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MarriedSecrets was a bit of a disappointment. We do not recommend trying out this site to have a quality affair.

Take it from us, dude. If WE can’t get laid on, you sure as hell can’t either.

We’ve spent months and months refining our game to the best possible outcome. We get more tail on affair dating sites than we do from our wives, and we do it in style.

We had NO luck on this stupid excuse for a spam website. It’s not safe, it’s gross, and it’s nothing you should be checking out. Get away from this shithole while you still can!

affair dating scam image

Right when you first get on to, you start to get the feeling that this site isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For one thing, the site just LOOKS kind of sketchy. Now, we’re not saying that there aren’t any nice guys with puppies in their vans, but we ARE saying it’s a bad idea to go looking for one.

Just like we’re not saying that EVERY dating site with a poorly-worded phrase like “recapture the your feeling” is a scam, but…yeah, your computer might want to wear a condom while browsing this site.

This site isn’t anything like we were hoping it would be. For a website to get on our top picks, it has to be sleek, elegant, easy to use, and…oh yeah, it has to hook us up with gorgeous ladies.

marriedsecrets homescreen image

This site got all of those things wrong. While the site doesn’t look TOO bad (minus spelling errors, of course), it’s still clunky and rough to use. The entire time we were on the site, we had trouble making it do what we wanted it to do, which was very frustrating.

We also had a problem with DISAPPEARING MESSAGES.

Did girls message us back? Who knows, it’s a mystery! Maybe just likes to keep us guessing when it comes to girls checking us out.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

During our time on, we sent out emails to 200 people. We do this to every website we checked, so that it would be fair when we compare the results.

Of those 200 girls (who were hard to find-there aren’t NEARLY enough hot girls on here), we only heard back from a measly 43 of them. No, that’s not 43 percent, that’s 43 WOMEN. In case you don’t want to do the math, that’s just over 20 percent.

Honestly, that’s not SUCH a bad percentage, for most dating sites. So why are we so mad?

For one thing, we’re definitely not fans of the way that those 43 girls responded. We’re not saying they were all fake profiles, but plenty of them sounded really generic. The sad fact is, these weren’t real girls. These girls were only out to make us think that there were girls on this website.

Another thing we hated about is the fact that we REALLY did not feel safe on here!

No, we’re not saying that we thought someone was stalking us and trying to hurt us…although we wouldn’t put it past this terrible stain of a website.

No, what we mean is that we always kind of got the feeling that this site was run by people who had no idea what they were doing and wound up letting a bunch of Private Investigators in by mistake.


We don’t like to stay too long on any website that has that going on. Here’s how a conversation with one of them might look.

PI: Hey, I saw your profile. U look cute.
You: You look pretty cute yourself. 😉
PI: I bet your wife doesn’t even know you’re here.
You: Of course not haha
PI: You want to keep it that way? You can pay me some money.

Yeah, this is basically extortion. Keep away from this website! It’s bad news!

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

So, let’s say you manage to avoid all the private investigators and you finally manage to find a girl to hook up with. After all, we had ONE date, maybe it won’t be all that bad, right?

Well, we hope you like vintage, because those are the photographs you’re going to be seeing of your sexy new dates.

Now, we’re not saying that all the ladies of are old. Honestly, they’re no older than the ladies on pretty much any website we’ve been on, if you look at a total average.

The problem with the ladies here, we found during our MarriedSecrets review, is that they’re using old photographs!

Yes, old photos are usually the best, but that’s no reason to lie and make yourself look a hell of a lot better and younger than you are. If you’re so worried that guys won’t think you’re hot, then get off the Internet. Who wants to bang an old ugly lady? Worse, who wants to bang a lady that’s just gonna whine that she’s old and ugly the whole time?

So on top of the fact that you’ll meet VERY few people worth meeting on this embarrassment of a website, the ones you could meet won’t even be worth meeting.

