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If you want to get results, you will not find them on DiscreetAdventures. This is a terrible site offering nothing of value!

DiscreetAdventures.com is one of those sites that looks great at first…until you see exactly how it works, and exactly how HOSED you are if you try to use it to get laid.

This site looks very professional. It looks like the exact kind of site you’d want to go to, if you’re looking to have an affair. Everything is spelled right, everything looks nice, and everything looks classy.

affair dating scam image

So what’s the problem?

The PROBLEM with DiscreetAdventures.com is that it’s a TRAP. What do we mean by that? Read on and find out.

DiscreetAdventures.com is the kind of website that every website designer should look to for inspiration. It’s beautiful, it’s classy, and it looks fantastic. It has a lot of the features we want from a website, and can easily be the kind of site you could spend a lot of time on….

But it’s a lie.

There are only two kinds of people (besides duped guys like the ones that pay the bills) who use DiscreetAdventures.com.

The first kind is escorts. Yes, these are women who have sex for money. Expect to be contacted by an escort within 24 hours of first signing up for the website. You’ll get a message (or at least we did, every time we logged on) that says something like, “You look like a hot guy whose wife isn’t treating him right. Unlike her, I don’t have limits and I NEVER get headaches….all night long… ;)”

discreetadventures image

This might sound like a dream come true, but it isn’t. It never is. It’s just a hooker looking for an easy score that she doesn’t have to pay her pimp to get her, sadly. The website DiscreetAdventures.com is FULL of escorts, and unless you’re totally flush with money, none of them will give you what you came to this website to find.

There’s another kind of person who uses DiscreetAdventures.com, however, and that is private investigators.

PIs are all over this website. On the off chance that someone contacts you who isn’t an escort, we guarantee they will be a PI. These investigators are doing one of two things. First, they might be working for a specific woman or man, trying to find information about whether or not a spouse is cheating. That’s scary enough, but worse is the second option: that they’re working freelance.

A freelance PI is basically just a blackmailer. Unfortunately, DiscreetAdventures.com is full of PIs who are out to ruin lives by accepting money for their silence, once they find out that you’re on a website like DiscreetAdventures.com.

You will NOT be contacted by anyone who isn’t a PI or an escort. If you’re wondering how they can have such beautiful women as their members, well, now you know. Many escorts are drop-dead gorgeous, and ALL of them know how to fake it online. Most of the photos you’re seeing are photoshopped, though at least the escorts are usually very pretty in person. All the photos of the PIs are totally fake.

What We Found When We Tried DiscreetAdventures.com-And What Turned Us Off

There was no shortage of women when we joined DiscreetAdventures.com, but we couldn’t get many of them to talk to us. Yes, we were contacted by many “women,” but all of the ones who contacted us were paid to do it, or were hoping we’d pay them.

We sent out 200 emails, two per day, over the course of our time at DiscreetAdventures.com. How many did we get back?

A disappointing 14 emails.

Of all 200, we only received 14 emails in return. Compare and contrast this with our favorite dating affair website, EroticAffairs.com. We bet you’ll spot the difference right away! (Hint: EroticAffairs.com is awesome. DiscreetAdventures.com sucks.)

Of those 14, they were all either automated messages that said they were out of town and would get back to us soon, or they were yet more escorts. Seriously, they should just rename this website and get it over with. Admit that it’s a virtual brothel, and it might even do better business!

We didn’t get laid once on this site. It was totally disappointing, especially since the site looked so nice at the start.

Why DiscreetAdventures.com Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could DiscreetAdventures.com Be a Scam?

Here’s one of the things about hiring an escort: you had BETTER live in a large town.

Now, we’re being generous to DiscreetAdventures.com and assuming that you went on the site LOOKING to hire a call girl. If so, well, congrats, you found the right place. If not, we’re sorry, but you’re lost. There are no actual women on here that want to hook up for the fun of it.

However, even if you WANT a call girl, you’d better hope you’re in a major metropolitan area. If not, you’re definitely going to be out of luck. The only place women are located is in big cities.

