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If you don’t really want to have an affair, MarriedCafe is the right place! It is impossible to find a real encounter here!

Some sites just make us kind of tired. Not angry, not annoyed, not grossed out, just tired. is one of those. This is such a lame website. We genuinely felt the whole time like the people who made it…just didn’t try at all. They didn’t put any effort at all into making it look like a place anyone would want to go look for an affair.

affair dating scam image

Isn’t the point of a caf that you can hang around, relax, have a good time, and not worry about the rest of your life?

If so, then this is about as far from a caf as you can get. This website is more like…we’ll call it It’s basically just a big empty structure where you can sit around and look at the old machines that probably used to do something, and watch the ceiling sink a little further day by day.

What made so depressing? Let’s look a little more in-depth at this problem site.

The first thing you’re going to have to get used to on is the fact that there are very, very few women on here. It SEEMS like there are a lot of women, sure.

marriedcafe screen shot

However, when you actually try to contact them, you’ll quickly find out how very wrong that information is!

Most of the profiles we clicked on looked pretty good. However, it didn’t take us long to find out that most of those profiles fall into one of three very distinct categories:

1. Fake
2. Inactive
3. Escort

If you’re looking for an escort, hey, we won’t judge. But if you’re looking for an escort on, yeah, we’re gonna judge you. It’s not a good place, dude. You can do better.

And if you’re looking for a fake or inactive profile…well, no one is looking for those. But congratulations, you found them anyway. They were on the whole time!

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

We sent out 200 emails during our time on, and it was the exact opposite of shooting fish in a barrel. It was spearing fish in the ocean, more like-or in a lake where, well, there just aren’t any fish. This metaphor kind of got away from us, but the point is that there really weren’t any girls that we were able to hook up with on

Oh, we tried. We DID send out 200 emails, after all. Know how many we got back? A whopping 28. 28 responses out of 200 emails sent is pretty pathetic, and we weren’t too thrilled with ourselves.

Still think that 28 isn’t too bad? You just wait.

Of the 28 responses that we got, about 20 of them were from escorts. What the hell? This site is FULL of escorts! Maybe this site is the equivalent of that bar your friend told you about, where the girls will TOTALLY hit on you, and you only found out later that they were all hookers looking for an easy way to spend the night in a nice hotel room and pick up a few Benjamins while they were at it. In other words, this site is full of hookers and escorts, looking for some guy to sink their teeth into.

What about the other eight responses?

Five of them were fake. They were the exact SAME generic message, in fact:

“u look sweet (: hit me up again sometime…”

Not exactly what we’re looking for in a date, someone who even gets the smiley face sideways. Weird.

While we didn’t see any private investigators when we were on, we heard stories from other guys in the chat rooms and forums, and apparently a lot of them had found some PIs. We mentioned the escort problem, and it was backed up 100 percent by the other guys we talked to.

Yes, there are people looking to have an affair on Unfortunately, they’re all guys!

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

You can create a profile on It won’t help. Nothing will help you get laid on a site without women.

The only thing we can say in’s defense is that the site isn’t all that broken. Yeah, high praise, we know. At least the site didn’t give us any viruses, and it didn’t crash our computers. Can you tell we’re grasping at straws for something nice to say about this failure of a site?

To be honest, it was a total surprise that it didn’t give us a virus-because it looks like it SHOULD have. This site looks like a scam from the second you first type the address into your browser.

Generally speaking, whenever you have a dating website that features the classic “plain white background with a bunch of thumbnails of women too beautiful to be on this website” look, it’s a good idea to run quickly in the other direction. This isn’t the website you want to be on.

Yes, rocks this look. Well, it doesn’t rock the look. It clumsily bumps the look. You can tell from the second you sign up that you’re not going to have a good time on this website, because the website doesn’t give a crap and probably hasn’t for a while.

This website has given up.

When a site cares this little about making itself look presentable, it’s time to stop trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. Chances are, it’s not a good site and it’s not going to be good to you. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

If you’re signing on just to waste time, lucky you-that’s what this website is, a waste of time. Unfortunately, it’s also a total waste of money. Save it and look elsewhere, like, which is a FANTASTIC site for married men and women to meet and hook up with each other. is just a pathetic, sad excuse of a moneymaking scam.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. a total scam without a doubt. can’t give this one anything but a negative review, none of these girls are even real! what’s the point of wasting money here

  2. no comparison to how bad this site is. it’s not even filled with women, there are just MEN on marriedcafe, what a MESS, i will never waste my time on this one again

  3. a total scam. i wish i hadn’t waste my money here! there are tons of men on this site but no women, you will not get laid and there are so many other sites…

  4. i am fairly certain that isn’t legit at all and that there are so many other sites that will get you laid faster. that being said some of the pics are hot lol

  5. Damion Newbiggin

    this one really isn’t good. don’t spend a lot of time here because you will regret it and just get frustrated…there are women other places that want you bro!

  6. Pink Eagle

    I just wanted to give a test run to a few sites and I ran across this one. Not good by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a total mess, full of fake profiles and no women!

  7. on this affair site i was left rolling my eyes. married cafe is ridiculous, i just got a bunch of spam e-mails, they want you to THINK you’re popular but it’s all a scam

  8. Hungry Galaxy

    When I made a review 2013 list of dating sites, this one was near the bottom. It’s just not full of women at all, just a lot of desperate men, pass on this

  9. there are a lot of better options when it comes to dating…marriedcafe isn’t one of them. pass on it and spend your money elsewhere. you might get lucky but probably not.

  10. Felix Cribbs

    ONE OF THE WORST SITES FOR AFFAIR DATING. DO NOT SPEND MONEY HERE! you will get NOTHING but spam messages and there are just fake profiles EVERYWHERE!!!