We didn’t find many beautiful women at all. We found a lot of older women, a lot of just sort of PLAIN women, and a lot of women who were obviously using photos that were twenty years out of date. If we’d even found a lot of AVERAGE women, hey, that’s why sex with the lights off was invented. We can pretty much make do. But nope, we didn’t even get that much! Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

Please do yourself a favor and stay away from This terrible website is not going to get you an affair, it’s going to get you a headache. If you value your own time, make sure you go somewhere that you can actually meet women. Our personal favorite site for that is, which is a hell of a lot better for everyone than

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. VERY BAD!! this site deserves the lowest review. nothing but bad experiences, i am fairly certain it is all fake and a lie! do not use this site if you are trying to date!

  2. in comparison to other sites, is DEFINITELY one of the worst. pretty sure everyone on here is trying to out me and send messages to my wife!

  3. Slimy Cockroach

    this is a scam…i have been to a lot of married dating sites but this one is one of the worst. they definitely have private investigators lurking around so be careful…

  4. not sure if married secrets is legit or not but here’s the thing, you just have to be careful at whatever site you hop on these days. you may have better results than me.

  5. NOT GOOD. PASS ON THIS ONE!!! you will regret using this site as it is just ASKING for investigators to find you and rat you out! be careful!!!!

  6. Los Hatchling

    i tried this one out as a little test and it was a BAD idea. this site is FULL of fakes, most of which are private investigators, and those are the ONLY hot people here!

  7. As far as an affair site goes, is THE WORST. It’s full of hotties supposedly but they are all private investigators waiting to make some money off of YOU!

  8. The Hurricane

    in my review 2013 list, i put this one down as pretty awful. there are worst ones…at least some of the profiles are real here and you can sometimes get laid.

  9. NOT MY CHOICE FOR DATING. has a lot of fake profiles and you have to tread carefully, at least some of them are hot, just be careful around here.

  10. Kelley Hildyard

    for affair dating, this is the worst choice. there is NOTHING discreet about it. look around and you will find a dozen other sites that are all better!!

  11. Steady Smoke

    for this review let me just say i have tried a lot of different sites and none of them have been so obviously a messy fake scam as this one! go ANYWHERE else to have some fun!

  12. I have yet to be able to do a comparison to anything that is as bad as A REALLY OBVIOUS FAKE, stay away and don’t get yourself in trouble!

  13. this is a scam and it’s really obvious. because of that i didn’t get in too much trouble here but you should be careful about where you message if you are going to play around here.

  14. NOT LEGIT…but i didn’t get burned on married secrets because it’s so obvious, lol. there are a lot of PIs here, be careful if you don’t wanna get caught!

  15. Xavier Jones


  16. The Salamander

    Went about and did a test of a lot of different sites, this one is obviously full of fakes and a giant scam. Be careful if you want to play on this site, you will regret it!

  17. NOT A GOOD AFFAIR SITE AT ALL!! marriedsecrets is a really scary site to use if you are trying not to get caught, there are so many profiles full of fakes!

  18. Little Tainted Doll

    i did a review 2013 list that included this place and it is really just not a safe place to try and find a hot date. the profiles are so obviously fake and you are going to get yourself into trouble!

  19. as far as online dating goes, i really think falls short of the mark, there isn’t a lot to do or find here and you will find yourself with fake profles all over the place…

  20. not the best site for affair dating. be CAREFUL if you want to use this site, it is not good, there are a lot of private investigators here, speaking from experience!!

  21. Frozen Lama

    nothing nice to say int his review…this site is REALLY not a good dating site…your wife will find out about you and the profiles are so obviously fake…


  23. Forsaken Cougar

    definitely a scam, you will get caught if you mess around on here, try to find a hot date somewhere else and don’t get yourself in trouble!!

  24. NOT exactly legit but if you look around on you MIGHT find a hot date. there are a lot of fatties here though so be careful when weeding through!

  25. Felipe Cavalet

    this is really not a good site. you will be wasting your time by trying to find a good date on here or even just a good hookup. be careful of all the fake profiles!