Compare these tiny membership numbers with some of our better sites. For example, EroticAffairs.com, our top website, has well over a million quality members, who are active on a daily basis. AshleyMadison.com, the largest affairs dating site in the world (and our number two pick), has over 4 million! Next to those, DiscreetAdventures.com is kind of sad.

The escorts and call girls on DiscreetAdventures.com are just looking for an easy ride. Unless you want to blow a lot more cash than you should (see our guide to paying for affairs, side jobs for side fun), you’re going to want to steer clear of this website.

DiscreetAdventures.com Review: Is DiscreetAdventures.com A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

Although it’s disappointing given how promising this website looked at the start, we’re going to have to recommend that you give DiscreetAdventures.com a pass. It’s a beautifully-designed website, but you won’t get laid by using it, and…well, that’s kind of the whole point of an affair dating site, as far as we’re concerned about the matter.

Instead, check out EroticAffairs.com, our top site for affairs dating. If you need more than one site, check out AshleyMadison.com as well, or some of the other sites on our top five affairs dating sites.

50 Responses to “DiscreetAdventures.com Review: Why DiscreetAdventures.com Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Chaos Villain

    one of the least helpful dating sites i’ve been on. unfortunately i can’t give it anything but a horrible review, i just didn’t meet a single woman on here i liked!

  2. The ratio between men to women is awful on here. there are NOT a lot of ladies on discreet adventures and there’s no wonder for that because it’s so poorly designed.

  3. Honey Needless

    I think this is a scam. lots of new profiles for women and not a lot for men. they’re trying to reel you in with fakes, i guarantee it!

  4. unconvinced as to whether this is legit or not but discreetadventures.com could be worse. mostly the name makes me roll my eyes though, may or may not be back!

  5. Laurence Marriman

    nothing good to say about this one. it’s a waste of your time and money because i guarantee all the girls on here are fake or won’t be around to get you off!

  6. Dangerous Dragonfly

    I just went to test this one out and came away disappointed. It looks like a good site, but it’s empty for the most part except for a lot of guys!

  7. a really bad example of an affair site. discreet adventures isn’t an adventure at all, it’s a snail’s pace move through a bunch of empty profiles!

  8. Chipmunk Color

    when i made a review 2013 list, i included this one just as an example of what could be good but really falls flat. it’s SO empty of women!! what’s the point of that??

  9. a bad example of a dating site though you MIGHT get lucky on discreet adventures and get a quick lay. just not my style, i am really not going to renew.

  10. Reuben Fuhrer

    could be one of the worst affair dating sites i have seen so far. that’s because there are just NO active women on this site, it’s all men and who the heck wants that!

  11. Nathan Raving Wormwood

    for this review i can’t anything nice at all. this is a really bad site, this is NOT the way to get laid, and you will never meet a single girl here to take home!

  12. for comparison on every other site, i have ALWAYS had at least one hook up! discreet adventures didn’t give me a single adventure at all lmfao

  13. this is a scam…i didn’t get a single message returned the entire time i was here…i don’t think a single one of these women are real, too bad they are hot!

  14. Alejandro

    whether or not this is legit or not is not the issue, it’s just NOT my favorite dating site, discreet adventures is a miss for me because it is so sex obsessed.

  15. Noble Armstrong

    This is really not a good site. I was disappointed in seeing that i didn’t get a single hook up while i was here, no messages returned either!

  16. not a good test run of this site that’s for sure, it’s a bad way to start off my affair adventuring, nothing good here or discreet either! i do not recommend using this site!

  17. for an affair site it’s really just pathetic. it should be EASY to get hook ups on this site! it isn’t at all, and there’s nothing about discreet adventures that gets me going.

  18. Left-handed Bad Foal

    low on my review 2013 list because wow, there are NO women around on here! nothing but fake profiles, at least the pics are hot, it’s the only saving grace!

  19. Pretty low on my dating website list. discreetadventures.com is pretty useless for me, i haven’t picked up a single woman for a good date…a waste of my money!

  20. Humberto Flick

    as far as affair dating goes i think this could have been done SO much better. it’s just obviously filled with fake profiles and i’m afraid to even send a message for fear of scams.

