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You will not get an affair at GetAnAffair. What you will get instead is a lighter wallet and a waste of your time.

We have definitely got a recommendation for you! That recommendation is…that you stay the hell away from This site is such a scam that it makes us want to take a shower after visiting it.

This is a piece of crap website that is run by some VERY smart people. This isn’t just put together by a couple of students on a bender looking to make a few easy bucks by capitalizing on the frustrations of lonely people, oh, no. This website is far, far worse.

affair dating scam image

Don’t believe us yet? Have you heard good things about and want to know the truth?

Let’s find out what makes so reprehensible.

This is one of the skeeviest websites we’ve ever had the misfortune to try. For one thing, this website was all about promising things it could not possibly fulfill, which is where you know that things will go wrong.

Right on the main page, it guarantees, “Every lonely guy will find a sexy wild mistress to please his every need,” and “Every horny housewife will find a muscular hunk that will give her hours of pleasure.”

getanaffair image for homepage

How the hell can they even pretend to guarantee that? There’s no restrictions on age, attractiveness, body type, or even health when you sign up, so where do they think these horny gods and goddesses are coming from, and why would they go to

The answer (obviously) is that the site is just a bunch of bald-faced lies, and doesn’t care who knows it. has been involved in some VERY shady business practices, so that’s something you should be very wary of. In recent years, in fact, they have been publicly accused of faking photographs…with profiles from other dating sites!

Yes, your profile might be on there.

If you’ve ever used a dating site, your username, picture, and profile might have been stolen by and used to lure in someone unsuspecting, pretending that you were a real person who wanted to meet. That’s kind of creepy for us to think about, and we’d definitely rather know if our faces are on there!

(Sadly, we did look, and our profiles were nowhere to be found on They just don’t know a good thing when it’s staring handsomely at them.)

Another thing we’ve experienced is that is FULL of private investigators. This is TRUE. This site is totally unsafe for any married man to use, and if you care about staying married to your wife, you’ll avoid it at all costs, like the plague.

If you don’t care about saving your marriage…well, there are definitely ways of getting divorced from your wife that will make you pay less alimony than getting found out on

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

We had a pretty pathetic time of using We very faithfully sent out as many emails as we could, trying to get dates. As we always do on affairs dating sites, we sent out a full 200 emails to girls we thought were attractive and wanted to go out with.

To date, after starting this experiment six months ago…we haven’t gotten a SINGLE response.

There are no actual women on this website. We were absolutely shocked. We’ve never found a website that had THIS bad a rate.

Just to provide some basis for comparison, at, which is our favorite site for affairs dating and hooking up with other married people, we sent out the same number of emails, over the same period of time. At THAT website, we got back 165 responses to our emails, and almost all of them were from real, live women.

Using will make you feel bad about yourself, your life, and your choices. It will make you wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea to use the Internet to find someone to spend time with, since you will definitely never find anyone on this site to hook up with.

In fact, you might actually lose something before finding a date-and that something is your self-respect.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

You might think that the fact that we didn’t get a single email response on might mean that we spent our whole GetAnAffair comparison not talking to anyone.

This isn’t true!

We actually spent a lot of our time talking to people. Unfortunately, all of those people turned out to be spambots, and we had to thank for the pleasure of talking to them.

See, what does is make you sign a waiver in the Terms & Conditions (which EVERYONE reads, right?) before you can even beome a paying member.

If you actually READ those, it says that “I understand that has the right to send me emails from members who may or may not actually exist as members on the website, and who may be part of the pilot profile program.”

In other words, you are actually CONSENTING to sending you fake messages, just to make you feel special. Isn’t that exciting? You would do as well to go home and whack off to Cleverbot as you would to actually get laid on Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

If you’re so hard up that you think going to is a good idea, you really need to get a spark back in your life. Try out, our number one pick for dating while you’re still married, and see what a REAL affairs dating site can do for you. is clunky, it’s messy, and it absolutely deserves to be at the bottom of our list. It’s the second-worst website we tried out, and we’re glad to be DONE with this pile of crap.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. this is such an obvious, classic scam. can’t answer e-mails unless you sign up and pay money. nothing but a negative review from me on this site for that purpose!

  2. it’s a joke to think of any comparison for how bad is. it’s really a waste of your money and it’s such an obvious scam because of all the fake profiles!

  3. Rich Fierce Cosmic

    nothing about this isn’t a scam. you even have to agree to it in the terms and conditions. so if you do that, then you’re kind of asking for the failure, just laugh about it!

  4. I don’t think this is legit but i am still trying to give get an affair a chance…was hoping to meet at least a couple of women but they don’t answer messages.

  5. Deandre Sutorius

    there is NOTHING good about this site. so many men and very little REAL women on this place, so many fake profiles and it’s impossible to weed through!

  6. Baroness Solid

    I went to test a few sites and this one came up. Regretting it now. It’s an obvious scam the more you look at it and not worth a dime of your cash.

  7. for an affair site this one takes the cake in failure! get an affair is an awesome way to NOT get a single affair and you will regret ever spending money here.

  8. Clown Temporary

    an obvious scam and so for that it makes my new review 2013 list. don’t bother spending money here! the only upside is the hot fake pornstar pics!

  9. for dating, i haven’t had much luck on this website. i am hoping will offer me more opportunities if i am just trying for some casual hook ups!

  10. Weldon Schrader

    nothing about this is good affair dating. you won’t get laid, you won’t even get to talk to a real chick, so don’t spend money and go to another website immediately.

