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Our #1 ranked site is EroticAffairs. Out of 13 dates, we had 11 positive experiences which is the best result for any of the sites we tested. is the kind of site we rarely come across-the kind of site we’re sorry to leave!

This website is one of our favorite picks of all time, and it’s definitely the best one we’ve ever found for hooking up and dating while married. We had an awesome time during our stay at, and we’ll absolutely be back as soon as we can. call to action image

But is EroticAffairs right for you? Read our review, and find out! is the sexiest, flashiest website we’ve so far come across for having discreet affairs while married.

The site put us immediately at ease, gently walking us through all the steps we needed to get started meeting the girls of our dreams. For guys that were really hard up and bored in our marriages, this site was a total godsend. We had no idea there were so many hot girls nearby that were waiting to meet us-and that wasn’t just a line they fed us!

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Find out why this is our favorite site: EroticAffairs

A lot of sites will show you a whole bunch of profiles that look legit, but disappear as soon as you actually try to contact them. doesn’t work like this, we were glad to find out. When we saw a profile we liked, we were sure that clicking on it was going to mean we were going to see the profile of a real person behind it.

We were right.

This site had it all, from real hot girls who answered our emails and wanted to date us, to…well, what else do we need?

What We Discovered After Using Is Worth Our Time? (Hint: It Is.)

This site is ranked as our #1 for having an affair for a lot of reasons. The biggest reason is that we met a LOT of girls on this site, and started some fantastic affairs. Of the three of us, we sent out 200 emails, just to make everything fair to even shitty websites.

Of those, we wound up getting a shocking 165 back-that’s 82.5 percent! To put that in perspective, a GOOD percentage on most sites is to get back about 20 percent. Big-name sites like eHarmony and Match tout their success rate at between 30 percent and 50 percent, which is still awesome for a dating site.

On this site, we quadrupled that number-seriously, our EroticAffairs comparison shows that there really is NO comparison when it comes to finding an affair dating site!

We think this is because has a much higher percentage of real women as opposed to fakes on their site. You don’t often find a site with that many real, quality women, but delivered EVERY time. When we were getting bored, this was the site that changed it up for us-FAST, and confidential!

Of the emails we got back, we wound up taking 13 beautiful women on dates-and believe us, we were really picky. No desperate housewives were allowed, unless they looked like the ones on TV. Most of those dates went AWESOME. In fact, there were only two times when we didn’t have a “happy ending,” if you know what we mean! (Sex. We mean sex. We got laid, a lot.) Sample Emails That Landed Us Some Hot Dates

Are you wondering which kinds of emails worked best for us on these sites? Want to know how you can score with these girls? Check out two emails that landed us some of the hottest babes we’ve ever seen on below:

Example #1:

“Wow-I’m always intrigued by a girl with tattoos, but you put the “art” in body art. Your personality really shines through every aspect of your picture and your profile, and I’d love to spend some time appreciating you the way you deserve.

I’m out of town for a conference this week, but I’ll be back on Thursday. Let me know a good time for you and we can meet up sometime that weekend. I’m usually free Sunday mornings, if I have a little notice.”

Example #2:

“Hey there, Jazz. It isn’t often that a woman as beautiful as you are also comes across as interesting as you do. I love what I see of your taste in music and art, and I’d like to get to know more. Send me a line and I’ll respond as soon as my schedule allows.”

Why Did We Love So Much? Check Out the Features That Set It Apart From the Rest

One of the things we loved most about EroticAffairs is the fantastic sorting algorithm. This website was extremely good at pairing us with women who wanted to hook up in our area. We were shocked that there were so many girls in our area who wanted to hook up with married guys!

How to Become a Top Dog at Our Best-Kept Secrets

There are a couple good ways to really get ahead of the pack that we discovered during our EroticAffairs test. The first one, which is very important, is that you have to be CONFIDENT. The girls on this site don’t gravitate towards guys who are self-effacing and talking about how much they usually suck with girls. Be confident and cool!

