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We got pretty good results from MarriedDateLink and we feel you will too. Coming in at #5, it still can produce great results at a great price! is definitely what we would call a “good affair dating site.” It’s not fabulous, and it’s not what we’d call the sports car of the affair dating world, but it sure gets the job done.

The thing you have to understand about a website ranking in our top five is that ONLY those five websites are any good at all. They are the ONLY websites that got us laid (check out our guide to spotting a scam affair dating site), and the only ones that were totally free of scams and spammers. So being in our top five is a really big deal, even for number five! call to action image

So why is a great site, but not one of the best? Read on and find out. is a very solid choice for an affair dating site, and we had a lot of fun. It’s a nice clean website that makes it very clear right away what this site was about.

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Enjoy the difference with this great site: MarriedDateLink

When we first logged on, we expected to see a lot of fake profiles of women too beautiful to possibly be on a married dating website. The old scam story is that the profiles appear, and then as soon as you properly sign up, they’re nowhere to be found. didn’t work like that! We were surprised to find that all the women they showed us at the beginning were hot, but believably hot, and they stuck around for long enough that we were able to send them messages. We even hooked up with one of those girls!

What We Discovered After Using Is Worth Our Time? (Hint: It Is.)

When using, we sent out 200 emails to different girls that we wanted to hook up with.

Now, the main ratio for dating sites with regard to how many girls you can expect a response from varies intensely. For some legitimate sites, it’s as low as 20 percent. For the really good ones that cost a lot of money, it’s as high as 50 percent. JUST tops 50 percent.

We got back 109 email responses, and wound up going on five dates with girls from the website. It wasn’t long before these girls wanted to move on to a little more, and we got lucky with three of them, leading to some VERY happy endings for both of us. Sample Emails That Landed Us Some Hot Dates

Here are some of the emails that worked well for us to hook up with women on

Example 1:

“Hi, Shelby. You seem like the kind of girl who likes taking tours of museums, and there’s a Rembrandt exhibit in town. What’s the harm in bumping into each other by accident, and happening to enjoy walking around looking at Flemish masters with a handsome stranger? Let’s give it a shot, with just one rule: I get to be the handsome stranger.”

Example 2:

“Hi, Delia. I do admire a woman who is good with her hands, and the crafts you’re showing off in some of your photos really make me want to figure out what else you’re good at. I bet you’re a lady with a lot of special talents that go unappreciated all too often.”

Why Did We Love So Much? Check Out the Features That Set It Apart From the Rest

One cool thing you can use on is the “Feature Me” feature, which is a HUGE asset if you know how to use it.

If you’re looking to hook up with as many girls as possible and you know what you’re doing, you can get a LOT more dates by having your photo and profile featured.

Something else we really liked about is the fact that we felt absolutely secure with every second we were on the site. We never felt like we were getting checked out by private investigators, which is a huge concern if you have a lot to lose.

How to Become a Top Dog at Our Best-Kept Secrets

There’s really only one way to be the Top Dog at What is it, you ask?

Talk, talk, talk.

Yes, this might be kind of annoying (it IS kind of annoying). However, the girls on this site are pretty paranoid about private investigators, which is why we didn’t really see a single one-no one fake was getting past these girls! The only girls who were willing to go out with us were the ones that we had talked with extensively in the chat rooms.

This does mean that you’re less likely to pull off the “I’m very busy, just let me know when you want to hook up” feature of your persona. However, if you can play your cards right, once you’ve actually met the woman you can pretty easily turn her into a date when you need her.

No One’s Perfect, Not Even But They Get Pretty Close.

One thing we didn’t love about was the price. It’s not BAD, and it’s a far cry from the priciness of some of our other recommended sites, like AshleyMadison. However, the thing we don’t like about is the fact that the price hardly goes down when you buy a longer trial. We’d prefer to pay for several months once we like a site, and this one has very few options for us.

Another thing we’re not too fond of is the fact that you have to sign on for quite a while every day to make the site worthwhile. We have other lives and responsibilities. Review: Our Final Decision: Should You Try to Have an Affair? is one of our favorite websites. This isn’t because of design or because of the number of girls, but it’s a good solid website that will DEFINITELY get you laid. However, we do recommend that if you have a moment to only check out ONE affair dating site, you check out That’s our number one pick for a reason.

50 Responses to “ Review – We Loved Ranked #5 For Having an Affair”

  1. what is there to say about this site except how awesome it is? i met some really lovely women on married date link and i gotta say this gets my best review of the year!

  2. not really any comparison to any other sites, it’s just that good. i don’t live in a huge city and there were STILL a ton of women in my area!

  3. Minimum Panda

    no way this is a scam. that being said i still struggled a little to hook up with anyone on here but that’s probably my failing and not the site. i’ll keep at it!

  4. this is legit but i am not THAT impressed with married date link. i think overall it’s poorly put together, there are some scam profiles, it’s just not the best.

  5. REALLY GOOD AND I WILL KEEP USING THIS SITE!!! i can’t express that enough…i usually don’t stick around but this is an awesome site that helps me get laid time and time again!

  6. Furious Warrior

    i just wanted to test out a site or two but wow this one really kept me in. is a great site full of hot women and they really are into me!

  7. A+++ rating. this site couldn’t be better. the price is right and the credits last forever and wow do i get a ton of hook ups. nothing to complain about here!

  8. if you have a lot of affairs then you will really know your way around this site by the end of the night…it’s full of those hot women you crave, just sometimes it’s hard to nail them

  9. for dating? no way. married date link is definitely more for casual hook ups and nothing but sex. not really my cup of tea but it’s not bad.

