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If you enjoy wasting your time and money, EliteFling is your site! We are sure you will be mad with the results!

We’re pretty sure that EliteFling.com was put together by someone who writes Terms & Conditions for a living. Either that, or someone who designs elaborate puzzles, because this website was HELL to try and figure out!

We spent a lot of time on EliteFling.com just trying to figure out what we were doing. We thought this was supposed to be simple and fun, not frustrating and complicated!

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Are we just stupid, or is EliteFling.com just terrible? Read on, and discover the truth for yourself.

Trying to find women who would go out with us on EliteFling.com was like trying to convince Asia nicely not to get involved in a land war. For one thing, it was difficult to use on just about EVERY level.

The profile creation was awful (we’ll talk more about that in a minute), the sorting algorithm was ENTIRELY broken, and there was a very dead silence on the line from customer service whenever we wanted to talk to them about something. All in all, this website didn’t take care of us as customers, and there’s no faster way to lose us as customers than that.

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For another thing, there was an astonishing lack of women on this site. We’ve been to sites where there weren’t a lot of attractive women, sites where there weren’t a lot of young women, sites where there weren’t a lot of married women…but it’s been a while since we found a site that just doesn’t have any women, period.

Lucky us, we finally found a site like that.

So not only is it a difficult, awful, run-down and shoddy place to meet women, it can’t even manage that!

Think we’re being too harsh on EliteFling.com? Look at our results below, and see for yourself that there’s absolutely nothing of value in this pathetic, obnoxious scam website.

What We Found When We Tried EliteFling.com-And What Turned Us Off

When we join any dating website, we make sure to send out the same number of emails, just so you all know that we’re being totally fair to these websites (before we try them and find out if they’re good or not).

For our Affairs Dating Guide, we decided on 200 emails. We’d send out 200 emails on each website, one to each new woman, and see how many we got back.

Boy, it was a good thing we didn’t expect too much from this one. During our time on EliteFling.com, we sent out 200 emails, which was NOT EASY. There were hardly any women at all to be found, and the ones that did exist looked fake as hell.

Know how many responses we got back? About half? Guess again.


Out of 200 emails, we only got a measly 29 responses. Hell, we have a better batting average than that when we just walk up to random girls in bars and ask for their numbers. On a dating site, where everyone is supposedly going just in order to hook up, that number is abysmal.

We did actually wind up having one date. It was kind of a shot in the dark, but we decided to go for it, thinking, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do not go out with a girl from EliteFling.com, not even for one dinner. If she’s anything like the girl we went out with, she’ll order the THREE most expensive items on the menu and only eat a tiny bit of each, before saying she was just doing it to prove a point to her husband who she really loves SO MUCH and could NEVER cheat on him!

We’re not sure if this was a scam done by EliteFling.com or just a freaking crazy lady. Either way, stay the hell away from any women you might accidentally happen to meet on EliteFling.com!

Why EliteFling.com Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could EliteFling.com Be a Scam?

Profile creation on EliteFling.com is a joke. The site says that it’s “an easy 3-step process” to setting up your profile and meeting women, which couldn’t be more of a LIE.

The profile creation process is actually pretty easy…if you just look at the questions they’re asking. The problem is that getting around this site, even for something as easy as profile creation, is absolutely appallingly confusing! We’re not exactly dating site virgins, over here. If a site is well-designed, we WILL figure it out. If it’s even designed on a mediocre level, we swear, we’ll figure it out pretty fast.

This site was shockingly bad. The buttons weren’t in the right places, there were always strangely-placed boxes we HAD to check before going on, and if you click a single wrong button, you can’t go back. Using this site was like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle with your elbows. It’s clumsy, poorly put-together, and didn’t even do much good in the end.

That’s right, after all that, it didn’t do ANYTHING to help us meet women. In fact, we didn’t get the sense that we were matched with anyone based on profile. As far as we saw, we were exclusively matched based on our location (which isn’t even our real location, but somewhere we frequently travel for business trips-and to meet women).

There are just no women on this site.

