh in your face. You’ll never get laid on this awful website, and neither will anyone else. The only person that can get laid as a result of is the guy who came up with it and took everyone’s money, because he can spend it on hookers.

Try a GOOD affairs dating website instead, like Leave to the dogs.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Screaming Rolling Moose

    talk about a way to get caught. nothing about this site is discreet and that should be obvious before you even read this review. what a stupid name, i won’t use it again!

  2. in comparison, other, classier sites have already gotten me laid a couple of times over. is a total waste of my time! it doesn’t even have a lot of women on it!

  3. Fast Opossum

    while i am not sure if this is a scam or not, the name is really off-putting. i must be a cheater to join? what a stupid slogan, lmfao. the only positive is the girls look hot!

  4. i think this site is legit…but still hasn’t gotten me a single hook up so far. guess i will just have to keep looking around and see what works better

  5. Clemente Bullard

    nothing good to say here. this is a bad site because for one, it’s REALLY not discreet, and i have run into a lot of fake profiles during my time here.

  6. Forgotten Grim Froglet

    pass on this one. i wanted to test it out just because of the hilarious name but it was a bad decision. pricy and not worth it with all the fakes and scams.

  7. A bad affair site for one reason: the NAME. is awful and not discreet at all, and attracts a lot of private investigators. tread carefully or better yet, don’t use!

  8. Ruthless Goldfish

    when i make my new review 2013 list, this one goes down as just laughable. it’s a really crappy site, not only because of the name, but because there are so many fakes!

  9. i was not convinced this would work for dating, but it could have been worse. dating for cheaters isn’t the worst site i’ve been on and at least some girls talk to me.

  10. Nathanial Leichter

    not the best affair dating site at all. you won’t get many hits here, mostly you will waste your money, it’s inactive and has a lot of fake profiles that i could pick out immediately.

  11. ArmadilloArmadillo

    when i went to make this review i already knew what i was getting into: a giant scam. a waste of my time. a money pit! that’s all this site ever ends up being.

  12. there’s no comparison when it comes to the ratio of men and women on this site. no women, a ton of men! makes for a really crappy dating experience on datingforcheaters.

  13. Aimless Flag

    i wouldn’t say this is a scam, but it certainly isn’t good. there are some private investigators lurking around but what dating site doesn’t have those…just be careful.

  14. whether or not this is legit, i’m honestly not sure! datingforcheaters seemed like a fun website but i’ve yet to really get a good date or hook up on here.

  15. Joaquin Fisher

    this isn’t good. there’s nothing about it that is actually and you are more or less asking to be caught with a horrible name like that. don’t spend money here!

  16. Southern Gangster

    when i wanted to test this site out, i asked myself…how OBVIOUS will it be if this name is in my browser history? and thus i ran away screaming.

  17. there is nothing about this affair site that is any good at all. has an awful name and an awful concept, stop padding how many women are here!

  18. Bitter Shower

    on my new review 2013 list, this one is no where near the top. it’s just empty of women and you won’t get laid if you hang around this site.

  19. a pretty big flop for dating on my end. dating for cheaters just doesn’t hold up, but i will keep trying and seeing if any of these women will talk to me.

  20. a bad first choice for affair dating, or for ANYONE honestly! i didn’t have ANY results here, no matter how many women claim to be on this site. it’s all a scam.

  21. Llama Small

    i usually hate writing reviews but this one deserves one because it’s so crappy. don’t spend any money here, the women aren’t real, the site name is just dumb.


  23. one of the most pathetic scam sites i’ve seen in awhile…the name is bad enough that it should be a give away…but at least the fake pics they use on the profiles are good.

  24. whether it’s legit or not i’m honestly not sure? but i haven’t had much success with this site yet. datingforcheaters seems like it might be enjoyable but no messages yet.

  25. Jarred Mcmichaels

    this isn’t good and it never will be. it’s invested with private investigators on top of having a crappy name and so it’s just ASKING for failure without an OUNCE of discretion!

