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MarriedLoveLinks needs to change it's name to WasteOfTime! You will not be able to get results from this scam of a website! is a joke.

First of all, we admit that part of the reason we’re not too enthusiastic about this site is the fact that it does something we’re not too keen on, right at the beginning.

Namely, we really don’t LIKE being confronted with pictures of man-junk as soon as we log onto a website. It kinda turns us off of the whole dating and hooking up thing, if we’re being honest.

affair dating scam image

But as soon as we log on to, we were immediately shown several good ol dick pics, right in the cyberface. What’s the reason for this, really? What’s the excuse? We’re not sure.

In some of our reviews, we’ve mentioned that it’s obvious that websites are only out to get money from men, with how they just plaster boobs and butts onto everything.

We changed our minds. Give us the boobs and butts, please! We don’t like looking at dude-junk!

Of course, being teabagged by isn’t the only thing we hated about it. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of disgust, annoyance, and hate to go around. So, why did we decide wasn’t worth our time, but our eternal loathing instead? Read on to find out!

image for marriedlovelinks homepage is a pretty bad site as far as websites go. As far as affairs dating websites go, it’s absolutely abysmal.

When we say that it’s a bad website, we mean EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS BAD.

From the first second you click on, you know you’ve made a terrible mistake. No, we don’t mean cheating on your wife, that’s your own choice and nothing we’re going to judge you for.

The website is blue. Yeah, blue. Not blue and white. Not blue and black. Not some color with a blue highlight. It’s just blue. A mountain of blue. All the links are blue, and all the pictures swim in a sea of blue. It is actually blue with blue highlights and blue lowlights (like dark blue print), and it’s so much blue that we have no idea what they were going for. It’s not exactly the color of desire.

As previously (and horrifically) mentioned, across the blue screen, you’ll find many pictures of strange dicks. If for some reason you still haven’t come to your senses and clicked away, be prepared to read some really insulting text. That is, if you can read it. We’re serious when we say that most of the text is composed of dark blue print on a slightly less dark blue background.

“Why not stay married for the sake of the kids and just have fun sexually elsewhere?”

Many people might not see something wrong with this, but we are going to surprise you here: we actually do take offense to the insinuation that we don’t love our wives. We just don’t think the male animal is built for monogamy, and sometimes we get the urge to change it up. That doesn’t mean we don’t love our lives, or that we’re trapped in some hell we can’t escape.

“Long as you do it safe a discrete whats the harm?”

As we’ve mentioned before in our guide to avoiding dating scams, frequent errors and misspellings are one of the biggest, easiest clues to spot that a website isn’t on the up and up.

“We are just like The Ashley Madison Agency.”

Whoa, there, We’ve tried, and we LOVE that website. It has a lot of charm, a lot of sex appeal, and will always keep your money and your information safe., on the other hand, is as sketchy as they come. If we were affiliated with, we’d sue.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

Apart from the weird, offensive language on the first page, there are a lot more reasons to avoid this skidmark of a website. For one thing, there are NO girls on here. When the actual website itself advertises “1000s of girls!” you know you have a problem.

We sent out 200 emails, and it was harder for us on this website than it ever has been before. It was almost impossible to not find any duplicates, and it took us months, but we did finally manage to send out 200 emails to all different women over the course of our time on

We got back FIVE emails. Out of 200. That’s a little under three percent, which you may recognize as “crap.”

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

The one thing we can say for is that it’s not full of private investigators. It’s not full of ANYONE. It’s an empty site, and it’s a site where you won’t meet anyone. You’d have better luck putting a cup of coffee on your doorstep and trying to go out with the first person that stops to drink it. Congratulations, you’re dating a hobo. That’s still more action than you’ll get on

If what you really want is to make sure you can meet someone, there are really good dating sites out there. The problem is that exists, and is giving all of them a bad name by comparison.

It also smells like lies. When a website that was obviously designed by a college kid for 20 bucks and a slice of pizza (did we mention that it’s just BLUE?) claims to be “the only website featured on Ellen, Dr. Phil, and 20/20, you know this is a huge lie. You know this because it’s OBVIOUS, and you have something like at least half a brain.

