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We had terrible results from LonelyHousewives and we are sure you will too. Do not waste your time with this site!

Okay, we’re finally back from the showers we had to take to get the stink of LonelyHousewives.com off of us.

This website is just SAD. From the second you sign on, you’ll feel like you want to leave. You might even feel like you want to divorce this website. Go on, divorce it. We won’t blame you.

Of course, you’re lucky enough that you didn’t commit to doing a LonelyHousewives review for several months. For that, we can only say….yeah, this wasn’t a smart choice.

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Why did we hate LonelyHousewives.com so much? Read on to find out how crappy it really was.

This is one of the saddest, most run-down websites we’ve ever been to, and we’ve been to a LOT of affair dating websites.

For one thing, something we didn’t necessarily like is the fact that the women on this site were skewed toward the more….what’s the word they give wine when they don’t want to say “It’s old as balls?” Oh yeah, “Mature.” Yeah, this website definitely tended towards the more MATURE ladies.

If sweatin’ on top of the oldies isn’t your thing, you’re probably going to want to click away from this site before it goes any further.

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Another thing we found very, VERY wrong with this website is the fact that we ran into three different people who felt the need to lecture us on morality. Like, a full-on lecture on why it was wrong to cheat on our spouses, yelling at us about contributing to moral sin. We’re not sure if this is a crazy one-time thing, or if this is normal at LonelyHousewives.com, but it sure as hell made us want to stay away!

One of the women we talked to turned out to be a dude on his wife’s computer, going through and yelling at and threatening any guy who dared to message his wife, saying he’d castrate them and feed their balls to wild dogs. Gee….we REALLY wonder why his wife had to look other places to have a little fun for herself.

What We Found When We Tried LonelyHousewives.com-And What Turned Us Off

When we were on LonelyHousewives.com, we sent out 200 emails to women, looking for dates. Boy, it was NOT easy. Yes, there are a lot of women on this website, and yes, a lot of them are looking to get laid. But that’s not the whole story.

In our review of some of the better, smaller websites we tried, we talked about quality over quantity, and about what a difference it makes to have better girls instead of more girls. After all, wouldn’t you prefer 20 gorgeous girls who wanted you badly to 2000 ugly creepy ladies who weren’t sure if they even wanted an affair?

LonelyHousewives.com makes the choice for you. Welcome to the land of creepy ladies.

Of those 200 women we sent out messages to, we only heard back from 31 of them! That’s a shockingly small number, and we were really annoyed by the fact that it wasn’t higher. After all, on our favorite website, EroticAffairs.com, we got back 165 responses to our 200 emails! That’s over 80 percent, where on LonelyHousewives.com we only managed a pretty pathetic 15 percent of all the emails we sent in return.

We didn’t have a single date with the ladies on LonelyHousewives.com. If we had, we’d probably be curled up in the shower right now, crying.

After our experiences on LonelyHousewives.com, we knew we HAD to give it a 1/10 on security. This site is SO insecure-we don’t mean from viruses, either. Maybe it’s just because the website is targeted towards older-uh, we mean “mature” women, but it seemed to us like no one who used it had any idea how to hide their tracks. Every day or so we’d be chatting with someone only to hear that their husband found out.

What the hell? These ladies need to take a tip from us, and check out How to keep your wife in the dark. Here’s a pro tip: CLEAR YOUR BROWSER HISTORY. Of course your man is going to know that something’s going on if he sees LonelyHousewives.com pulled up!

Why LonelyHousewives.com Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could LonelyHousewives.com Be a Scam?

If your thing is to hang out with a bunch of weird older women, go to Bingo night. Yes, those ladies might be a little older, but at least you’ll get to play Bingo-which is a lot more fun than sitting around on LonelyHousewives.com, let us tell you that.

While the women on this site are pretty horrendous as far as potential dates go, that’s not our biggest concern about LonelyHousewives.com, or the biggest issue to come up in our LonelyHousewives review. No, the biggest issue for us was that of SECURITY.

If you’re constantly worried you’re going to get caught, you’re going to have a LOT less fun on an affairs dating site. If you want to feel jumpy and nervous all the time, you might as well stay home looking at porn while your wife could walk in at any time.

This site is not safe.

