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If you have been looking for a place to waste your money, FirstAffair is your website. If you have been looking to have an affair, keep looking!

We’ve done a lot of thinking about, and we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the affairs dating site that other affairs dating sites pick on. It’s just not a very ROBUST site, and doesn’t offer very much. It also doesn’t deliver well on the things it promises.

All in all, it’s a pretty shoddy, silly little effort that looks like it was put together by someone who had heard of affairs dating and thought it sounded like a fun weekend project to put together in his spare time.

affair dating scam image

What sucks so much about

Let’s find out…

First of all, this site isn’t nearly as focused on affairs dating as we’d like. For one thing, affairs dating is just one of the many things that focuses on, and it’s definitely not the one that it does the best.

The biggest focus of seems to be that it’s pretty good (apparently) for swingers. We’re not really too big on the whole swinging lifestyle thing, but mostly that’s because our wives aren’t really into that-and besides, we’re interested in affairs dating because we got bored and want a little time AWAY from our other halves, not to spend more time WITH her.

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This site makes it very difficult to find a good date, if you’re a married man. There are many married women looking for single men, and many single women looking for couples to hook up with, but very few that are looking for married men on their own.

This site is really dinky.

The site keeps crashing for us every time we’ve tried to use it. That’s not just a coincidence, and it seems like it gets worse every time we try to sign on. Eventually, we just had to call it quits. It was too much work to try and use this website, and we couldn’t handle how obnoxious it was when it crashed at every opportunity.

We had to keep completely refilling our questionnaires, because that was always the page that crashed the site. It took us a couple hours each just to get all of our information filled out!

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

When we say that no girls on were interested in hooking up with a married man, we mean that NO girls on were interested in hooking up with a married man.

We sent out 200 emails to really cute-looking girls and really smoking hot women. We were expecting that maybe we’d get a few dozen responses from each-after all, on most of the good websites we tried (this was back when we thought might be good), we got hundreds back.

We did not get hundreds of emails back. We did not even get dozens of emails back.

We got TWO.

This is pathetic, and made us feel like we were basically just screaming into the void. This kind of absurdly tiny response didn’t even feel real, and we had to take a long hard look as to what went wrong on

The thing we came up with first and foremost is the fact that this website is simply not targeted towards married men who want to have an affair with women.

The fact is unfortunate, but true. You’ll have a much better time on this website if you’re a single woman, a single man, or a husband and wife. We also think you’ll have a better time if you’re a couple of women in a relationship, but we just feel like lesbians should be happy pretty much all the time-that’s a LOT of boobs you can be touching.

We got two emails back from, and the first one was obviously a form rejection letter-yeah, a REJECTION LETTER, on a website designed to help people have affairs. What’s the world coming to? This crap would never fly on a good affairs dating website. The second email we got back sounded genuine enough, but didn’t reply to our response.

In other words, we had zero luck hooking up on, and we can’t imagine that you’ll have any better.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam? is a pathetic site trying to play with the big dogs and doing a really crappy job of it.

This site is obviously made by some people who didn’t know what they were doing. They made it pink and purple because they’re “romantic,” gave it a name they thought looked “pretty,” and chose people they thought looked “sexy” to them.

Unfortunately, you can’t just SAY something is sexy or pretty or romantic, you actually have to make it FEEL sexy and pretty and romantic. Girls aren’t going to be drawn to a website that looks like it was put together to feel safe. Guys aren’t gonna go to a website that looks like it was made by rose petals on steroids. You have to know how to appeal to your audience.

The fact is, this website is crap. It crashes constantly, it doesn’t deliver on what it promises, and it makes you feel kind of like you have to ride your little sister’s bike around town because yours broke down. It’s got flowers clipped all over it, sometimes the pedals fall off, and you almost got a beer can thrown at your head for looking like an idiot. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

A lot of guys who haven’t had affairs outside of marriage, or who don’t know how to go about having a first time dating while still married, might be drawn to a site like this. It looks non-threatening, and it even has the words “First Affair” right there in the title.

