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We hated this site! LikeToCheat is a terrible site with nothing but ugly girls to waste your time!

There are some sites that are bad, and some sites that have no women, and some sites that are a total waste of your time. wastes your time, and does it in a very exciting, fresh new way, by offering you absolutely NOTHING for your money-and by charging you a lot of money to waste your time!

The website has very few features that actually interested us. It also had very few women that interested us, but knowing how small their member base is, we’re not all that surprised.

affair dating scam image

So, what makes such a terrible website? Come on, we’ll show you exactly what stinks in this messy pile of website.

First of all, one thing you need to know about is that there aren’t all that many women on it.

We’re not saying that the profiles are fake, although some of them certainly are. What we are saying is that there are only a few hundred thousand women on this website. If you look on the website itself, it claims to have “millions” of members, and to be the “number one” adult affair dating website in the world for married people looking to hook up.

liketocheat main page image

However, if you look at the actual website statistics, this is not the case. We found that the actual numbers are considerably less than half a million users for the entire website. That INCLUDES all the members in the EU and in SouthEast Asia, which make up a significant amount of the userbase of this website.

As a pro tip, when you’re looking to avoid affair dating site scams, you want to stay away from websites with a strong international presence. That usually means that they’re paying a lot of girls in Eastern Europe and Asia to pretend to be your girls next door, trying to lead you on to get you to stay on the website a lot longer.

Even they didn’t try very hard.

Pretty much no one seemed to care whether we stayed on That’s for the best, because we couldn’t find anyone who we wanted to talk to. Unfortunately, we had a LikeToCheat review to write, so we had to bite the bullet and pull through.

You’re welcome.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

Boy, we did not have a good time on this website. It wasn’t that easy to find 200 girls to send emails to on this website, but we managed it. Like we said, there’s a very small userbase (no matter what they claim). Compare the maybe 200,000 profiles in the U.S. on with the over 5 MILLION profiles on a site like, our number two pick for the best affair dating website out there (second only to

Of the 200 emails we sent on this website, we only got 22 back. That’s a SAD percentage! On, we got back 165 of the emails we sent out, over 80 percent! On 11 percent. That makes us sad for humanity.

We didn’t enjoy talking to any of the fake girls and spambots that we got back from the 22 pathetic emails. We didn’t go on a single date, never closed the deal, and this was just pathetic.

We’re good at dating websites.

Seriously, we write these websites because we WANT to. This isn’t our job or anything, we just want other guys to be able to take our experiences and learn from them. Check out our guides and our success rates on better websites than and tell us if we’re the kind of sad sacks who can’t get laid.

The one thing you don’t need to worry about on is Private Investigators-which is weird, because we’d have thought that a site like this would be CRAWLING with them. After all, if your wife catches in your computer’s browser history, you’re pretty much hosed.

Then again, maybe that’s the point. Maybe just being on the site is so obviously proof that no one needs a PI.

Either way, you should definitely get in trouble for using this site. Shame, shame, shame on you, go to immediately and experience what a REAL affairs dating site is like.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

Any time you see that about half of a site’s girls aren’t located in the U.S. is a pretty good indication that you’re going to get taken for a bad kind of ride. However, that’s not the only thing wrong with, not by a long shot.

The features are almost as scarce as the girls.

Do you like browsing pictures of other members? Too bad, you don’t get to.

Do you like uploading multiple pictures? Ha ha, where did you think you were,

Do you like having IM sessions, audio chats, camera chats, or any kind of chats with other members? Don’t be stupid. You’re not on a good website, you’re on!

Seriously, these are just a few of the BASIC features that is totally missing. This site is a PROBLEM. When you’re paying as much as $40 a month (GROSS) for a crappy website that doesn’t even let you have contact with its members, you’re really having a problem. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair? is expensive, boring, broken, and not safe for human consumption. We can’t recommend highly enough that you stay AWAY from this website. Get away. Run. Keep running. Don’t stop until you’re safely at our Number One or Number Two websites, and

Seriously, this site is just a big scam. The girls aren’t anywhere that you could meet them, and the site likes to pretend they’re overflowing with beautiful women just waiting to meet you. All it’s overflowing with are lies. The site won’t be a lot of fun, it won’t get you laid, and it won’t make you feel any better about the sad life choice you made to sign on to It’s better to use no site at all than to use

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Streaming Dugong

    riddled with fake profiles and a lot of them are private investigators. if you want to get caught, this is the site for you…otherwise stay away! a really NOT GOOD PLACE TO DATE!

  2. Did a comparison with a few of my favorite sites and wow, this one is bad. will NOT get you laid, it will just get you caught and your wife will know everything

  3. Streaming Crazy Student

    as far as a scam site goes, at least it looks nice? lol the girls are ok looking but you won’t get any of them to talk to you. i’m pretty sure they’re all fake.

  4. if this is legit then i am doing something wrong. for the most part i haven’t had a single message returned on like to cheat and i really think most of everything is a scam or spam.

  5. really not a good site to try and find a hot date. the girls are ugly and the ones that are hot are definitely private investigators. spend your money elsewhere.

  6. i did a test run of several sites and this one was really at the bottom of the barrel. seems like it’s taken over by fakes so really don’t bother with this one at all

  7. i haven’t been on a lot of different affair site but liketocheat seemed ok…i was very wrong. it’s a mess of fakes and there are a lot of private investigators on here too

  8. for my review 2013 list i put this one down as a really risky buy. you do NOT want to sign up here and get caught! these ladies aren’t really ladies, most are PIs!

  9. this really isn’t a good dating site. i’ve been around the scene for awhile and liketocheat really doesnt deliver, its only saving grace is some hot profile pics!

