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There was no redeeming quality about this site at all. MaritalAffair seemed to only provide terrible results and no dates.

Kiss your belongings goodbye-they’re on the way out the door with your wife if you use

This website promises that it is “100 percent secure,” which is about as big a lie as promising that it has millions of members.

At least the promise that it has millions of members will just leave you disappointed. The promise that it’s secure when it’s anything BUT secure is a lot more likely to get you in a heap of trouble from your wife, your boss, and your whole life.

affair dating scam image

So, what did this site do to us that we’re so pissed about? Read on and find out why we’re so angry!

First of all, is NOT very flush with girls. It claims to have millions of members, but that’s a complete lie. According to our research, we’ve found that the actual number of users on this website as logged by NetSource is a lot closer to 100,000 than “millions,” which, as you may have noticed, is pretty damn small.

However, the number of PROFILES is well over a million. So, how do they account for this discrepancy? Easy.

maritalaffair capture image

Most of the profiles on actually belong to private investigators.

Not only are there a lot of PIs on, but they’re very good, and they’re VERY sneaky. These guys aren’t just out to blackmail you like the PIs on a lot of websites, either. No, these guys are trying to prove a POINT, even if they haven’t been hired. has actually been the basis of an expos. A bunch of private investigators signed on to the website, created a bunch of profiles, and proceeded to flirt with men to try and get them to agree to meet up in person. When they did, the men revealed who they were, took pictures, and sent the evidence to their wives.

Yes, is not only full of private investigators, it’s full of private investigators who are out to ruin your marriage.

Don’t give them any ammunition. Stay away from this terrible site. You’re not going to get laid anyway.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

Almost every email we got on was unsolicited. At least that means that we GOT emails, because wow, we did not get many responses to the ones we sent out.

We think this is because private investigators sign on, create 20-100 profiles, and do their dirty work. Then when they’re finished, they take off and abandon the rest of those profiles for good.

For reference, we sent out 200 emails during our time on, looking for someone awesome that we could start an affair with. There are a lot of girls-or at least a lot of profiles-but we got very few responses. How few is a few?


That’s right, of 200 emails, only SEVEN got responses. No, this isn’t because our emails sucked. Take a look at our guide to writing the perfect first email-we actually know what we’re doing. After all, on a GOOD site like, we managed to get back 165 emails in response to those 200, so we know it isn’t that we suck at the first email.

What we did get was a bunch of private investigators snooping around. Fortunately, we were able to spot most of them before it got to the dating stage, but some guys aren’t so lucky. We’ve heard a lot of sad stories about marriages being ended because of

If you’re looking for a place to have a little extracurricular fun on the side of your marriage, you should definitely never even CONSIDER doing it with It will ruin your marriage and your life. Of the guys who were targeted in the expos, several of them lost their jobs because their bosses didn’t like that they were exposed like that.

Are you prepared to risk not just your marriage, but your job as well, just for some tail that probably won’t be that great anyway?

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

If you’re still unconvinced that you should stay away from just because of the whole “private investigator” thing, you should at least remember the fact that it’s almost impossible to get laid on this site. In fact, we’d say it was impossible. It’s either impossible for us or impossible for everyone, and we’re adorable.

Seriously, if the thought of you being found out by a private investigator isn’t enough to make you stop and think, think about it this way instead:

Most private investigators (Veronica Mars aside) are guys. In fact, according to, only 12-15 percent of private investigators are females at all.

EVERY person who contacted us first on was a private investigator.

Therefore, if you’re talking to someone on who contacted you first…there’s an 85-90 percent chance that the person you’re exchanging flirty text messages with is a dude.

You can always say “No homo” if it turns out you’re falling for him, though. Maybe that’ll work. Personally, we prefer not to take our chances with something like that, and we’ll stay with one of the websites where a lady is just a lady and The Crying Game is something that happens to other people. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

There is no good luck to be had on It’s not even the kind of place where you CAN get lucky. The most you can hope for is that you waste your money and don’t get caught, because most people aren’t so lucky, as we found during our MaritalAffair comparison.

Or, you could skip the whole “anger and pain and betrayal” thing, and just sign on to a good website, like, where they do a phenomenal job at weeding out private investigators. Hey, it’s your money.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Black Turtle

    private investigators everywhere makes for an immediately bad review. can’t recommend that you stay away from this site enough unless you ENJOY the idea of getting ratted out!

  2. for comparison…i have been on at least a dozen other affair websites that aren’t and i have ALWAYS ALWAYS gotten a hook up. since i joined this site, NOTHING, just a few scares with scams!

  3. Snappy Smuggler

    more or less a scam as i’ve found…maybe you can enjoy the pics these ‘girls’ post but don’t expect much…a lot of them are still private investigators so that’ll scare you!

  4. I’m not sure if is legit or not but it still makes me a little nervous to be on with that name. I have yet to get a single date on here but I am keeping my feelers out.

  5. Warren Hoover

    really not a good site. i’m not sure i’ve seen one this bad in awhile…it’s totally invested by private investigators and they don’t even try to hide it anymore

  6. Donna Seagull

    pretty bad for one of my first test runs. i won’t be using this site again after i realized how scam ridden it is. 0 out of 10 for me, never again!


  8. Runny Horse

    when i did my newest review 2013 list of sites, this one came up and i had to rank it pretty low, first of all, for the name! you are BOUND to get caught with a name like this in use!

  9. not the best dating site i have used by far, but maybe can push someone else’s buttons. a lot of fat chicks…just not my scene overall, i will try and keep looking!

  10. Amado Faast

    one of the worst affair dating sites i have used in my many travels lol. this is just bad…lots of fake profiles, lots of private investigators, really unsafe place to find a hot hook up!

