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IllicitEncounters puts the ill in illicit! The results from this site were so bad, they practically made us sick! is a scam site from the U.K., because we’re going International now!

Seriously, a few of us do some work in the U.K., and as we’ve said before in our guide to keeping your wife in the dark, it’s easy to hook up with ladies on affair dating websites when you’re actually on a business trip (although claiming you’re from out of town is a pretty good way to get laid IN town, if you don’t actually travel for work).

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So while we were in the U.K. for work, we decided to test out a couple of the hottest sites in the U.K. for affairs dating, and see how they stacked up to our favorite sites in America.

The answer is….don’t rely on to represent a whole country. If you do, you’ll think the U.K. has really crappy taste in affairs dating websites, because this one is awful.

What makes it so bad? Let’s take a closer look.

image for homepage of illicitencounters

Many of the sites that are ranked in our Bottom 20 suffer from the problem that they’re complete lies., strangely enough, did not suffer from that problem. In fact, there was a very accurate traffic counter right on the main page, proudly proclaiming their membership information.

Remember, for a moment, that affairs dating sites are a relatively new phenomenon. Websites that have been around for a while will naturally have more members, and the ones that are newer have fewer members. That means that the BEST dating sites, the ones with great publicity, and the ones that everyone knows about-like,, and several million members. Some of the larger ones have up to 40 or 50 million members! Even the largest affairs dating site,, has between 4 and 5 million members currently registered at any one time. has about 9,000 members.

Not 9 million, but 9 thousand. That’s how many there are that are currently active on the site, which proudly displays on their front landing page.

We’re not sure exactly WHY they want everyone to know that they run one of the smallest affairs dating sites (or dating sites in general) in the world, but apparently this is something they’re sort of proud of. At least, they don’t seem to be embarrassed about the fact, as we certainly would be if we tried to create a dating website of any kind.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

When we tried, we were really hoping that this would turn into a fun way for us to hook up when we were traveling for work. We travel a lot, and if we had a great and easy way to hook up with girls on our business trips, we’d have a lot more fun a few months out of the year.

We sent out 200 emails to girls on, hoping to get back several responses. There were a lot of girls with GREAT profiles, and even a lot who were incredibly sexy, from what we could see of their pictures (most had their faces blurred or obscured in some way to help protect their anonymity and safety).

The results were…not what we had expected. Namely, we got all of ONE response back.

Yeah, one. Out of 200. We weren’t too proud of that.

We weren’t sure if it was just a fluke, so we tried talking to some guys in the chat rooms about what kind of time they had on, trying to see if maybe there was some weird U.K. thing that we were missing out on when sending our emails.

Whoops! Those guys turned out to be private investigators, deliberately trying to hit where guys are at their most vulnerable-when they think they’re safe. After all, guys who would lie to an illicit hookup probably don’t care as much about lying to the other guys who are trying to get laid.

Always keep your persona in place.

Don’t tell the girls that you work in finance then confess to the guys in the chat room that you’re just a teller at a bank. These guys have ways of looking you up that you have never heard of.

We also found out something disturbing about private investigators in the U.K., though fortunately we got out without experiencing this firsthand. Apparently, while PIs who hang out in chat rooms in the U.S. usually just try to blackmail you, the ones in the U.K. will go a little farther. We heard from someone we know that’s used before that his wife was contacted by a PI, and he offered her information about her husband’s extracurricular activities in exchange for money.

Yikes! Play your cards close to the vest, boys!

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

Being on is like yelling into a wind tunnel that you want to get a date. Unless you’re absurdly lucky and the laws of space and time bend in on themselves, you’re not going to get laid on this website.

There are probably a lot of great sites designed to help married daters in the U.K. hook up, but we’re pretty disillusioned with affairs dating in the U.K. right now. Maybe eventually we’ll give it another chance. Really, finding out how scary it was to get caught by private investigators while being totally ignored by girls was a horrible wake-up call, and we’re definitely not using this site again. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

This website absolutely belongs on our Bottom 20 list. There are no girls here looking to hook up, and we had a HELL of a time emerging from this site unscathed.