  21. Falcon Epsilon

    F- review on this site, there is NOTHING redeeming about it. it could have been so much better but it really is a shame that it just falls short of that mark

  22. not a single woman on here contacted me back. in comparison, EVERY other site other than discreet adventures has gotten me a great hook up! this site is really not worth the money.

  23. El Lobster

    Probably a scam. there is nothing on this site to keep me coming back to it, except for the hot pics which I am pretty sure are fake, lol!

  24. i am fairly certain there is nothing legit about this site lol but aside from that at least discreetadventures.com has a few hot pics on their website…

  25. Cornell Reed

    so many reviews say this site is good but i really have to disagree. i haven’t met a single hot woman on here, i am fairly certain the women that ARE on this site are fake!

  26. Dangerous Leather

    for a test run this fell super flat. there’s not a single active female member on this site as far as i can see, and it’s full of newly created, fake profiles…

  27. a bad affair site. there is nothing about discreetadventures.com that will keep me coming back for more, all the women here are FAKE profiles! pass on this one and join another site.

  28. Mysterious Mandrill

    Creating my new review 2013 site and there is absolutely nothing I can think that’s nice about this site…except for the fake profile pics that are kind of hot!

  29. not my kind of dating site. maybe discreet adventures will work for others but not for me, too much of a romantic to go after some of these skanks!

  30. Wallace Schere

    my least favorite affair dating website i have tried so far. there was not a single hook up to be had here, i am really disappointed because i spent a lot of money!

  31. Stormy Dagger

    No review can really express my disappointment! this is not a good site, i was really not impressed by having to spend money on absolutely nothing!

  32. no girls no activity…absolutely nothing. discreet adventures really doesn’t live up to anything, there’s no comparison to anything this bad on the internet dating scene, don’t waste your time here…

  33. John Insane Dreadbeard

    i was thinking this is a scam and it probably is, so many new female profiles on this site, not a lot of women actually around, this is not good except for some hot pics…

  34. i think this site is legit, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best one out there. discreet adventures has a lot of issues, and among them, just not enough women…what a disappointment!

  35. Hector Cressman

    Not a good thing about this website. I was really disappointed to have spent money here and not get a single hook up. Waste of time, I can’t recommend it at all!

  36. DetectiveDetective

    I just wanted to test out a few different sites and unfortunately this was one of them! Not a good site to try and find a serious hook up to have fun with.

  37. one of the most pathetic affair site places i have tried, nothing good about discreet adventures, the ‘girls’ on this website are really fake and it’s so obvious

  38. Sugar Knife

    i hate having to make a review 2013 site list but this one really deserves to be on it…not a good site at all…just a low ratio of women to men for one, so you won’t get laid!

  39. for dating this one misses the mark. discreetadventures.com isn’t my favorite site in general but maybe it’s ok just if you are looking for nothing but sex

  40. Damion Losey

    affair dating? more like no dating at all. you will not get laid on this site at all let alone get a lick of attention. the women do NOT answer messages.

  41. The Pluto Evil Torpedo


  42. no comparison. this is a really crappy site and it shows just in the layout! discreet adventures is eyerollingly bad, pass on it and seriously find another site to spend money on.

  43. Young Puppy

    i am still thinking this is a scam. don’t bother trying to pick up women here, you will just get spam e-mails in response, a really big time waster…

  44. not sure if it is legit or not. i think discreet adventures could have been good but for the most part the women on here just do not exist…

  45. Rene Jackson

    not good. i will not use this site again or spend another time here after my last hook up ended up just being a scam. pass on this one and use any other better website.

  46. Liquid Angel

    just for a test run i tried this place out and i really regret it. a waste of money, a waste of time, not any hot chicks and a lot of fakes!

  47. it’s not hard to make a good affair site but discreet adventures sure thinks it is. lots of fake profiles! pass on it and try to find a better site…

  48. Captain Bill Ravenbeard

    when i made my new review 2013 list i had to put this one on it. it’s really full of fake profiles which is the worst part, pass on this one…

  49. you will not end up dating anyone on discreet adventures. first of all it’s all about sex, and that’s even assuming you get a single message response.

  50. Timmy Coldsmith

    for affair dating this is pathetic. i will not be renewing my membership here because none of my e-mails ended up answered and none of the women showed up!

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