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that is definitely targeted towards the younger set. Fortunately, the younger girls on this site are more than willing to hook up with older guys. That just means that you need to bring your A-Game!

No One’s Perfect, Not Even But They Get Pretty Close.

If there were one thing we had to change about, we’d probably get a dedicated server so the loading times would be faster. That was one of the things we weren’t thrilled about.

Another thing is that occasionally, we would get an email from a profile that sounded pretty generic. We don’t THINK it was a fake, but there were a few close calls. Review: Our Final Decision: Should You Try to Have an Affair?

This is absolutely the best site we’ve ever found for hooking up with gorgeous ladies while we’re married. Give a try today, and we know you won’t be disappointed.

50 Responses to “ Review – We Loved Ranked #1 For Having an Affair”

  1. Hearty Rapid Boy

    a great site to start off with, nothing but a positive review from me! i love erotic affairs because this site really helps me find some smoking hot chicks. highly recommended!

  2. no comparison in my book. this site is the best! i have never seen so many hot women in my life and they’re all married and looking for some fun…super hot!

  3. Sleepy Puppy

    Sometimes I felt like this might be a scam, but i was wrong. I DID end up meeting a lot of great women on here but it took awhile. Overall, I will probably use it again.

  4. while this site IS legit, i was still not all that impressed. has a tendency to lag on my computer and my messages sometimes were not returned.

  5. Hershel Saylor

    a pretty good dating site if you are married. they are discreet and helped me find a lovely woman in my area that wanted to have some fun! will use again!

  6. Aberrant Electron

    i just wanted to test this out but i ended up REALLY enjoying erotic affairs! it’s awesome and helped me find one of the most fun lays i’ve ever had!

  7. only an A+ rating from me! this is a great site. it has a ton of hot ladies on it and i haven’t seen a single scam profile. they always want to chat with me, too!

  8. Baron Solid

    as far as affairs go…well, i’ve had a lot of them, lol. this site really helps facilitate a lot of great ones and helps me hook up with some awesome ladies. will use again.

  9. not the best for dating imo but if you really want to hook up with someone, erotic affairs is the site for you. you can find some smoking hot women that want a quick bang!

  10. Ambrose Rhodes

    this is a great affair dating website. you WILL get laid if you use this place! it’s worth the money because you meet so many women and have your choice of fun!

  11. ToddlerToddler

    This site really gets an A+ review from me! is fantastic. I have found so many amazing women here and I will keep coming back for more!

  12. I have YET to find another site that comes close in comparison…it’s really fantastic and i really love all the ladies i have met here…an amazing website for fun!

  13. John Fargloom

    nothing like a scam! this is a good site overall, though i wish there were more women it could find for me in my area. also sometimes have some issues with the messaging system.

  14. definitely legit, though i’m not as fond of erotic affairs as i am other sites. it’s also kind of got too obvious a name so i have to clear out my search history each time.

  15. Millard Poley

    this site is really good! i found a lot of beautiful girls on here and i will keep using it to find even more. awesome ladies keep coming to my place!

  16. I just wanted to give this one a test run and I ended up really thrilled with it. Erotic Affairs helped me find some AWESOME lays in my area and I can’t wait to enjoy more!

  17. highest rating from me! this is a GREAT site if you are looking for some fun. i can’t recommend it enough, i am on here almost every day chatting up women!

  18. been on a lot of affairs sites and this one is one of the better ones. i think their messaging system could use some tweaking and it is pricy but it’s a good deal overall.

  19. great for hookups, not the BEST for dating, but erotic affairs is great in a pinch. you will find some nice ladies here…i just wish that overall the emphasis wasn’t on sex.

  20. Ruben Easter

    for affair dating i really don’t think this one can be beat. i had a great time with all the women i met on here and i will be back for more in the future without a doubt!

  21. Forsaken Striking Clown

    I LOVE this site and was so happy to review it! erotic affairs is one of the best sites i have used to find a great hook up, i will never look back from here!