If you’re desperate to hook up in the U.K., here’s a tip, right from us to you: if you’re going out of town, London has a hell of a lot of bars. We’re not usually fans of hooking up this way, but even going to weird pubs and mojito bars (London is strange) is better than trying to use a site like to hook up.

Better yet, and, our favorite websites for affairs dating, have strong international presences. You can use them to get laid in any city, all over the world, and you’ll never be horrifically disappointed the way we were in This site was bad enough that we almost stayed home at night!

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Brutal Hamster


  2. kind of a bad interface in comparison to other sites but that’s not the real problem with illicit encounters, it’s mostly just full of stuck up women that have no interest in you! what a waste of my money!

  3. Helpless Hearty Spider

    i wouldn’t say this is a scam but it isn’t the best dating site i’ve seen either. it costs money for men to join which is just annoying, especially because it’s free for girls.

  4. i THINK this site is legit but who knows these days. illicit encounters seems ok at a first glance but i’ve yet to have anyone answer my messages, guess i’ll keep trying!

  5. not a good site overall. i really think it’s lacking when it comes to the number of women on the site, it should try some advertising techniques to bring more girls in!

  6. Captain Bill Davis

    i just wanted to test out a few sites and this one ended up being one of them…a waste of money and time…not good and the women aren’t even hot!

  7. a really bad affair site. you WON’T get laid here, the women are just so picky and few in number, illicit encounters doesn’t give you a single encounter at ALL.

  8. Indigo Warm Llama

    when i came up with a new review 2013 list, this one made the cut because it’s just so uneventful and unhelpful. not good women and not interested in dating either.

  9. I have yet to manage to make one of these dating sites work. Illicit Encounters is a last shot… i am hoping to at least get a few good dates on this one.

  10. Kim Kettlewell

    A REALLY BAD AFFAIR DATING WEBSITE BECAUSE THE WOMEN HERE JUST DON’T CARE! they won’t answer messages even if they seem super desperate! starting to think they’re fakes!!

  11. Toughsillight

    i don’t usually bother with leaving a review but this one is bad enough that i had to. filled to the brim with fake profiles and just a bunch of ugly, snobbish girls that don’t want to touch you with a ten foot pole!

  12. in comparison to this website, every other dating place i’ve been has gotten me an immediate hook-up. is really falling short of the mark for me!

  13. not sure if this is a scam or not. the profiles do seem legit but i rarely get a response from any of the women here. i guess i’ll keep trying to find out, but disappointing so far.

  14. I think that while this website is legit, illicit encounters just falls short when it comes to really connecting people. I have yet to have a message returned!

  15. Roy Catleay

    NOT GOOD. i wasted money here for nothing obviously as not a single person replied to my messages. all the profiles are questionable and not even a single woman is THAT attractive!

  16. Fierce Power

    a bad choice for a test run apparently. i could really do without this one and i think i want to kick myself for ever spending money here…a really bad waste of my time

  17. for an affair site this is pretty much as bad as it gets. there are real women, yes, but on illicit encounters, they are picky and stuck up when they aren’t even that hot!

  18. Official Heart

    when i make my new review 2013 list, this one will be listed as one that could have been great, but just misses the mark. not a single woman on here wants to chat!

  19. NOT a good dating site but i’m trying again to see if i can just get a casual hookup on if nothing else! gotta get my money out of here somehow.

  20. Monty Compton

    pretty bad for an affair dating site. the women are just not very plentiful and the men really do outnumber them, making for a crappy environment. pass on this one.

  21. Honey Space

    an F- review for this one. nothing redeeming about this site, all the women are ugly, won’t respond to messages, a total waste of my time and money.

  22. Ellsworth

    this site will NOT get you laid. in comparison to other sites, didn’t get me a single date, let alone a single hot hook up. a waste of money and time!

