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The secret is out on HushAffair! The website does not produce results, but will gladly take all of your money! is not worth your time, your money, or your effort. This website is not only one of the worst we’ve ever found, but one of the LAZIEST we’ve ever found.

If you sign on to, expect to pay more than you think you will. Expect to meet fewer women than you think you will. In general, just expect to be less happy than you were before you signed on to this exercise in frustrated futility.

affair dating scam image

So, why do we hate so much? Let’s look at why this is one of the worst affairs dating sites around, and why you should absolutely avoid it at all costs.

The first thing a website needs to do in order to draw you in is to be workable. This means that your website needs to work, essentially, in the way that you want it to. does not work in the way that you want it to-namely, in the way that you want to use it. It will not get you an affair. It also, unfortunately, doesn’t work in any OTHER way, either.

The website is pretty broken, as far as websites go. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s definitely not a home-grown U.S.A.-based site. How do we know you’ll notice this?

capture image for hushaffair

Well, the first thing you see when you log in (either as a guest or as a member) is a big banner that says “SECRET DATING MARRIED SITE!”

This is not good English. And as you read more and more, the grammar just gets worse.

While you may not care if your website speaks good English, you should. No, it’s not because everyone in the world should be a grammar snob, we don’t give a shit about that. Why do you think we’ve learned to care about what kind of grammar websites use?

It’s because websites with bad English are almost all located overseas instead of in America.

In case you don’t know why that makes a difference, we’ll tell you. The thing about websites located overseas, usually in SouthEast Asia or in Eastern Europe, is that they aren’t held accountable if their websites turn out to be scams.

That’s why so many crappy websites look exactly the same. Scam websites get discovered, scam websites get threatened with legal action, and scam websites get taken down. If that company is run in America, the owners get fined and banned from creating content like that again. However, if the website is located overseas, they’re free to change the title up a bit and put the website right back up, taking YOUR HARD-EARNED CASH again.

So when you find a website with terrible English, run away! This site is only out to take your money, and will do it over and over again until it’s stopped by people learning to identify these scams.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

When we join any affairs dating site, we send out a certain amount of emails. We decided to send out 200, each to a different woman that we were trying to meet on this site. Of those 200, we were expecting a decent average back-maybe 40 percent, or possibly a little higher. We weren’t expecting it to get as high as our FAVORITE website, (which earned over 80 percent, wow!), but we weren’t expecting it to be that low, either.

We only got FOUR emails back.

That’s only two percent of the 200 emails we sent out! That’s a SHOCKINGLY low number! Like we said, we got 165 emails back on, and over a hundred on ALL of our top five websites. We’re VERY GOOD at writing a first email, and making sure we come off the way we want to in a first email, so to have a percentage like this is just shocking.

To add insult to injury, we didn’t even like talking to any of those four people that emailed us back. We aren’t even sure if they were actual girls, or if they were just spam designed to try and make guys stick around a little longer before realizing the site is a scam.

Either way, it didn’t work. This awful website is history as far as our browser data is concerned.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

The producers of don’t care about whether you think their site is legit or not. They don’t care if you meet anyone awesome, they don’t care if you get laid, and they sure as hell don’t care if you’re satisfied with their product or not.

Hell, from the way the site is so broken, it almost seems like they WANT you to hate it.

The very first part of the site shows you just how boring, stupid, and bare-bones this website is. Instead of letting you search by location, body type, gender, eye color, marital status, age, and other factors, you get to search by….gender, and location.

That’s it.

You might be thinking that just searching by gender is enough, but you’d be wrong. Why are you so wrong?

Because they don’t let you narrow your results down INSIDE A STATE. That’s right. If you’re in Rhode Island that might be fine (we’re pretty sure everyone in Rhode Island shares a wall), but what if you live somewhere like California, or Texas?

Then again, it doesn’t matter, because none of the women on this site are real anyway. They’re either fake profiles or they’re inactive, and you’ll definitely never get laid by sending them messages. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

Your eyes will hurt within two minutes of reading text on They’re trying to warn you to stay away. If you’re desperate to meet someone that you can have a fun affair with, this isn’t the website for you.

Try out instead, our number one pick for the best affairs dating website. You might find someone you really like spending time with, and at least it won’t be a waste of your time like

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Los Wriggler

    with a name like this, it has to be good. unfortunately, it really isn’t, thus the negative review…it’s just asking for you to get caught and i nearly did because this site has a lot of scams!


  3. Rainbow Spacy Angel

    full of a lot of scam artists so you do have to be careful. i personally wandered around on this site and found at least a dozen fake profiles immediately, so watch out

  4. i’m not sure all of the people on this site are legit. hush affair tries to be a good site but it just doesn’t weed out all the bad people trying to scam us.

  5. Jarod Carbaugh

    this really isn’t a good site and i was unimpressed after about five minutes of signing up. a waste of my time and money as an overall thing.

  6. Surreal Trombone

    a bad test run. I was not happy with the women that i actually ended up talking to on here, and wish i could erase that experience as a general whole.

  7. a pretty crappy affair site. hush affair is full of fakes and scam artists and you really have to be careful who you talk to on here…it could be a private investigator after all!

  8. Forsaken Duck

    when i come up with review 2013 site lists i really like to make sure people know about these scam ones. this one is one of them, but at least it has some hot pics.

  9. bad for dating and bad for hookups too i think. the only real advantage to this site is it seems like hush affair has a lot of members, but i’m not sure!