  10. for affair dating, you can do better! so many other sites have more women and more profiles that aren’t SPAM or SCAMS so stay away and spend your money on those instead!

  11. Brown Steel

    this one is a joke, nothing but a negative review from me. after seeing half a dozen scam profiles out of 10, i hightailed it out of here. waste of money!

  12. in comparison you can find ANY OTHER good site that has maybe one spam profile…and it’s deleted immediately. this one is just riddled with them. stay away from

  13. Fast Opossum

    Probably a scam, but I gave it a try anyway. there are worse sites out here but this one was STILL pretty bad…so many spam emails in response to the messages i sent!

  14. legit or not remains to be seen but i gave a test run anyway…kind of regretting that…too much money for the results i got but at least the girls are hot

  15. Lawerence Kadel

    this site is NOT GOOD. you will be throwing money away if you sign up here and also you’ll definitely get caught! found about ten private investigators on here in just the first five mins

  16. Puppy Gruesome

    seriously don’t even give this one a test run. it isn’t worth it! you will regret signing up because of the spam mail you’ll get after the fact, a total mess and waste

  17. probably one of the most pathetic affair site i have seen in awhile. keep away from like to cheat, there’s not really anyone on it that likes to cheat, anyway!

  18. Fast Ocelot

    when i came up with my new review 2013 list, this one was at the bottom for me. it’s just not good. don’t bother with this one and save your money for other sites.

  19. done a lot of online dating and liketocheat is not the place to do it. you’ll just get spam for the most part. some of my messages were returned at least!

  20. Lavern Schofield

    for affair dating you can find a lot of other sites that will better serve you. the girls on this one aren’t even hot, so what’s the point in wasting your time here?

  21. Orange Dog

    for this review i just have to say…DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. this site will just serve to get you caught and that’s the last thing you want when you are trying to have some fun!

  22. Cristopher

    mentally did a comparison to all my favorite sites and this one is just really bad. liketocheat has a stupid name and honestly a stupid layout, really cheesy and full of scams

  23. Red Spider

    Definitely a scam site. You won’t get laid by using this site, you’ll just end up caught and kicked out of the house. At least the girls are kind of hot lol


  25. Bruno Churchill

    if people think this site is good then they are wrong. it’s awful. you will NOT GET LAID and you most likely get caught. good luck making the spam e-mails stop afterwards too!

  26. Grotesque Rabbit

    When I did a test of this website i was really unimpressed with the results. Nothing but spam messages for the most part, and some of the profiles are so obviously fake.

  27. this is NOT a good affair site. you will NOT get laid on like to cheat and you will NOT be able to even chat to any of these women because they are FAKE. spend your money elsewhere!!!

  28. Crisp Man

    when i did my review 2013 list i put this one pretty near the bottom. it’s full of private investigators and you will most likely be caught and ratted out to your wife!

  29. don’t waste your time trying for dating on this site…liketocheat is really just for quick hookups. if you like that then maybe you will have ok luck on this one

  30. Santos Fraser

    bad for affair dating if only because it’s riddled with fakes and potential private investigators. you run a real risk using this site for your fun times!

  31. Tidy Ugly Prophet

    unfortunately i can’t give this site anything but an F review. it’s really that bad. i didn’t see a single real profile the whole time i was on it and just got spam replies!

  32. i can’t even begin to start a comparison between this site and any of the others i have tried out. it’s just that bad. liketocheat doesn’t have a single real hot girl on it!

  33. Grim Screamy Filly

    probably a scam. i didn’t get any replies to my messages and that’s a shame because some of the girls looked really hot and fun to be around! oh well

  34. i’m not sure if this is a legit site or not but i went and had fun on it anyway. liketocheat can be ok if you poke around on it enough but i wasn’t THAT impressed to keep using it

  35. Franklin Dull

    about as far from good as it gets. this is a REALLY unsafe site for you and your affairs! don’t bother trying to hook up with these girls, they aren’t real!

  36. Small Fairy

    for a test run this was very disappointing. i did not get a single hookup let alone a single reply that wasn’t spam in my inbox. a real waste of money.


  38. Yodelers Dreaded

    on my review 2013 site i really think that this one ranks low and poorly. it just doesn’t stand up to any of the other sites out there that really get you hookups!

  39. not my choice for dating at all. might be ok if you are looking for a hookup, but that’s not my style. i want something lasting.

  40. Brian Anderson


  41. F- review from me. this is a really bad site. you will not only not get laid but you will get caught! hope you like your wife finding out about your fun time with other ladies.

  42. if i had to give a comparison to any other site i’d say this one really and entirely misses the mark… is just a mess and full of scams and spam!

  43. Golden Duckie

    This one is a scam for sure but if you look around you will find other people like you that are just desperate and hoping to find a real warm body!

  44. doesn’t seem legit to me but i am giving it a try anyway. maybe one of these girls will answer my messages eventually! i have seen worse sites afterall!

  45. Duncan Taggart

    not good. don’t spend money here, you are paying them to essentially ruin your life. you will get found out if you use this site so stay the heck away from it!

  46. Stormy Rebel Breeze

    crawling in private investigators, i could tell that just from one test of this site. stay away and save yourself lol there are hot chicks on so many other sites

  47. a really poorly done affair site. not only has a bad name but a bad rep and that’s because it’s been taken over a long time ago by Pis.

  48. when i did my new review 2013 list i had to say this one is very low on my list of will-return-tos…just not a good site….same amount of money on others will get you actually laid

  49. NO to dating for this one, MAYBE for hookups?? i’m not sure about, it may or may not be a good site, i have just had mixed results

  50. Jeremiah Prevatt

    a total pass for me as far as affair dating sites go, do not spend money here. it is full of PIs and you will undoubtedly get caught by one.

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