If you want to get ripped off, this is definitely a good place to do it. Speaking of price, is actually not free, which you may recognize is a massive injustice. Yes, you have to pay for even something as crappy as The only thing that comes with the “FREE TRIAL” that they like to scream about?

The ability to “wink” at users. Thanks, How useful. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

Do not check out this website. It’s crude, it’s sloppy, and it won’t help you get laid. This is one of the worst websites we can think of for trying to land an affair. If you want to date while married, check out a GOOD affair dating site like, our favorite pick.

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Headless Bulldozer

    inactive and boring. there’s nothing on this site that warrants paying that amount of money. it’s overpriced, not enough women, and the ones that are here are ugly!

  2. honestly just a bad site. i haven’t been able to find a comparison for how EMPTY marriedlovelinks actually is and that’s just kind of pathetic…you won’t get laid here that’s for sure!

  3. SweetySweety

    i’m not sure if it’s a scam or not, but i wouldn’t say this is the best site on the internet to find your next great hook up. for the most part, it’s empty and inactive.

  4. Unsure if this is legit or not. Married Love Links doesn’t seem like a bad site, just kind of a boring one? i’m not really sure because it’s hard to get these girls to reply.

  5. Jacinto Eisenmann

    not good…no one replies to my messages…no one even looks at my profile…mostly annoyed that i wasted money on a site that is obviously not an active one!

  6. Honey Deer

    when i went about to test a bunch of sites this was one of them. kind of regret signing up here! nothing but spam mail and an empty site to look forward to, great.

  7. pretty bad for a supposedly reputable affair site. there’s no one on and that’s the big problem. you’re spending money with ZERO chances to actually get laid!

  8. Fairy Scarlet

    when i make my new review 2013 list i will be mentioning this one. it’s not the worst site but it’s just pretty lame overall. empty and with no hot women to speak of!

  9. bad for dating as no one answers my messages. i think married love links might be better for people that live in large cities, there just aren’t many women in my area.

  10. Moises Pierce

    for affair dating, please pass on this if you are SERIOUS about getting LAID. this site won’t get the job done for you. the women are ugly if they exist at all!

  11. Intense Shining Bear

    sometimes a site really deserves a negative review…this is one of them…i wasted my money on a basically empty site and i’m not happy about that at all!


  13. Morbid James Seagull

    It’s not REALLY a scam, it’s just kind of empty. I wish I hadn’t spent my money on it is all, though some of the used to be here women are kind of okay looking.

  14. whether it’s legit or not doesn’t matter much if it isn’t getting anything done for me…i havent had a single date on marriedlovelinks…guess i’ll keep trying…good luck to anyone else

  15. Tim Harding

    not good and i will never NOT laugh at someone who says it is! this is a bad site because they lie and say there are all these active women members in your area when there aren’t!

  16. Temporary Essential Scissors

    so much for giving this one a test run. i took one look and hightailed it out of there. they like to lie and say all these women are in your area when they AREN’T!!

  17. bad as an affair site and just bad for dating in general. marriedlovelinks will not let you meet any women, not even the ugly one, because they don’t really exist.

  18. The Gutsy Sergeant

    badly ranked on my review 2013 site list. this is just a bad site because you will not get laid and you’re paying money in hopes of making that happen!

  19. for dating this misses the mark for me. i was hoping marriedlovelinks would be more professional than the others site i was on but i was wrong. still no hook ups.

  20. Keith Bender

    affair dating? how about nothing dating, the women are too ugly or just not there! a waste of time and money and effort, don’t even bother signing up.

  21. DollyDolly

    it’s telling when i go to do a review before i’ve even finished completing my profile. i can tell that these sites are empty and that the profiles are fake right away.

  22. hard to think of a comparison when is honestly that bad! you are wasting money signing up for a site that is LARGELY inactive! don’t bother with this one!

