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AshleyMadison is in our #2 spot with still great results and a high security ranking. It is a must try for anyone with discerning tastes.

Chances are that if you’ve heard of affair dating sites in the past, you’ve heard of

This site spends a lot of money on their advertisements, which hit the news as “incredibly scandalous” several years ago, when affair dating sites were just starting to take off. We weren’t sure what to think when we first started our AshleyMadison review; we thought it might be just a flashy way for people to make money by appealing to the scandalous side of their userbase, as the first large-scale public site for helping users find affairs. We weren’t sure we’d ever meet hot girls on call to action image

Were we right? Were we wrong? Read on to find out what we thought of it! (PS: we were wrong, this site was awesome!) is definitely the biggest affairs dating site we’ve ever found. The site has millions of users, a shockingly high number for a website that just a few years ago was considered both new and “niche.” While this may be a niche dating site (catering to married men and women looking for affairs with each other), it had as many people as some outright normal dating sites that we’ve been on. To put in perspective how many users are on, it’s a full third as many as are on big-name sites like

ashleymadison site image

Our #2 site is ready for you to try here: AshleyMadison

That’s a huge number of women! caters exclusively to those who have long-term partners, with their tagline of “Life is short-have an affair.” We like the way that the site doesn’t necessarily try to make us feel like we’re doing something especially crazy or scandalous, but preserves the magic and excitement we always feel when we’re starting a new relationship (or just looking for a happy ending at the close of the night).

What We Discovered After Using Is Worth Our Time? (Hint: It Is.)

As with every site we reviewed for our affairs dating guide, we sent out 200 emails to different women on it was WAY easier here than on any affairs dating site we’ve tried before this! There are so many people on this website that it’s impossible not to find a gorgeous woman in your area looking for some fun.

Of the 200 emails we sent out, we got 144 back, which is a great percentage. It’s not as good as the 165 we got back from, but as we found out in our AshleyMadison comparison, sometimes quantity is JUST as good as quality.

We set up dates with 11 of the girls who emailed us, over a period of a few months. We actually wound up going home with eight of those girls, and let’s just say…they were VERY happy endings!

The other thing we can say is that this is a VERY secure website. In our entire time on, we only ran into one Private Investigator, and he was very bad at his job. If the worst AshleyMadison has to offer is one guy who couldn’t be more obvious if he was a Sesame Street character, you guys have little to worry about. Sample Emails That Landed Us Some Hot Dates

Here are two of the emails we sent out on that got the best responses.

Example 1:

“Well hello, Carolyn. While I admit it was your eyes that first drew my attention, I never expected to be so captivated by your profile itself. The way you flawlessly mentioned one of my favorite bands with a reference to one of my favorite books at the same time was the only thing more enrapturing than your smile. Please tell me-do you prefer Russian literature, or Russian music? Hoping to hear back from you soon.”

Example 2:

“Hi, Sue. I couldn’t help but notice that you were posing with a basketball in one of your photographs-I played point guard all through high school and college. If you’re interested, I’d love to trade old war stories. Hit me up some time, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get home from my business trip. Hoping to hear from you soon.”

Why Did We Love So Much? Check Out the Features That Set It Apart From the Rest

One thing we LOVE about is that it offers a money-back guarantee-for a full three months of membership!

While this may not be the cheapest site in the world, it DOES allow you to get your money back after three months if you haven’t had an affair in that time. With as many women as are on this site, it’s no surprise that they can offer a competitive edge like this. There are so many women that if you don’t make a match in three months, the problem is probably that you aren’t trying hard enough!

How to Become a Top Dog at Our Best-Kept Secrets

There’s something a little odd that we’ve noticed on women here are VERY interested in knowing that you’re married. You don’t have to make a big deal out of it, but showing your ring in a shot (that does NOT focus on your ring) is a good bet, or mentioning that you’ve been bored with your current relationship for a while and want a change. Don’t stress it, but if you mention it at least once, your chances of hitting it big will increase.