  11. Honey Ocelot

    unfortunately, i can’t give this one a high review at all. it really is just an obvious scam, full of private investigators, and the only REAL profiles have ugly women!

  12. only comparison i can think of to is walking into a room filled with cops. that’s how bad the private investigators are on here. stay away if you want to stay married!

  13. Small Volunteer

    probably a scam but i gave it a shot anyway. it wasn’t the worst site i’ve ever been on but i didn’t exactly get any dates either. some of the women were ‘ok.’

  14. unconvinced as to whether this is legit or not. doesn’t work for me as a whole though because no one seems to respond to messages at all!

  15. Russel Wile

    this site isn’t good. you will waste money here and be unhappy while you are doing it. if you know what’s good for you, you will find a site that actually has hotties that want to bang!

  16. Wolverine Flying

    not even worth a test. this is a bad site and you can tell just from the main page. full of scams, full of fake pics, just overall full of a lot of things you don’t want to spend money on.

  17. WORST AFFAIR SITE I HAVE USED SO FAR. do NOT waste your money on…you will regret it…you will not get laid and you will just be out a ton of money by the end of it!

  18. Endless Man

    i made a new review 2013 list and i just had to include this one. not good at all. the only upside is looking at all the hot fake pics of these girls that don’t exist

  19. REALLY NOT MY CHOICE FOR DATING! COULD be worse but with a name like that it either has to be really good or i’m running out and away immediately!

  20. Kelly Spring

    pretty bad for affair dating. i didn’t manage to snag a single girl, not even one of the fatties on here that think they’re really hot. a pretty big waste of my time.

  21. Brave Maximum Squirrel

    i just wanted to get laid and this site really ruined my week…lol. nothing but a bad review with that in mind. a waste of time and money that could have been spent more wisely!

  22. i try to do a comparison to other sites in my mind and honestly all others can’t be anywhere near this bad. is a waste of space and full of fakes.

  23. Sad Abandoned Proton


  24. really not sure if this is legit or not? i hope it is but is a little sketchy to me. the name worries me as i i hope i don’t end up caught on this site!

  25. Waldo Ray

    just not good. there’s nothing redeeming about this site, the girls aren’t even hot. mostly a lot of fake profiles and so you really have to be careful here!

  26. Surreal Trombone

    i wanted to give a few different sites a test, and this one was one of the worst i tried out. really bad. not a single real woman and no messages returned!

  27. A REALLY BAD AFFAIR SITE. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! maritalaffair will literally just suck your wallet dry for absolutely nothing, and you will NOT get laid with any of these ugly girls!

  28. when i made my review 2013 list, i had to include this one so everyone knew exactly how bad it was. seriously, the only good thing about this site is the hot pics!

  29. a big no for dating, not sure about just casual hook ups. maritalaffair is a little cheesy and skeevy and it concerns me that i will get caught just because of the name!

  30. Horacio Robinson

    when i think of affair dating i do not think of this website. nothing discreet about it and it is really is a waste of money because these women don’t exist!

  31. Steady Smoke

    can’t give this one anything but a bad review. stay away from this one and save your money…there aren’t any hot chicks either…not even the fake ones!

  32. when i try to think of a comparison i can only think of a sack of crap. will sweep your wallet clean and not get you a single lay. run screaming!

  33. Grotesque Infant

    probably a scam. i have seen a lot of reviews saying as much but i took the risk anyway. some girls replied to me and some didn’t. i think there are also some PIs here!

  34. convinced this isn’t legit but what do i know… looks like it could be legit so i wanted to at least try it once…no results yet to say either or!

  35. Glen Higgens

    not good. this is a bad site and you will do nothing but empty your wallet on it. these women are fake and do not reply to any of my messages!

  36. when i test out sites, i like the full experience. this one gave me NOTHING. not a single hook up not even a single message replied to, a total waste!

  37. falls super short as an affair site. when i want to get on a site like maritalaffair, i want it to be easy to hook up with girls. this was nothing of the sort!

  38. Yellow Ranger

    really low on my new review 2013 list of sites like this…i was very unimpressed…i think the only redeeming factor is at least you know you’ll get caught eventually…

  39. nope on this site for dating, i really couldn’t be less happy. didn’t get me a single date, let alone a single lay, but i will keep at it i guess!

  40. Gregg Rhinehart

    bad for affair dating as it is SUPER not discreet, you will get caught, i mean with a name like that, what do you expect? stay away!

  41. it could be worse? i guess??? except not really because i’m here giving it a bad review! pass on this one and save a lot of cash in the long run!

  42. trying to think of a comparison for how BAD this is and i just can’t. maritalaffair not only has a REALLY obvious name but it’s just a bad site in general full of fakes!

  43. Hyena Strong

    scam scam scam, don’t spend money here. the only upside is it’s so OBVIOUSLY a scam that you will not have to waste a lot of time!

  44. i wish this was legit but i’m leaning towards it not being at this point. really disappointed me, looked like it had some nice women in my area!

  45. Ricardo Moore

    not good. don’t bother. that’s honestly the long and short of it but if you are careful you will not get caught as well! the name is just a dead giveaway and attractant for scams.

  46. Nervous Notorious

    when i did a test of this site i knew right away that it was crawling in private investigators. there’s nothing worse than that when they take over a dating site!

  47. my least favorite affair site for a reason! when a site has a name like it HAS to be good or it gives all of them a bad name…too bad this one is AWFUL!!

  48. for my review 2013 list, this one is on there just for comic relief. it’s so obviously bad that anyone would know that is’ awful! stay away and don’t spend money.

  49. dating? nope! falls really short on that mark. maybe it’s okay for hook ups, but i’m not sure. try it and see if it works for you.

  50. not my favorite affair dating site by far. i think it suffers from a lot of scams, spam, and private investigators just taking over the whole site and ruining it!

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