  11. I wish i had something nice to say in this review but I really don’t! nothing good about this site, don’t spend money here because you will NOT get laid, there’s NOTHING on here for you.

  12. in comparison to other sites i really don’t think it’s possible to be this bad….get an affair won’t get you ANYTHING except maybe a headache! an obvious and badly done scam.

  13. Froglet Beauty

    scam scam scam, waste of your money, you name it. you have to laugh at it a bit though because it’s just so poorly executed, if you fall for it, that’s your bad!

  14. one of the most obvious non legit sites out there, but hey, there ARE some real women on get an affair. it just takes some serious effort to find them.

  15. Antone Newton

    trying to think of a good thing about this site and i really can’t. it’s a way for them to scam you out of every last time you keep around for dating, not worth it at all.

  16. when i want to test out a site i want to enjoy some part of it. couldn’t find anything on this one that was good, the women just don’t care, they don’t want to date you!

  17. on this particular affair site you are literally paying them to take even more of your money and time away. is the oldest scam in the book!

  18. Airmen Skinny


  19. for dating this falls kind of flat? i expected more from this site because it looks like it has a bunch of active members but wasn’t any better than any others unfortunately!

  20. this is one of the worst affair dating sites i’ve used so far. a total waste of my money and time and i doubt a single one of these women are actually real!

  21. Crunchy Crisp Honey

    nothing nice to say in this review. F rating from me because i really think that every single last girl on here is a spam bot just made to make you think there are more chicks.

  22. when i think of a comparison to it’s only to crap. THIS REALLY IS JUST CRAP. you are spending your money on fake messages, good job!

  23. Jockey Rebel

    a scam to the core. at least enjoy the hot pics while you are here, because they definitely rip off of every famous porn star that floats around on the internet!

  24. i’m not sure if it’s legit or not…but i’m leaning towards no… hasn’t helped me get a single hook up and for that i am disappointed…

  25. Perry Knapp

    There’s really nothing good to say here. This is a bad site and the people running it are just bad people that want to steal your money and not give you anything that you came for.

  26. Navy Helium

    did a test run of several sites recently and this was one of them. i will NOT be back here. not a single message returned, it’s an obvious scam.

  27. one of the most pathetically done scams i have been on in my affair site browsing history. won’t get you laid, it won’t get you anything, except an empty wallet!

  28. Swush Angry

    when i make my new review 2013 site this one will be ranked very low. it’s a bad site and one that doesn’t get you any hookups. the only thing about it is the hot pics!

  29. genuinely a poor dating experience for me…i will keep trying to use getanaffair though because i think these women are lovely and i want a little chance!

  30. Basil Young

    say no to affair dating on this website. you will NOT get laid. you won’t even get a real conversation. they are all fake and it’s super obvious, too!

  31. String-La


  32. when i try to think of a comparison to this heck of a site, there’s absolutely nothing that comes to mind as being this gross. getanaffair is a bad site that is just one big scam.

  33. Moose Skilled

    this is nothing but a scam but it’s an obvious one, so it’s almost hilarious. don’t waste your money here, just try and laugh at the obvious fakeness of it all.

  34. i wish i could find more legit websites but i don’t think get an affair is one of them. no luck on the dating front here so far, but i will keep trying.

  35. Franklin Wildman

    what a good example of how not to have an affair website. this is a giant scam and it’s so obvious that it’s laughable. don’t give them a penny of your money!

  36. The Yellow Dust Foghorn

    when i signed in to give this one a test i immediately signed back out. the fake profiles are everywhere, the fake messages are too, and spending any money here is a mistake.

  37. a really poorly run affair site. there isn’t anything redeeming about get an affair when it’s an obvious scam that just wants to prey upon us poor men!

  38. Temporary Pottery

    for my next review 2013 list, this one will be featured as one of the worst scams i’ve seen. it’s just so poorly done…you will end up laughing at it!

  39. not so good for dating i’ve found. i hope is better for hook ups at least, or i’ve wasted a lot of money on this site for absolutely nothing.

  40. Erick Hutton

    really crappy affair dating in its truest form. you won’t get laid, you won’t get a single message, and every single profile is fake. stay away from this place.

  41. Cow Forsaken

    for this review all i can say is there isn’t a number negative enough to give. this is such a bad scam and it has probably stolen so much money from so many people!

  42. no comparison to how crappy this site is. i will not give it another cent of my money now that i know is a huge scam. do not spend money here!

  43. Flower Doggy Rhino

    a scam and you will not get a single hot date. what a shame, the girls here are actually pretty hot, but they definitely are not real or anything like that!

  44. whether it’s legit or not remains to be seen…but i keep trying to talk to these girls with some hope! get an affair has a great concept, just no luck so far.

  45. Rufus Hughes

    i’ve been on good dating websites before and this is NOT ONE. you will get scammed here, so do not spend money on women that really don’t exist.

  46. i just wanted to test run a few sites and unfortunately this was one of them! what a waste of my time and money, these profiles are all fake!

  47. the worst affair site i have tried out so far. there’s nothing redeemable about a giant scam like, so don’t spend a dime here

  48. when i come up with new review 2013 lists i will be sure to mention this one as the big scam it is. at least enjoy the hot girl pics while you’re here though!

  49. about as far from a good dating experience as i could have imagined. get an affair hasn’t helped me get anything but a headache, and yet i am still at it!

  50. a really bad affair dating site because it isn’t even that: it’s just a SCAM. none of these girls are real at all and you realize that almost immediately…. don’t spend money here!

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