However, that’s what makes this site successful. If you’ve had affairs before through a good affairs dating site, you know just how far from good this one is. It’s a trap, essentially, which is specifically cultivated to lure in guys who don’t know any better.

This site is useless.

If you want to try out affairs dating sites, try our favorite one, This is a site where you can meet lots of stunningly hot girls who are more than eager to meet married men and show them a good time-who love to spoil and be spoiled!

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Sugar Spacy Emerald

    i had high hopes for this site but my review is nothing but negative, sadly. this site is just full of scam profiles, and when it isn’t that, there’s really no women around at al!

  2. i wish i had a site to do a comparison to this one with, but honestly is just that bad!! you won’t get laid on this site, you’ll just end up frustrated!

  3. Invader Strawberry


  4. legit? i’m not sure. first affair hasn’t been able to land me a date so far but i am holding out hope. i do wish the site was less cheesy in its formatting!

  5. Allan Stainforth

    this is NOT good. there’s nothing about this site that really screams dating material and the girls are either ugly, scams, or just not here anymore.

  6. Chimpanzee Mini

    i wanted to just have fun doing a test run of several sites but this one ruined it for me. it’s that bad. NO WAY will you get laid on this site, just expect to waste money!

  7. when i get on an affair site, i really expect SOME kind of discretion. has none of that! should’ve known, the moment they put affair in the name, that’s the end of it!

  8. Crunchy Crisp Honey

    when i made a new review 2013 list, this one had to go on it. it’s just consistently awful. the only plus side are lots of women, even if they’re fake!

  9. really no luck with DATING on this site. maybe first affair is better for just SEX or HOOK UPS which aren’t exactly my scene. i’m too much of a romantic.

  10. Bertram Leonard

    one of the worst affair dating websites i have been on so far. not a SINGLE date from the women here. you’re lucky if you can get them to talk at all!

  11. wish i could leave a positive review but there’s no chance for that! it’s just a bad site, full of scams and fake profiles, and no one answers messages!

  12. No comparison. This is an awful site. First Affair will take your money and run, and you won’t even get to TALK to a single woman, let alone sleep with them!

  13. Purple Alpha

    without a doubt this is a scam but i still hop on here for some reason…mostly because i find it funny to get amusing spam messages from time to time!

  14. whether it’s legit or not, i’m not really sure? but isn’t the worst site i’ve been on, it’s just kind of slow-going. it could be worse.

  15. Foster Summy

    NOT GOOD AT ALL. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SAVE YOUR TIME. this site will SUCK YOU DRY of money and you will not get a single LAY FOR IT. really a waste!

  16. i just wanted to test out a site or two and i am sorry that i ended up on this one. it looks legit but it really isn’t. a waste of my money for not a single date!

  17. when i join an affair site…i just want some kind of quality. firstaffair demonstrates none of that, and you are left without a single lay, mostly just left annoyed!

  18. Chaos Villain

    For my new review 2013 list I tried out this site and was left disappointed. A lot of money for nothing, that’s for sure. you will not get laid here!

  19. a pretty crappy dating site but maybe ok as a hook up site. first affair seems to have some lovely ladies on it but i am just not convinced it is all legit…

  20. Dane Altmann

    for affair dating this is a bust. don’t spend money here when it’s obvious there are a ton of fake profiles! you will get burned!! possibly even caught!!

  21. Wolverine Grim

    not even worth a review to be honest! it’s just ridiculous how few hook ups i have gotten on this site, you will be so angry about how much money you have wasted

  22. i wish i had a comparison to this one but honestly nothing has been as bad so far! first affair is a bad site, it’s just full of scam profiles overall!

  23. Airmen Skinny

    one of the worst scam sites i’ve seen…but laugh with me, it’s hilarious to look at some of these pics! a lot of ugly chicks and a lot of fatties!