If you go on LonelyHousewives.com, you WILL be approached by at least one person who is not a Lonely Housewife, guaranteed. Sometimes they will be private investigators, sometimes they will be blackmailers. Sometimes they will just be the Angry Husband of a Lonely Housewife. (Pro tip to these guys: the best way to keep your woman happy isn’t by yelling at guys who check her out-it’s by making her happy enough that she doesn’t cheat on you, dumbass!)

We were VERY careful not to use our real names or real locations on LonelyHousewives.com, and we’re really glad we did. Check out our guide to making sure you don’t get caught for more tips. What we focused on was saying we were businessmen who would be visiting occasionally from out of town, and used fake last names. Good thing we did, or we’d have been found out in an instant!

LonelyHousewives.com Review: Is LonelyHousewives.com A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

This is a sad, pathetic excuse for an affairs dating website. The women are not what you want, the security is by far sub-standard, and the whole feel of the place will make your skin crawl. Maybe if this is your first foray into affairs dating you might think it’s worth your time. Trust us, that’s not the case. There are WAY better sites out there, like EroticAffairs.com, which is OUR favorite website for hooking up on the sly while married.

50 Responses to “LonelyHousewives.com Review: Why LonelyHousewives.com Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Polar-bear Tidy

    this is one of the worst sites i’ve used. not coming back here, there’s nothing but a bunch of creepy private investigators lurking around, use with caution!

  2. No comparison to this CRAP! Stay the HECK away from lonely housewives.com, this is a really bad site and you WILL get caught by your wife if you use it…beware!

  3. Emerald Serious

    more or less a scam…and the girls that are on here that AREn’t a scam are kinda desperate. if that’s your thing, maybe you’ll get lucky and get a nice hook up.

  4. definitely not legit on a lot of scales and you should tread carefully, BUT you can make lonelyhousewives.com work for you if you pick out the REAL chicks from the bunch.

  5. this is far from a good dating website. filled with private investigators and GENERALLY fake profiles…the real ones are all ugly girls, so it’s really not worth anything at all!

  6. The Tired Frostbite

    i tried to give this one a test run but i ran away screaming. these girls are NOT attractive and i think most of them are fake. save your money and go elsewhere!

  7. ever heard of an affair site being as invested by fakes as this one? ME EITHER. lonelyhousewives.com is a MESS and you WILL get caught by your wife if you’re on here!

  8. Angry Microphone

    for my review 2013 list i gave this site a shot and it was basically a waste of my time. SCAMS SCAMS SCAMS, fake profiles, just glad that some of them were of hot chicks!!

  9. if you’re looking for dating outside of your marriage, lonelyhousewives.com might appeal…but you have to be CAREFUL. research and see if these girls are real before you talk too much!

  10. Wendell Hardy

    not the best affair dating site by far. you’re wasting a lot of time and money here and you are going to get yourself in trouble with your wife WITHOUT A DOUBT!

  11. Sinner Sweety

    can only give this one a low review. it just ISN’T a good site, it’s barely even legit, the girls on it that are real are UGLY and you won’t get laid at all!


  13. definitely a scam and has been taken over by private investigators…be careful. you MIGHT find some hot chicks on here if you dig enough but you’ve gotta make sure they’re real!

  14. NOT the most legit site out there and i am pretty sure there aren’t any lonely housewives, just a bunch of scammers! be careful and maybe you’ll get one or two hot lays.

  15. Moses Patterson

    not really a good site and you will regret ever signing up. i swear that the private investigators have just COMPLETELY taken this one over, you will regret it!

  16. Minimum Judge

    this was a bad site for a test run. do NOT bother with this, all the profiles are fake, you won’t meet any hot women even if you try, there’s NOTHING here for you!

  17. THE WORST AFFAIR SITE I HAVE EVER USED. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME HERE. you will NOT have a successful affair on lonely housewives, just a bunch of wasted time and bad experiences!

  18. Brutal Hamster

    put this one on my review 2013 list just because everyone should be wary of using it! you CAN probably get a good hook up here but don’t count on it…count on someone ratting you out!

  19. really not the best dating site i have used, lonelyhousewives.com is really hit and miss and some of the girls are hot but for the most part you will not get laid

  20. as far as affair dating goes, this is a MISS. pass on it and go to a more legit site where you are not constantly worried about someone finding out about you!

  21. Jockey Rebel

    no positive review from me. this is not a good site and your wife will find out about what you are doing on here one way or another!! private investigators EVERYWHERE.