  10. Franklin Ramsey

    i haven’t done a ton of affair dating but this site is awesome as far as i’ve seen. i really can’t be happier with the results and the women i’ve ended up in bed with!

  11. White Dummy

    i’ve never felt the need to leave a review before but i am just really thrilled with married date link! i didn’t think it would be so easy to meet up with another lovely woman!

  12. there’s no comparison. this site is REALLY the best for picking up hot chicks. i have NEVER had a bad hook up since i started using this website in particular!

  13. i always worry about these sites being a scam but this one isn’t for sure. keep this one on your list… not without its flaws but sometimes it works well for me!

  14. whether it is legit or not i don’t really care but married date link is only ok as far as i am concerned, the hook ups i had were not that great, the girls were not that pretty!

  15. Rafael Higgens

    honestly very good. i have NO complaints about this website! it can be pricy in the long run but honestly the women are worth it if you pick them up here!

  16. Stray Massive Bull

    i just wanted to test it out but i was really wowed by how professional marrieddatelink is. i think i will keep using this and keep enjoying myself along the way haha!

  17. 10 out of 10 for this particular site! i really enjoy hopping on here because the girls always answer my messages and are always looking to get laid!

  18. i’ve been in and out of affairs dating over the years…this one is nothing new..but still good…can’t say i have too many complaints but sometimes i lose messages on here…

  19. this isn’t my preferred dating site by far. is really more about booty calls and sex if i remember correctly but it could be worse… maybe it’ll work for you.

  20. Angelo Hughes

    when i think of affair dating i don’t imagine it to be as easy as this. this site really takes all the effort out of it, i met a couple of girls in just a week!

  21. Cute Bad Birdie

    honestly really worth a great review. helped me find some of the best hook ups i have ever had and i am still hanging with these girls today!

  22. crawling in women. there’s no other site like it. i can’t help but pick up a new woman every week, it’s that awesome and i will never go to another site again!

  23. Chaos Villain

    if you are looking for a good site that isn’t a scam, this is one of them. not without its issues, it’s kind of dated and you have to work at it, but still okay!

  24. i know this site is legit but it doesn’t mean i have to be in love with it. married date link has some good and bad things about it and mostly i was unimpressed by the number of women in my area…


  26. Swift Smoke

    i just went around to test a few sites and married date link was by far the best one on my list. i will not use another site other than this again to hook up!

  27. A rating. this is a great site and they know it. it’s just the right price especially when you consider how easy it is to get eager women on here!

  28. Detective Freaky

    i’m not exactly the king of affairs or anything but i enjoy hopping on this site to find a hook up from time to time. generally it’s pretty easy and i guess it’s worth the money.

  29. Online dating is my thing and I’ve seen it done a lot better than married date link. still it could be worse; you just have to weed out the crazies over here.

  30. Jeromy Soames

    for affair dating this can’t be beat. give it a shot and see how many women you attract…all of my messages got replied to and i sent out at least 100!

  31. Impala Rocking

    no other site comes close in my mind, married date link is REALLY deserving of this positive review. my favorite ladies lurk on this site, i love you girls!

  32. i can’t think of a single comparison. this one really hits all the right marks and helps me meet exactly the woman i need in my life. i won’t go anywhere else!

  33. Strawberry Vulture

    worried about a scam as always but this one took the edge off. i can’t see a single fake profile though i am still annoyed over slow responses..

  34. while is legit, it is still not the best site out there just because of that. you can find the same hot women elsewhere for the most part…for cheaper!

  35. Carroll Baer

    a great site and a good way to pick up hot women. you’d be surprised how many are in your area that really want to hook up with you, this site will DEFINITELY help you find them!

  36. Brutal Poseidon Wizard

    i just wanted to test run a few sites but i ended up absolutely in love with married date link. nothing makes it easier to find a great hook up for the night.

  37. nothing less than a 10 out of 10 rating for me on this one!! i love the women i’ve hooked up with since i joined this site and for me it’s so worth all the money.

  38. Invader Strawberry

    affairs? had a bunch of them. can’t say whether or not this site helped me had that much more of them but it certainly hooked me up with a few chicks.

  39. i’m not convinced this is better than any other dating site but married date link has so many good reviews that i had to give it a try. it’s just ‘meh’ so far.

  40. Cameron Coughenour

    really goes above and beyond the regular affair dating website that you’ll come across. professional and discreet, and helps you meet any woman you could want.

  41. Slimy Cockroach

    as far as giving a review i can only praise! nothing but good experiences here and i really think every last woman i have hooked up with is amazing.

  42. hard to give a comparison when i honestly haven’t seen this many lovely women anywhere else on the internet. highest rating from me and i won’t go anywhere else.

  43. El Lobster

    I’m always worried about a scam but this one actually seems pretty legit. I like this site because it has a lot of great options but it also can run slow on my computer…

  44. legit doesn’t mean better. married date link is questionable to me because i have yet to get any messages in response. not sure what that’s about…

  45. Seriously a good site. You will not regret spending your money here. I have yet to NOT have a hook up with a woman I really focus my time on!

  46. Rough Epsilon Snake

    when i went and gave a test run to other sites, i didn’t expect married date link to be the one that pulled me in. it’s really great though and full of awesome ladies.

  47. for me there is no better site and for that, this gets my highest rating. i don’t think anyone should waste their time elsewhere, this is THE place for a great hook up.

  48. when i think of affairs i think of this site. this is a really discreet place to hook up…but sometimes the women are hit and miss. some of them look like they’ve been HIT by the ugly stick!

  49. a good place for dating but not the best. married date link is really just hit and miss about a lot of things and for me, the romantic, i can’t say it’s my fav.

  50. if you’re into affair dating then this is your site. i can’t say i have found one that really gets me better or provides for my needs more than this one!

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