We are really good at finding women, seriously. If there are women, no matter how good-looking, we WILL eventually find them. But this place was a barren wasteland. There’s no reason to waste your time and money on EliteFling.com when you can always be lonely for free in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

EliteFling.com Review: Is EliteFling.com A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

EliteFling.com is a mess. It won’t help you get laid, it won’t help you feel better about yourself, and you’ll just wind up angry, frustrated, and feeling more bored than ever.

In fact, we had to go back to some of our favorite websites, like EroticAffairs.com, just to feel better about life! Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a TERRIBLE outcome, but we still don’t think you should have to use an affair dating site (even a great one like EroticAffairs.com) in order to get the taste of a crappy affair dating site (like EliteFling.com) out of your head.

So in short, we don’t recommend EliteFling.com. Obviously. Don’t waste your time like we wasted ours.

50 Responses to “EliteFling.com Review: Why EliteFling.com Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. this website is a joke. nine times out of ten you WILL stumble upon a fake profile and what’s the point of that? nothing but a neg review from me!

  2. in comparison to every other adult website i’ve used, this one REALLY falls short. elite fling has a lot of fake profiles and just not a lot of activity!

  3. Tiny Navy Honey

    misleading…probably a scam…they say it’s very easy to hook up with girls here but it takes a lot more work than i wanted to put into it!

  4. i don’t think this site is particularly legit but i don’t think elite fling is the worst either. not as many PIs as other sites like this at least! and some of the girls are ok looking but not great.

  5. about as far from GOOD as you can GET. really pass on this one, i was unimpressed from the start, so many fakes and not enough active members

  6. Streaming Gorilla

    i just wanted to try this out as a test run and i was really disappointed. kind of scared off from dating like this too, there are a lot of private investigators lurking around

  7. one of the worst affair sites i have tried. really pass on this one. elite fling is scary because the private investigators are few but well hidden. you will regret hopping on here!

  8. Dummy Supersonic

    for my review 2013 list i gave this one a look and all i can say is ugh… not good. pass on it, there are a lot of others that won’t drain your wallet and will actually get you laid

  9. a big no for dating, better for just hookups. elite fling isn’t that bad but it’s not the best either, some of the chicks are hot if you squint and get drunk lol

  10. Foster Evans

    for affair dating i really think this is a flop. so many fakes, not enough active members, and i was really disappointed in how few women actually talked to me!

  11. Nathan Darkmoon

    there are probably worse sites out there to review but tbh i really think this one takes the cake. REALLY NOT GOOD, i was unable to get a single girl here to even talk to me once!

  12. There’s no comparison to this FAILURE of a site. Seriously, don’t waste your money on elitefling.com. You won’t get a single fling, let alone a single elite one!

  13. there are a lot of scam profiles on this website so you should be careful. and by scam profiles i mean…private investigators. seriously watch yourself if you don’t want to get caught!

  14. not the most legit of the dating sites i’ve been on but you can get a hookup on elitefling if you work for it. some of the girls are pretty cute. most are ugly!

  15. Frank Shafer


  16. Brutal James Hawkins

    one of the bad test runs i experienced and it’s all because of the private investigators running around on here. they’ll take the site over eventually no doubt

  17. it’s not difficult to make an affair site but wow does elite fling FAIL AT IT. seriously it’s just full of fakes, badly done profiles, and OBVIOUSLY private investigators!!!

  18. Boiling Reptile

    when i made my review 2013 list you can see that this one was not very close to the top. it has a lot of issues, none of the girls messaged me back, it’s just not active at all.

  19. for dating this falls flat. if you want a hookup…MAYBE. elitefling is just kind of dodgy overall though so you will have to pick and choose carefully to get ANYTHING done…

  20. Cornelius Keilbach

    i’ve done a lot of affair dating lol and this site is NOT a good one. mostly a scam. asking for your wife to find out about you, basically! try another site!

  21. Morbid Walker Silverbeard

    if you want a positive review about this site this isn’t it. NOTHING GOOD TO SAY HERE, THIS IS A REAL MESS OF A SITE AND YOU WILL NOT GET LAID FOR YOUR TROUBLE!

  22. tried to do a comparison in my brain to think if anything was worse and really, elitefling.com takes the cake. a real cluster over here of private investigators and in general just fake profiles.