  22. trying to do a comparison to this site is laughable. NO SITE is as bad as lonelyhousewives. it’s dated and FULL TO THE BRIM with guys looking to rat you out to your wife, watch out!

  23. Brave Maximum Squirrel

    this site is a scam on about ten levels but you can make it work….if you like ugly chicks. lol if you have no standards maybe you can get a hot hookup.


  25. Kareem Hahn

    this isn’t a good site and you should really steer clear of it if you are after a REAL affair. there isn’t anything like that here, just ugly women and scam artists!

  26. The Doll

    i wanted to test out a few sites and came across this one. what a mistake! should’ve read other reviews first, this site is full of scams and NOT good at all!

  27. this affair site is a total waste of my time and money. lonelyhousewives.com isn’t full of housewives at all, it’s full of private investigators looking to make your life a living heck!

  28. for my review 2013 list i put this one down as a bad idea. it still remains the same for me…it’s just not good and you’re going to regret spending money here.

  29. falls really short for dating. i was not happy with my experience on lonely housewives but maybe you can make it work for you… if you like fatties!

  30. Osvaldo Cross

    a bad choice for affair dating. not discreet at all and you will most likely get caught. be careful and pick out other sites that actually get the job done for you.

  31. The Bad Sword

    my review of this site can’t be anything positive at all. really sketchy profiles, not convince there’s a single actual woman on this site, you are just asking for trouble!

  32. did a comparison to other sites, or tried to at least, and HONESTLY this one is just awful! no lonely housewives in sight, just a bunch of creepy scam artists!

  33. Bloody Brutus Digger

    This is definitely a scam and you should WATCH OUT if you want to use this site. not saying there might not be at least one good hookup here but be careful looking for her…

  34. about as far from legit as you can get lol but maybe you will have better luck than me on lonelyhousewives.com, just a bunch of ugly ladies and weirdos on my end

  35. Mary Magor

    this is NOT a good site if you are looking to hook up outside of your marriage. seriously there are so many others out there, you can do better! find REAL women!

  36. Boy Serious

    i just wanted to test out a few different sites and this one was my biggest mistake. i don’t think i’ll ever come back here again, not a single girl even answered my messages.

  37. ONE OF THE WORST AFFAIR SITES I HAVE EVER USED. STAY AWAY AND DO NOT USE LONELYHOUSEWIVES.COM! whatever left of your marriage will be ruined because your wife WILL find out about you….

  38. Pluto Duck

    on my review 2013 site list, this one ranks pretty low. it’s just not good. you will do a lot better to pick around the internet and find a dozen other sites better suited.

  39. i have done a lot of online dating and lonelyhousewives.com is NOT full of lonely housewives. it’s full of a lot of scam artists. just be careful when using it!

  40. Antione Stainforth

    for affair dating, there are soooo many other options. look other places and find a lot better, hotter chicks that are ACTUALLY chicks and not guys out to ruin your life!


  42. when i did a comparison to other sites…this one REALLY fell short. lonelyhousewives has NO redeeming factors unless you like your wife finding out about your girlfriend on the side!

  43. Helpless Hearty Spider

    one of the bigger scam sites i have seen out there for affair dating…really pass on this one. there might be a FEW legit girls on here but not many!

  44. not sure if it is legit or not but i’m guessing no, there aren’t exactly many active lonely housewives on this site lol and i haven’t had any luck getting my messages returned!

  45. Jere Milliron

    not good. if you want to save your money and your sanity, really pass on this one. you will NOT get laid and you are just going to waste a lot of time tryin

  46. when i did a test run of a bunch of different sites, i should have skipped this one entirely! it’s NOT GOOD and you will NOT GET LAID and hey, isn’t that why you’re here?

  47. for an affair site there is absolutely no redeeming qualities and you WILL get caught! lonelyhousewives.com is a giant scam, filled with private investigators! take your business elsewhere!

  48. when i did my new review 2013 site for these kinds of sites, i was really unhappy to put this one low on the list, it has a great name! just no good results, pass on this one

  49. for dating this is a big no, you will not really get much done here, if you like fat chicks then maybe lonely housewives will be ok for you, give it a shot…

  50. my least favorite affair dating website. PASS PASS PASS and you will live to see the sunrise and try and pick up another chick in the near future

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