  22. did a comparison to several other sites and i really feel like this one consistently comes out on top! there are SO many hot chicks and i can’t get enough of them!

  23. Eternal Cool Star

    Not a scam! I haven’t met a HUGE number of people on here but I’m going to keep trying until i do. At least the girls here answer my messages!

  24. a legit site that just isn’t really my cup of tea. i think erotic affairs works great for some people but it just doesn’t really do it for me, sorry ladies!

  25. Ethan Barnes

    pretty good! I am consistently meeting lovely women thanks to this site and i have no complaints. i will keep coming back here for my next hook up for sure!

  26. El Skunk

    I just wanted to test this one out and I ended up SO happy that I signed up for a year’s membership. Erotic Affairs is amazing and I LOVE all the women I’ve played with on here!


  28. Flaming Toupee

    a great site for affairs and getting them started. i have met a ton of hot women on here and my only complaint is that sometimes the messaging system isn’t reliable.

  29. pretty good for dating though i think it is more focused on sex and brief hook ups. not really my thing but i know erotic affairs works for a lot of people.

  30. Alfredo Grant

    a good affair dating site and one i will use again. i have met a hot chick or two from here and i gotta say they are pretty high quality compared to other sites lol

  31. Rusty Runny Dog

    nothing but an AMAZING review over here. i love they helped me find so many great hookups and i have been having the time of my life!

  32. nothing in comparison to this as far as i am concerned…i will never use another site again, my favorite women use this site and they love hooking up with me again and again

  33. Minimum Judge

    i heard from some people that this might be a scam but it isn’t! it’s real! it’s a gREAT site to find women on and you will not regret the money you spent here…

  34. just because something is legit doesn’t mean it’s great. while i have found a few good women on i haven’t met the best ones and so it’s just sort of meh for me

  35. Justin Bauerle

    a good site? more like a great one! this is one of my favorite hookup sites and i have met SO many smoking hot ladies on this one. amazing and will never go elsewhere!

  36. The Salamander

    can’t praise this one enough and i just tried to give it a test run and nothing more. now i’m hooked! is amazing and the women are just gorgeous.

  37. A+++ rating from me, I LOVE this site! I have met some of the best women of my life on here and am constantly getting laid now. I won’t go anywhere else!

  38. Nocturnal Trendy

    for affairs i think this site is great. just be sure to clear out your browser history lol the name is pretty telling and my wife almost caught me a few times!

  39. an ok dating site but not my favorite. eroticaffairs is way more focused on sex and i’m looking for a more romantic thing…oh well i know this works for others great!

  40. Alfonso Shaffer

    one of my favorite affair dating websites and i will keep coming back for more! these women are AMAZING and i have had the best hookups of my life because of this site.

  41. Stray Massive Bull


  42. no comparison that i’ve found so far! this is a great site that will really get you some great hookups. you can’t beat them, you will get laid without a doubt here!

  43. not a scam though i was wondering at first. the profiles are all real and the women are too. just not as many ladies in my area as i’d like lol

  44. really legit though i’m not the biggest fan of the name is too obvious in my opinion and i am constantly paranoid about my wife finding it

  45. a good site and you WILl get laid. just dont’ expect immedate results, you’ve gotta court these lovely ladies and they are WORTH IT in the sack, believe me!

  46. this was only supposed to be a test to see if i liked it but i enjoyed eroticaffairs so much that i signed up immediately. great site and beautiful women, well worth the money!

  47. A+ rating. I couldn’t be happier with this site and the women I’ve met on it. I will keep coming back and renewing my membership to make sure I have more hook ups!

  48. for affairs this does a good job of getting you what you want. keep at it and you will meet even more women. the only complaint i have is the messaging system!

  49. it’s OK for dating but not my favorite. eroticaffairs kind of has a tendency to be all about the sex and that’s just not what i am about myself…

  50. Norris Whitehead

    an affair dating site like this isn’t very common because it’s SO legit, you will get laid for sure and you will meet SEVERAL different women to have fun with!

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