  26. White Vicious Jaguar

    don’t bother with giving this site a test run. you won’t get laid, i’ll tell you that already! there’s nothing discreet about it and there’s a great chance you’ll get caught before anything even gets going!

  27. one of the worst affair sites i have ever been on. datingforcheaters has next to no women on it and is mostly a giant hub for private investigators. with a name like that, who knew!

  28. Agent Giant

    an obvious entry to my review 2013 blog list of bad dating sites. this one really takes the cake, but at least they can use some hot porn pics in the fake profiles!

  29. I’m not sure how successful anyone elses dating experience was here but for me, it was pretty slow going. kind of disappointed me in that regard!

  30. Richard Rohtin

    one of the most pathetic scams i’ve seen, and an awful site for affair dating. don’t waste time or money here when it’s obvious you won’t get laid at all.

  31. El Waterbuck

    nothing like giving a horrible review to a site that really deserves it. there’s nothing redeeming about a site that lies about its members, and if you sign up and agree to that nonsense, you deserve to be scammed!

  32. in comparison i have been on a dozen other sites and ALWAYS GOTTEN LAID. nothing ever happened on dating for cheaters and that’s because it’s THE WORST SITE I’VE EVER USED.

  33. a pretty obvious scam to be honest, the profiles are clearly fake and just using old recycled porn star pics. at least they’re nice pics, i guess!

  34. I am not sure if this is legit or not? but i am hoping dating for cheaters is, because I have spent a lot of money here. The women are just lovely is the thing!

  35. Rickie Agg

    whether you think it’s good or not…just realize that it’s actually a scam. there’s nothing good or redeemable about that. don’t spend money on this site and expect to actually get laid.

  36. Furious Screaming Gnu

    not even worth a single test run. this is a site full of fake profiles and possibly even private investigators looking to ruin your lives. don’t spend money on this mess!

  37. one of the worst affair site hubs i have tried out, and it doesn’t seem like it cares at all. dating for cheaters is just full of scam profiles and they will take you for everything they can.

  38. Lion Morbid

    for my new review 2013 site this one is going down as a giant scam. but hey…at least you can look at hot chicks while you’re spending money on NOTHING!

  39. for dating this has fallen kind of flat for me, and i think it’s because is more focused on sex. i will try to approach it with that in mind instead!

  40. a really bad choice for anyone trying to have a good affair dating experience. this kind of site is what gives all others a bad name. scam scam scam and full of fakes!

  41. can’t say anything nice in this review. THERE’S JUST NOTHING NICE TO SAY!!! don’t spend money here because it’s going to absolutely nothing. none of these women are even real!

  42. when i try to think of a comparison to another site i really can’t. there are few sites as bad as dating for cheaters, because it just outright and blatantly scams you.

  43. Tripplequaddom

    if you do not think this is a scam, you should still run away screaming because of the name. your wife will find out what you are doing in an instant, obviously!

  44. about as far from legit as they get i’m pretty sure…but i have found a few real women on datingforcheaters and it could really be worse..

  45. Lucas Meyers

    nothing good to say about this website as it is ultimately just a scam. i have counted so many fake profiles and it is just riddled with private investigators.

  46. Furious Warrior

    i really tried to like this site and test it out properly. it’s impossible when you can tell right away that everything is fake. also, what’s with the stupid name??

  47. a really poor excuse for an affair site and it isn’t JUST the name that is offputting…though seriously, dating for cheaters? how obvious do you want to be exactly?

  48. have you ever heard of discretion…well you won’t get it here…and i make sure to point that out on my review 2013 blog site lmfao it’s just pathetic and impossible to hide this site!

  49. a miss for dating. i am going to try and just get a quick hook up on dating for cheaters next but i’m not holding out too much hope. it’s hard to talk to anyone here!

  50. Ernest Paynter

    for affair dating there isn’t a site that is really worse, it’s just full of scams, and private investigators, and all they want to do is rat you out for money!

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