Why is this? Quite simply, it’s because a lot of single guys have been trying to use this site to hook up with married women. Strangely, the actually married guys have a better chance. Women feel like they have more to lose, which puts you on the same playing field!

No One’s Perfect, Not Even But They Get Pretty Close.

As we mentioned before, is a BIT pricey. This is a site that is not for those who have to count every penny. However, the money-back guarantee can soothe a few feathers.

Another thing that we’re not totally fond of is that basic members see different stats than paid members, so you might not get the full story until you pay up. Review: Our Final Decision: Should You Try to Have an Affair?

If it weren’t for, would be our number one. This is a great site with many features, and you should give it a shot!

50 Responses to “ Review – We Loved Ranked #2 For Having an Affair”

  1. one of the best sites i have had a chance to review! i really love ashley madison and i have had nothing but amazing hook ups from this site…will be back for more!

  2. There’s no comparison in my book. This is the best place to find the special lady to have your affair with! Great for hookups and I have met some awesome women.

  3. someone told me this is a scam and that made me wary but it actually isn’t. it’s a good site, you just have to work at finding the right girl.

  4. legit but is not my favorite site by far. it’s not bad but i am just not wowed by it? haven’t had as many responses as i would like.

  5. pretty good! i will be coming back here especially after the last hookup that i got. awesome women, and i really love their layout because it’s classy!

  6. Maximum Smokey Duck

    at least my wife can’t tell where i’ve been with a name like this! i just went to test it out but i ended up thrilled with ashley madison and will be using it again in the future!

  7. A+ rating from me. I have NOTHING BAD to say about this site, only rave reviews. some of my best hookups EVER have been from this website in particular!

  8. Vicious Raven

    if you have a lot of affairs this is the site for you, these girls just won’t quit… you will be able to find a lot of dates, but i think some of their pics are dated, what a shame

  9. for dating i think there are better sites. is all about hookups. that being said i have found a few hot girls here that i enjoy spending actual time with.

  10. Carroll Beard

    For affair dating this one is AWESOME. you cannot beat the discretion and you will never be found out that’s for sure lol i love this site and all its ladies!

  11. Silver Agent

    A+ review from me, i really love This is a really classy site that helps you find an amazing girl to hook up with. no changing sites for me, i love this place!

  12. Tried to give a comparison to other sites and honestly i don’t think there is any. i have met SO MANY GIRLS HERE and i would not trade that experience for the world.

  13. Frozen Vulture

    read reviews and was convinced this was not a scam so here i am! i really do enjoy this site though i think it is a bit overdone at times, and they try to make it so simple…

  14. while ashley madison is legit i do not think it is the best site out there for my interests. i am way more of a romantic and these girls are all about the sex.

  15. Cleveland Hayhurst

    a good site and one i will keep coming back to again and again. no complaints from me, this one really helps me get the hook ups that i crave!

  16. while this was only supposed to be a test run… i am really sticking to ashley madison! this is an AMAZING hookup site and i really can’t get enough of it, it’s just the best

  17. A++ rating because WOW i am so swimming in girls now that i don’t know what to DO with myself. never thought i’d have this many hookups!

  18. Walker One Legged Scully

    i haven’t had many affairs…but this site is helping to facilitate a lot more. really excited about that. my only complain is it is a bit pricy for me…

  19. i think this is an okay site for dating but isn’t my go-to for it or anything. i think there are others that are a bit better. this one has helped me meet a few women tho!

  20. Renaldo Style

    for affair dating, you REALLY can’t beat this site. the value for your money is amazing. i have met a ton of women here and will keep using it to meet more!

  21. Dangerous Leather

    happy to leave a positive review for ashley madison! this is a great site that is really worth the money…you will always get laid on here and it isn’t hard to find gorgeous women!

  22. for comparison, i have NEVER had success with any other site. this is literally the only one that has ever gotten me laid! so i have to say…thanks to this site!