  24. Ellsworth

    I’m not sure if is legit or not but I have yet to get a single hookup on this site. Maybe it’s better for more romantic daters, I’m not sure.

  25. Lawerence Nabholz

    nothing good to say about this one. don’t waste your time or money, you will regret it. you also could get caught, i have seen private investigators on this one!

  26. Elephant Ruthless

    this was JUST supposed to be a test…but i was so mad that i ended up leaving immediately. spam spam spam, that’s all i got in my inbox!

  27. a really bad affair site and not one that will get anything done for you. first affair won’t get you laid and you’ll just end up mad and disappointed thinking about it!

  28. Eaglet Gruesome

    i make a lot of review 2013 lists about these kinds of sites and this is on one of them because honestly, the site is full of scams and spam and you should know!

  29. for dating, this is a miss. first affair has a lot of nice features and i do like the messaging system, but i just haven’t been able to get a nice date!

  30. Lincoln Dugger

    not my pick for affair dating by FAR. you will NOT get laid on this site, you’ll just end up spending money for nothing, and i hate throwing away money!

  31. Kala Gull

    for my review let me just say this gets a solid 0 out of 10. not even worth a second glance, this site is full of scam profiles and ugly women at that!

  32. wish i had a good idea for a comparison but there’s nothing that compares to the crap that is first affair. you won’t get ANY affairs let alone a first one on this site!

  33. Random Lobster

    I am convinced this is a scam, sadly! there’s nothing good about it and you will ultimately find that these women aren’t real and want nothing to do with you…

  34. i wish this site was legit but i am unconvinced after reading a lot of reviews…i am holding out because i think some of the women on this site are really lovely!

  35. Michale Haile

    nothing good to say here. this is a useless site, filled with scam profiles that are so obviously fake. i will not be spending another dime here.

  36. Dromedary Seriously


  37. a poor excuse for an affair site for sure. you won’t get laid on you won’t even get a single message returned. on top of that, the fake pics aren’t even pretty!

  38. Heroic Albatross

    love doing new review 2013 lists because then i get to talk about these failures. while this one isn’t as bad as some, it’s just kind of a let down to see yet another fake site.

  39. for dating i really had NO luck. seemed so promising but i have yet to get a single message returned other than some spam mail.

  40. Les Williams

    when i think of affair dating i do NOT think of this site! don’t spend money here or waste your time, you will not get any results from this site.

  41. Bloody John Stoker

    F- review. i hate this site and i hate that i ever spent money here…such a disappointment! i am really sad that i thought these women were real…

  42. not a single living breathing girl on this site and for comparison, all the other sites i have used other than first affair have gotten me laid within just a couple of days!

  43. Sleepy Unique Frog

    probably a scam…a shame too because the women looked really lovely…it’s just full of fake profiles that i have seen everywhere else on the internet!

  44. i wish this was legit but i am not convinced??? i think has some awesome features like the in-site messaging system but i am still not able to hook up.

  45. Cory Pearsall

    nothing good. really there is just NOTHING good about this site and it should be shut down for taking my money and not getting me a single girl to hang out with!

  46. Giant Mustard

    i test out a bunch of these kinds of sites and this one was so bad it was cringe-worthy. i think i found a few private investigators just in my first week.

  47. an awful excuse of an affair site. you won’t get laid for one, and you will even possibly get CAUGHT on first affair. there isn’t a first or a last affair on this one!

  48. Crunchy Cute Jaguar

    new review 2013 list, new reasons to hate these kinds of sites. this one is bad, but at least SOME of the profile pics are nice to look at!

  49. awful for dating but i’m not sure about just for casual sex and hook ups. i think first affair has a few nice features but i still can’t get a date!

  50. Oswaldo White

    one of my least favorite affair dating websites, i am really not impressed, just so many fake profiles and they are SO OBVIOUS about it, too!

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