  26. The Lightning Stormy Bandit

    popped onto this site as a test and i regret it. it is OBVIOUSLY a scam. don’t waste your time here, i am nervous just having signed up, what if my wife finds out?

  27. for an affair site this REALLY falls short. is full of private investigators that will try and get all the money they can out of you clicking on their profile!

  28. Zotstrong

    On my review 2013 list of sites like this, i have to say there are worse but this one is still not good. No messages returned, and those that did return are obviously fakes.

  29. for dating… is no good. there are so many other sites out there that can get the job done…don’t waste your time with this one! avoid the fat people and fakes!

  30. Joshua Crom

    NOT THE BEST AFFAIR DATING WEBSITE AT ALL!!! you will waste your time sending messages here, no one returns them, there are mostly just fakes and boring freaks here!

  31. Springbok Morbid

    THIS ONE GETS ONE OF MY LOWEST REVIEWS. what you have to understand is this site does NOT have a lot of hot hookups on it, it’s just full of creepy investigators looking to ruin your life!

  32. a comparison to other sites is impossible because is HONESTLY the WORST!!! save your time, find another site that is actually full of hot girls that wanna hook up!

  33. Dentoplus

    pretty sure this is a scam so be careful. the profiles here are either fake or just really ugly. you are wasting your time trying to get anyone to return messages!

  34. this site MIGHT be legit but i am still not impressed with married secrets. you need to really look around to find anyone hot and a lot of times those people are fake.

  35. Zane Joyce

    this is not a very good site for dating while you are married. try any number of other sites and you might actually get a bit of attention other than from fatties.

  36. Cockroach Desire

    i went onto this site just as a test run and it was a poor choice….investigators everywhere….you are really taking a risk by just signing up here i think! beware!!!

  37. I have tried a bunch of different sites and for an affair site, married secrets falls very short of the mark, it is not good and is full of fakes and really ugly people!!!

  38. did a review 2013 list and ranked this one rather low. it is just so obviously fake and poorly constructed on top of that, don’t waste your time and find somewhere else!

  39. FOR DATING THIS SITE IS NOT GOOD. maybe married secrets would just be good for a HOOK UP but that is not what i came for…pass on this one and don’t waste your time!

  40. Valentin Schuck

    i have hopped on a lot of affair dating websites and this one is so plainly and obviously full of FAKES. the only hot profiles are private investigators so really watch it!!

  41. For this review I have to say I am very unimpressed. First of all this place is full of fakes, you will be signing up for a death sentence with your wife if you sign up here!

  42. IN COMPARISON, THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN MARRIEDSECRETS.COM!!! You are ASKING for trouble by signing up here. Full of private investigators!!! Watch out and try other sites first!

  43. Kala Ruthless Fargloom

    this site is probably a scam. i have found a couple of real people on here but none of them return my messages very well. try other sites before investing your time here.

  44. not sure if this is legit or not but mostly i havent had any success on…you will be better off spending your time and typing elsewhere lol

  45. Herbert Reese

    this site is really just not good. it looks sketchy from the start and it should be obvious that it is just by looking a a few profiles. i can’t NOT recommend this site enough!

  46. Southern Gangster

    i went here just to test it out and i am glad i didn’t get any further than that. do NOT try and hook up with any of the people here, they are fakes and most likely PIs!!

  47. as far as an affair site is this one really takes the cake as far as AWFUL. married secrets has nothing but HORRIBLE secrets about private investigators out to RUIN YOUR LIFE!

  48. on my review 2013 website, i put this one down as being really not GOOD. it’s just a bad site, obviously fake, so don’t waste your time here and find a hot date somewhere else!

  49. not very good for dating. married secrets is a scam in a lot of ways so tread carefully. just avoid the hot private investigators and maybe you’ll get something out of it.

  50. Jeffrey Burch

    for affair dating you are wasting your time, there are so many other sites out there that are better, this one is really not safe for you or anyone else involved!

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