  23. Pluto Duck

    i wouldn’t call this is A SCAM but that doesn’t mean it’s any GOOD. this site has a few perks, like being able to check out hot chicks, but they won’t message you back!

  24. I think this site is legit. I can’t say I’ve had the best experience at illicit encounters, but it isn’t the worst. At least some of the women here have spoken to me.

  25. Marco Ling

    really about as far from good as you can get lol this is just full of stuck up women that don’t know what they’re missing, take your money elsewhere

  26. White Nathan Redblade

    I gave a test run to a few sites and this was one of them. Regret regret regret, I wish I hadn’t spent money here, the women will NOT talk to you!

  27. for an affair site you sure don’t have many affairs on here. doesn’t provide anything that will actually get you laid, these women don’t give a crap about you!

  28. I love being able to smack sites like this down on my review 2013 blogs. This is just a bad one because none of the women here will answer your messages!

  29. for a dating site i sure haven’t seen much actual dating because of it! looks like it has some really nice women though so i will keep trying.

  30. Valentine Briggs


  31. Ice Hawk

    nothing but a bad review from me on this one. just not worth a cent of my money or time when i realized how these women really just aren’t interested in anything.

  32. in comparison to other sites i have to say this one really falls flat. illicit encounters hasn’t given me a single ENCOUNTER and that’s because the women on here are VAPID.

  33. i’m almost wondering if this is a scam and full of fake profiles because no one returns my messages at all. the women are lovely but they just won’t chat!

  34. while i am not sure if this is legit or not i sure hope it is…it’s not a cheap site and LOOKS nice enough, just wish i could get more results.

  35. Jermaine Beach

    a good example in how NOT to run your business online. this is a really crappy site for dating and i have never gotten a single hook up on here at all.

  36. The Emerald

    nothing good about this test run that’s for sure! i’m not happy to have spent money on a site that ended up being super ridiculously bad and not get me laid at all.

  37. one of the worst affair site hubs i’ve used so far, illicit encounters is just full of stuck up women that do not want to get laid apparently, what a waste of my time.

  38. when i made my new review 2013 list i made sure to note that this one isn’t BAD it’s just nigh impossible to hook up on lol at least the girls are kind of hot?

  39. i haven’t had MUCH luck dating on illicit encounters but i am hoping that others end up contacting me in the future and making this worth the money i spent.

  40. for affair dating there are a dozen other sites that are a million times better. don’t bother spending time on this one as you will not get laid by any of these women!

  41. Kala Ruthless Fargloom

    doesn’t matter how hot they are this site still gets a 0 out of 10 review from me. a really bad site to try and find any kind of fun on, pricy too!

  42. i really was going to give a comparison to sites with fake profiles because that’s about how helpful this one is. illicit encounters is so empty of women that want to get laid!

  43. Mysterious Panther

    i’m not sure this is a SCAM persay but that doesn’t mean it’s terribly GOOD at what it does! i haven’t gotten any hookups here so it’s a waste of money thus far.

  44. whether it’s legit or not i’m still not that impressed by illicit encounters?? i think that the concept is good but the site just seems so empty

  45. Dewayne Pershing

    there’s nothing good or redeemable about a site that you pay money for and end up not getting laid on. a waste of my time and my money, there are plenty of girls elsewhere.

  46. Sleepy Puppy

    I just wanted to test this site out and I ended up so annoyed that i canceled my membership after the first week. not worth anything to me if I can’t get a hook up!

  47. a crappy affair site. illicit encounters doesn’t get ANYTHING done and i am really unimpressed with the way they handle things, i will not be back

  48. when i came up with a review 2013 list, i made sure to include this site so everyone knows these girls just don’t put out. that includes the ones that exist, mind!

  49. bad for dating but i’m not sure about just for sex. might have better luck if i just use illicit encounters for that purpose, but i’m not sure thus far!

  50. Barney Kooser

    a really bad example of what an affair dating site should be…. don’t waste your money here…. you will not get laid and you will just end up super frustrated!

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