  10. Daryl Chapman


  11. Impala Rocking

    I don’t often leave reviews but this one is so eye-rollingly bad that it’s necessary. Don’t spend a dime on this site or any of your time! Full of fakes and private investigators!

  12. i wish i could think of a comparison…but there’s really nothing about this site that can be compared…hush affair is just really bad and you will not even get a single lay out of it!

  13. a scam to the end. at least appreciate the hot pics, because that’s really the only redeeming factor about a site with a lot of fake profiles.

  14. whether it’s legit or not i am still trying to use hush affair after paying for it…no dates yet…but i am hoping that at least one of these women come through!

  15. Branden Sanborn

    really not good. not sure why anyone wants to use this site after the blatant fake profiles and porn stars all over the place. it’s a real rip off.

  16. wish i could test anything but my patience on this site. it’s just really bad. no lays in a couple of months, are you kidding me? who would try for that long?


  18. I made a new review 2013 list and had to stick this one on it. Just a bad site to be honest, because there isn’t anyone around and the ones that are are scams.

  19. really low on the dating radar for me, and i think hush affair does a lot of other things right… just not my cup of tea apparently when it comes to picking up women!

  20. Moses Wallick

    i’ve been on a lot of affair dating websites and this one really is the lowest of the low. infiltrated by private investigators, there are nothing but spam and scam profiles!

  21. nothing but an F- review here. i’ve been on better dating sites by far and this one is just really bad…full of scams, full of fake pics…i can’t even find a single real profile anymore.


  23. probably nothing but a scam. i gave it a try anyway and got what i deserved, nothing but spam messages and a lot of empty profiles to welcome me home!

  24. Thaddeus

    i really am not sure any of this is legit but hush affair SEEMS like a nice site so i am giving it a try. maybe one or two of these women will eventually answer a message.

  25. Ken Clewett

    can’t call anything about this site good to be honest! it’s just full of scams, full of private investigators…i had a few close calls myself and so i will be avoiding it from now on!

  26. Mole Gold

    not worth the money at all. i wanted to just test it out but wow i am glad that i ran screaming immediately. sooo many investigators on here…really not safe!

  27. A REALLY CRAPPY AFFAIR SITE. hush affair isn’t worth a single amount of your dollars and you should stay WAY away from this place if you don’t want your wife to find out about you.

  28. Streaming Gorilla

    when i make new review 2013 lists of these kinds of sites, i always end up on a site like this. just bad and covered in investigators…enjoy the pics, that’s all you can do!

  29. dating? no way. i haven’t gotten single date on hush affair. i think maybe it’s better for casual hook ups so i will start approaching it like that from now on.

  30. Sergio Baughman

    one of the worst affair dating sites i have been on so far. you won’t get laid, you’ll just get caught, and then you will be in some serious trouble with your wife!

  31. ToddlerToddler

    really bad review on this one, sadly. i had high hopes but all were dashed. this is just full of private investigators like so many other affair sites out there!

  32. comparison for this crap hole is nearly impossible. hush affair doesn’t have anything discreet or safe about it, most likely you’ll end up ratted out to your wife!

  33. Wooden Fisty Rat

    a scam on at least a dozen levels. the only thing this thing has going for it is the hot pics that the private investigators use on their profiles to lure you in!

  34. legit or not, i still haven’t gotten a date from! a waste of money so far but i will keep at it. the girls are really smoking hot for the most part!

  35. Bernie Muller

    not good at all and i can’t rec this site to anyone. i think anyone that hops on this site should immediately be able tell it is full of scam artists, be leery!

  36. Strong Brutal Donkey

    just be aware if you choose to test this site out, it is FULL of private investigators looking to rat you out! your wife has a good chance of finding out what you are doing!

  37. a really bad affair site. the sole reason is so bad is because it’s just full of scams! at every corner you are expected to be PARANOID!

  38. Random Comic

    when i made my new review 2013 list of sites to avoid this came up because it really is just entirely taken over by scammers…watch out and stay away from this one…

  39. bad for dating though i have no idea about hookups?? not my scene but hush affair seems to be pretty focused on that unfortunately..i will keep at it though for better or for worse

  40. Christoper Sandys

    bad for any kind of affair dating that you could imagine. i’ve been on a lot of these websites and this one is full of obvious fakes and scams. stop wasting your money here.

  41. F- review. i hate this site and all the scammers on it. i’ve almost gotten caught a dozen times because of them, there’s nothing good about it!

  42. for comparison purposes let me tell you that on every other site other than hush affair, i have gotten laid. this is just a really crappy site. nothing redeemable about it!

  43. waste of money and a definite scam. at least you can sit around and enjoy the pics that all the scammers are obviously ripping off of famous porn stars!

  44. while i am not entirely convinced this site is legit, i keep trying! seems to have a good premise, it’s just kind of touch and go for contact.

  45. Herman Philips

    when i try to think about anything good about this site i really come up empty. it’s just bad. you are asking to get caught and turned in!

  46. Forsaken Striking Clown

    an awful test run. i wish i had never signed up here…the site name put me off and that should have kept me off of it entirely before i spent money!

  47. when i think of a good affair site it REALLY isn’t this one! hush affair is full of scammers and private investigators and you will more or less be cornered, day one!

  48. a bad site and one i had to definitely add to a new review 2013 list to warn you about. full of scammers…but at least the scammers use nice pics??

  49. not my favorite dating site by far. i am still on hush affair if only because i want a chance with one of the surprisingly hot women on here!

  50. Rosendo Harshman

    good luck to anyone sticking around and trying to make this into a valid affair dating website. it won’t happen! nothing but scam artists here!

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