  23. Golden Wrench

    i am entirely convinced that most of this site is a scam. you really have to work at it to get anything done… not the simple steps they promise!

  24. Santiago

    main problem with this site other than a lot of profiles not being legit is the fact a lot of the girls want single men. not really what i’m after over here, elitefling!

  25. Tod Gadow

    really not good. don’t waste your time, most of the women that are REAL just want a bunch of single men to hook up with and that’s not me!!

  26. Prophet Dancing

    a bad test subject to be honest i was not thrilled by the fake profiles and the women that seem to be real are really ugly and fat. what a mess of desperate people.

  27. wow is this all the internet can do for an affair site these days…..elitefling.com has nothing elite about it, it’s a giant cluster of fakes and scams and you really shouldn’t waste your time….

  28. Scarlet Weasel

    Made my review 2013 blog and this one was at the bottom. Mostly it’s because there just isn’t a lot of selection and the women that are real and active are UGLY.

  29. if you are new to dating this site will only frustrate you. elitefling takes some serious work and there a lot of sites out there that are a lot more active.

  30. Faustino Law

    when i started affair dating this was one of my first sites and i really regret it. there are so many others out there that are better, give them a try first!

  31. Runny Horse

    Unfortunately I have to give this one a negative review. I saw a lot of positive comments about this site but I’m mostly REALLY unimpressed. nothing good to say about this place!

  32. no comparison for the level of awful here. elitefling.com is a total scam site, you will waste your money here, the girls are not real and are just private investigators!!

  33. Skilled Boar

    for a scam there are some hot girls here. not saying this is a good site or that you should use it but if you poke around enough you MIGHT get lucky.

  34. far from legit in some ways but who knows…maybe you will get lucky on elite fling. i haven’t had the worst experience, just not the most luck either…

  35. Jarrod Mildred

    This is really a bad site, nothing good about it. If you actually want to get laid you won’t waste your time here. If you like sending messages to no one, then go for it!

  36. Dangerous Dragonfly

    a test of my patience and nothing else. this is really a crappy site, you will just waste a lot of time here for absolutely no results, so take your money elsewhere

  37. for an affair site i just have to roll my eyes, why would i want to sleep with ANY of these ugly women? elite fling really falls short and i will not be back

  38. Cute Kangaroo

    when i came up with my review 2013 list i had to include this one because it’s just… not good. a lot of people are fooled by it but don’t be, it’s a hot mess!

  39. a bad dating website but maybe a good hookup site? not sure about elite fling, it seems very hit and miss and dangerous to a lot of guys out there.

  40. Wilburn Mueller

    ok seriously this is an awful affair dating site. do NOT waste your money here, you will just be paying this site to dig your own grave when your wife finds out all about your fun time.

  41. really my last choice for any kind of dating nothing but a negative review from me. let me count the ways of ugly chicks and private investigators and bad site layout!

  42. it’s laughable to think this could have any kind of comparison to any other legit site out there. elite fling is just BAD, you are wasting your money and time and asking for TROUBLE!

  43. Foxy Prince

    a huge scam for sure but there are some legit profiles on here too. just not my favorite over all…you will probably just waste money here for the most part

  44. not sure if it’s legit or not. i think elite fling might have a few pluses but mostly minuses, it seems very inactive and most of the profiles are empty??

  45. nothing good to say here. this is just a bad site with a lot of ugly chicks and fake profiles and it’s a HUGE waste of anyone’s time. you won’t get laid!

  46. Seriously Bison

    Tried this as a test and ended up leaving before the night was up. What a joke! No one responds to my messages because they’ve left as quickly as I did!

  47. i don’t expect MUCH from an affair site but i expect more than this! elite fling is a JOKE! there’s nothing on this site except fakes and you will definitely not get a chance to bang!

  48. Orange Jackal

    low ranked on my review 2013 list for a reason. not a lot of legit girls on this site and the ones that are here…ugly! if that’s your thing and you’re desperate, go for it.

  49. not the best dating website that i’ve been on for sure. elitefling could have been great but kind of ends up falling flat, just not enough responses.

  50. Wilson Huston

    done a lot of affair dating and this one is really bad. no responses, just a bunch of spam, and honestly most of the profiles are fake.

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