  23. Strong Queen

    not a scam! i will give it that much. i have had experiences that are pretty good over here though for the most part it’s about the same as other sites.

  24. a legit site though it is not my favorite! ashley madison overall has a good environment, i think for the most part i just couldn’t find what i was looking for…

  25. Denny Downing

    overall, a really solid, good dating website that can help you find the right woman to have some fun with. also the name is very discreet, you will probably not get caught!

  26. Cute Weasel

    I took this one for a test ride and was thrilled. REALLY helped me find some awesome hook ups and I couldn’t be happier to be spending time with them.

  27. Santiago

    10 out of 10 rating for me. I love this site and will not use any others now that I have had consistent hookups, these women are fantastic and so much fun!

  28. Yodelers Dreaded

    i’m not exactly NEW to affairs dating and the like…but i will say this one pretty much wowed me from the start. some issues include slow loading times but that’s minimal!

  29. Not my favorite dating website though it’s not bad at all. it just isn’t my cup of tea. Ashley madison has a good array of women on it, but I just wasn’t thrilled.

  30. Freddie Mackendrick

    for affair dating, you will not find a better place to hang out and find some amazing ladies. i haven’t had a bad meet up yet and almost every time i have gotten laid!

  31. Jackal Tough

    The only review I can give Ashley Madison is a 10 out of 10! fortunately all the girls on this site are the same… 10 out of 10 would bang, and WILL DEFINITELY be back!!

  32. I tried to think of a comparison to this site and there really isn’t one. This is one of my favorites! I will keep using this place again and again when I want a hook up!

  33. The Gutsy Knight

    not a scam like i was afraid of, i genuinely met some awesome girls. that being said the site is sometimes slow to load and it sometimes loses messages

  34. legit though it is not my favorite dating site. i will probably try ashley madison again in the future but for the time being it doesn’t look like there are a lot of girls in my area

  35. Duane Cook

    amazingly good if you want a fast hook up! i am so bored in my marriage and this really takes the edge off. amazing women on this site for sure!

  36. Thirsty Spider

    could not be happier after i gave this one a test run. AWESOME site with amazing girls and i have had so many hookups that i don’t think i can even count them anymore

  37. I can’t give this one a higher rating if I tried. I have NEVER had so many women reply to my messages and want to meet me. Amazing amazing amazing.

  38. i’ve had a lot of affairs with a lot of beautiful women and so the results on this site were nothing new. that being said i have had a good time using this place!


  40. Adrian Munshower

    for an affair dating site i really haven’t seen anything better! it’s a great place to meet women in your area that want to have the same kind of fun as you!

  41. Liquid Purple Cat

    happy to give a great review for, it’s really awesome! i have met amazing women here…no other site will compare for hookups for me!


  43. Glooming Warrior

    worried this was a scam, but it definitely isn’t. the site can be a bit slow and sometimes it’s hard to get started but just give it a whirl. might find a hot date tonight!

  44. a legit site that is actually pretty good. has been ok for my hook up adventures lol but it isn’t the BEST one that i’ve tried so far.

  45. Fredrick Weingarten

    overall this is a really great site and i will try it again. what makes it so good is the fact that you actually meet REAL PEOPLE and i have YET to have a scam profile in my results!

  46. Gamma Modern

    When I did a test of several different sites, this one stood out. Ashley Madison is amazing in that you really meet some awesome women that want to get laid, too

  47. 10 out of 10. these women really want to get laid and they want to enjoy your company long after that, too. nothing better than this site for helping you find them.

  48. for affairs, i have to say this one really helps you get out there and find your match. you will have a lot of fun with all these ladies. remember, they’re in the same boat as you!

  49. not my cup of tea for dating. that being said there’s no denying that ashleymadison really knows how to get you a hot date or two… just remember it’s all about the sex.

  50. Mario Pearsall

    i have yet to find an affair dating site better than this one. i will not use any others now that this one has gotten me so many hot hook ups in the past few months!

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