  11. Hat Redhold

    NO GOOD REVIEW FROM ME ON THIS ONE. i can’t stress it enough…i got nothing but spam e-mails, talking about relationships that never even happened, a total waste of time

  12. in comparison to other sites i have to say this one is REALLY bad. marriedcafe really doesn’t have any active members that aren’t gross men and you are just wasting time!

  13. a scam without a doubt. total waste of money. all i ended up getting were spam messages, you will not get laid if you try out this site!

  14. pretty far from legit in a lot of ways but you MIGHT be able to hook up with a girl on married cafe if you really keep at it. it just takes some serious effort to try and find women here!

  15. Terrell Riggle

    really not good. i have found a dozen other sites that do a better job of finding me a hot lay. these girls are UGLY and honestly there aren’t many of them!

  16. Black Turtle

    gives you a lot of ‘results’ for women in your area but really there aren’t any at all. a total scam. do not even bother giving this one a test run!

  17. for an affair site it’s really a joke. is just bad and you will regret signing up at all, and so will your ego when you realize everyone here is fake!

  18. Rapid Stoned Reindeer

    when i made a review 2013 list i put this one pretty low on the list. it’s just full of fake profiles and is generally a bad place to try and get laid!

  19. when it comes to dating…you can do better than married cafe! THAT BEING SAID, there are some hot profiles on here, if you get lucky, maybe…

  20. Joaquin Hay

    This is really not a good affair dating website. Don’t waste your time here, you will not get laid and I guarantee most of the profiles are fake anyway!

  21. Venus Clown

    Happy to give this one a negative review! really bad experience here, just nothing but spam mails no matter who i sent messages to, basically a giant time waster.

  22. When I did a comparison to a few other sites that I use, marriedcafe really stands out as AWFUL. Pass on this one, you will not make a single hook up!!

  23. Boiling Slimy Dingo

    probably a scam on at least three levels but eh…at least some of the pics are hot…mostly filled with old men though so you have to be careful

  24. I’m not sure if this is legit or not, but I still gave a try. It was an okay experience for me, if you are lucky you will get some messages back, still waiting for it to turn to more!

  25. Arturo David


  26. Liquid Purple Cat

    i just wanted to test this one out and i was left rolling my eyes for the most part. don’t even bother spending money or signing up, it’s all a bunch of spam profiles…

  27. falls pretty flat as an affair site. i was SUPER unimpressed with marriedcafe and mad that i spent any amount of money here at all. don’t waste your time.

  28. Wolverine Grim

    as i said on my review 2013 list…if you want to throw some money away, go here! a total scam and full of spam profiles. the only positive is the girls can be hot!

  29. I think this one falls kind of flat as far as dating goes, but you might get lucky on married cafe if you are looking for a fast lay and have low standards lol.

  30. Gail Hegarty

    far from the pinnacle of affair dating that is sure. don’t bother with this one…not only are the girls ugly they aren’t even REAL so at least keep far away for that reason…

  31. Kiddie Tiny

    nothing but a F review from me on this one. a really bad site, nothing but spam mails assuming i got ANY return messages at all and that was really stretching it!

  32. hard to find a comparison to something this bad! seriously marriedcafe has next to no women on there, it’s all guys like us looking for a quick lay…just awful!

  33. SweetySweety

    this is a scam without a doubt, but if you weed your way through the site, you MIGHT get lucky and find a real profile or two! good luck out there guys!

  34. I’m not certain if this is legit or not, but I did get a few returned messages on marriedcafe. I’m holding out to see if anything improves, which it might!

  35. Chung Benford

    Really not a good site and REALLY not going to get you laid. Seriously, with so many options, why would you settle for this one? Try out some other dating sites.

  36. Dreadful Rhinestone

    i did a test run and this was one of the sites…out of all of them…this one was the biggest waste of time! not a single returned message and i’m pretty sure the profiles are fake…

  37. When I did a tour of this affair site, I was REALLY unimpressed. Married Cafe will not get you a single hook up…because there are barely any women on here!

  38. on my review 2013 list of dating sites, this one ranks pretty low. i was just unimpressed over all and i really think that they dropped the ball on weeding out spam.

  39. not my pick for a dating site. married cafe might work if you are looking for a fast hook up but only marginally. try spending your money elsewhere…

  40. Christoper Nicholas

    as far as affair dating goes…you can do better. mostly just a bunch of spam e-mails and the like but if you really try, you might get a virus! lol seriously don’t bother

  41. for this review let me just say…DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! you will not get a single lay and all of the girls are ugly anyway. are you really that desperate??

  42. there are not many comparisons to how bad this site is. not only is marriedcafe a scam but they actually TRY to make you believe you’re getting attention! a real time waster.

  43. Digital Test

    This is a scam. Don’t bother really unless you are ok with weeding through thousands of results for one or two ‘maybes’… they aren’t even hot! so it’s just a waste.

  44. more or less not legit but you can still give married cafe a try. you MIGHT get a real chick on here if you look hard enough, just poke around…

  45. Jamel Tripp

    really not good. you will regret signing up here because the countless spam e-mails will immediately swarm upon you…it’s just a bad site, do not recommend

  46. when i did a test run of several different sites, this one came up. wish i had never signed up! none of my messages get returned and there are a LOT of fakes lurking around!

  47. this is one of the most ridiculous affair site tryouts i have done. is basically a giant spam vat, the messages you get aren’t real, don’t bother!

  48. came up with my new review 2013 list and this one was on it because it was so bad… i didn’t get a single lay on here…only good part is the profile pics can be hot!

  49. for dating this is a real no for me. if you are looking for a fast hookup…maybe married cafe will get the job done but i really can’t say if that’ll work either

  50. Clark Cherry

    for affair dating there are so many other sites that are better than this one! really try to look around and find something better, this one won’t get you a single date

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