  23. Random Comic

    I wouldn’t say this is really a scam, but it certainly isn’t helpful to get you laid either! Don’t bother with this one unless you want a laugh at all the ugly, empty profiles.

  24. Courtney

    whether it’s legit i’m not sure, but i still haven’t gotten a single date on marriedlovelinks. i was really hoping this one would be better but it just isn’t!

  25. Sheldon Ling

    no luck on this site and that’s not my fault…it’s because the site isn’t good. the women aren’t even here anymore, they’ve long moved on to better pastures!

  26. Rough Pink Puppy

    i wanted to test this site out but changed my mind after one look through the profiles. REALLY BAD. EMPTY AND FULL OF FAKES…DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS WEBSITE AT ALL!

  27. bad, BAD site. for an affair site i expect some kind of discretion but married love links just doesn’t provide that. you’ll probably get caught using this! be careful if you MUST

  28. Rebel Brutal Dingo

    When i come up with my new review 2013 lists i consider a few things that make sites bad, and unfortunately inactivity really hits this one hard…pass on it because of that

  29. really not my favorite dating site at all. i can’t think of a single woman that i’ve met on married love links. i just hope maybe i will have better luck with just sex.

  30. Sherman Callison

    not worth anything if you are serious about affair dating. you won’t get laid at all here and you are just throwing money away at nothing. save it and go somewhere else!

  31. Honey Deer

    i rarely review a site so that should be a clue to knowing this one is particularly awful. don’t try to make this one work for you, there just aren’t the women around to make it happen!


  33. Fast Ocelot

    I wouldn’t call it a SCAM but that doesn’t mean it’s GREAT or anything. You won’t get laid on this site, that’s for sure, so just enjoy the pics and call it a night.

  34. i haven’t gotten a hook up on yet, so i’m not sure if it’s legit. i hope it is as i’ve spent some money here and wouldn’t want it to go to waste!

  35. Keith Flick

    a really bad site, there’s nothing redeeming or good about it at all. don’t spend money here as it will literally be going into a black hole of nothingness!

  36. Puppy Gruesome

    not even worth a test run. i can’t say there is a single updated profile here that interests me. the only hot women are ones that are obviously fake.

  37. pretty awful when it comes to an affair site that should be high quality. married love links is NOTHING quality and honestly they should be ashamed of themselves for charging anything at all.

  38. Steamy Beauty Filly

    bad bad bad and deserving of a low rank on my review 2013 list. you will not find your next hook up here. the only thing you will find are some okay looking pics!

  39. poor choice for dating as far as i’ve found…married love links hasn’t done much for me other than frustrated me…maybe better just for sex, so i will try it for that next

  40. Courtney Rummel

    one of the worst affair dating websites that i’ve come across so far. i can’t warn you to stay away enough, there is ust NO ONE on this website other than other men!

  41. The Cheerful Bandit

    deserving of a poor review because they really lead you to believe there are some active members when there just aren’t. don’t spend your money.


  43. Red Francois Darkmoon

    it’s not a scam as these are real girls…they just aren’t here anymore. that’s the problem. inactive and boring and you will still not get laid. look at their pics and run along!

  44. I think this site is legit though I am still not happy with my experiences on married love links. I think that overall these women just do not want to talk to me!

  45. Randell Osteen

    what’s the opposite of good? BAD. THIS IS A BAD SITE. REALLY BAD. these women aren’t pretty, they don’t chat, and they will NOT sleep with you!

  46. i just wanted to test it out…but i am glad i did not…seems very inactive, kind of buggy, and generally just not a good choice for a first dating site…pass on it overall

  47. i wanted this to be a great affair site. IT IS NOT. MARRIED LOVE LINKS IS THE OPPOSITE OF THAT. it really sets you up to believe it is something special and DASHES ALL YOUR DREAMS

  48. when i come up with my review 2013 lists i always look at inactive sites as well to warn people not to sign up..this is one of them. sad because the pics are kind of hot!

  49. bad for dating and i have no clue about how it is for casual hook ups. married love links tries to be good but i really think it falls short.

  50. George Bryant


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