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NoStringsAttached delivered to secure the #4 spot. With just slightly less impressive results than some of the others in our top five, it is highly recommended! is a full-featured site that looks more bare-bones than it is. This site claims that it will re-invent the boundaries of traditional dating, allowing its users to redefine them for a modern age.

Does it work? Pretty much, yeah! Read on to see what we loved about this smart, successful, exciting website for meeting other “married singles” and having a good time. call to action image is a site that performs a lot better than it looks. At first glance, this site is nothing to really write home about. In fact, we were expecting it to be some kind of a scam, either full of escorts and hookers, or just full of fake profiles that were only pretending to be real girls.

Fortunately for us, we were dead wrong.

The girls on are real, interesting, and TOTALLY into meeting married men for a lot of fun on the side. There’s a great mix of single girls and married girls, so whichever you feel more comfortable with is totally available to you.

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Discover our #4 choice for affair dating sites: NoStringsAttached

As a side note, we feel much more comfortable with meeting married women. That just makes us feel like we know we’re on the same page with our date. It’s also nice to know that we both have something to lose, which means neither of us are likely to blow the whistle if we have an issue. But if you prefer boning single chicks, then has plenty of them for you, too.

What We Discovered After Using Is Worth Our Time? (Hint: It Is.)

During our time on getting ready for our NoStringsAttached review, we sent out 200 emails over the course of a few months. We send out the same amount of emails for every site, just so you guys know we’re not favoring one site over others.

At, we got back a very nice 121 of those emails!

No, 121 can’t quite compare to the 165 we got back from our top pick,, but…well, not every site can be as good as when it comes to an affair dating site. still has a great ratio, and we met some smoking hot girls.

Speaking of meeting girls, we did go on dates with seven of the girls from this website. Although we only went home with four girls over the course of our NoStringsAttached comparison, we really enjoyed the pants off of…the girls. That was four very, VERY happy endings. Sample Emails That Landed Us Some Hot Dates

The best tip for getting laid with a first email on is to make yourself sound BUSY. Here are some of the first emails we sent out that worked the best for us.

Example 1:

“Hi there, Jenny. Look, neither of us is here to meet our soul mate, but you look like the kind of girl with whom I could share a good conversation and a great bottle of wine. I’ll be in town for business next week, and I’d love to see you. Leave me a message on here and I’ll get to it when my schedule allows. Hope I’ll hear from you soon.”

Example 2:

“Hi, Chris. I was convinced that I wouldn’t find anyone when I first started out here, and it was a total surprise to see someone I look as compatible with as you coming up in my searches. If you have any questions, leave them in my inbox and I’ll get to them as soon as I can, though it might be a week. Look forward to hearing from you.”

Why Did We Love So Much? Check Out the Features That Set It Apart From the Rest

One of our favorite features on is the concept of Private Showcase Keys. This is one of the things that makes so secure. Whereas a lot of people get concerned about putting face pics up on their profile, you don’t have to worry about that-yes, you’ll look stupid and amateurish if you don’t have a picture up, but with, you CAN put pictures up and still be safe.

All you have to do is put up a picture and “lock” it. Then, you can send the “key” to women to view it once you’re sure they aren’t scams or Private Investigators. This helps keep everyone safe, private, and confidential.

Another thing we really liked about this website is the messaging feature. We’re not even sure WHY we liked it so much, but this was a great feature that worked very well every time we used it to connect instantly with a woman.

How to Become a Top Dog at Our Best-Kept Secrets

One of the easiest ways to get ahead on is to NOT ACT DESPERATE.

This website is full of totally desperate guys who are too pathetic to get laid, and will never make that happen. These guys only care about finding some girl that will listen to their problems, not about having fun dating while in a marriage or other long-term relationship.

If you can pull off the look of a guy that just wants to have a little fun on the side, you’ll definitely get laid. If not, you’re going to be not just in the doghouse, but SOL.

No One’s Perfect, Not Even But They Get Pretty Close.

One thing we don’t absolutely love about this website is the fact that the site LOOKS like a scam.

No, it’s not a scam. But if your website isn’t a scam, wouldn’t you want it to look a bit more legit?

Something else we don’t love is that a lot of the women are single. We prefer married women for affair dating. Review: Our Final Decision: Should You Try to Have an Affair? is a great website, but not good enough to be in our Number One, Two, or Three spots. We just happen to think that EroticAffairs puts out a better, more consistent product. It’s still a lot of fun for a month-long test drive, though!

50 Responses to “ Review – We Loved Ranked #4 For Having an Affair”

  1. a really great site. i am happy to review because ever since joining here, i’ve had great hookups and met some great married women! this comes highly recommended from me!

  2. there’s really no comparison. this is a great site to find your perfect hook up on. the women are hot and easy and you WILL get a great lay without a doubt!

  3. Tombstone Eternal

    was worried about this being a scam at first. it isn’t and i had a good time but i think other sites are better suited to my needs. also a lot of the women here want something more lasting

  4. legit a good site but no strings attached just didn’t work that well for me. maybe for the younger crowd it would be better but i felt a little out of my element

  5. Vance Steiner

    overall really good. NO COMPLAINTS HERE!! i think i will use this site again in the future as i had a few AMAZING hook ups and i think these girls are smoking hot!

  6. I just joined this site to test it out, but no strings attached turned out to be absolutely amazing. My test run turned into a full out membership!

  7. A+ rating. I really love this site as it is just full of eager women that want to be with me. Haven’t seen that around too much lately lol so this one hits all the right buttons!

  8. Cute Dusty Filly

    when it comes to affairs this one is pretty good at getting the job done so to speak. the site name kind of makes me roll my eyes as there are a bunch of singles on it wanting committments.

  9. for dating? pass on this one. no strings attached seems all about the sex which isn’t my cup of tea, but might be for other people. try it anyway!

  10. Rodger Coates

    i’m not huge on the affair dating circuit so to speak but i was REALLY impressed by this site. i found some awesome hook ups that i will keep seeing from now on!

  11. Dirty Rebel

    the only review i can give this one is a giant YES! no strings attached is fantastic for finding the perfect lady to hook up with. don’t waste time and sign up IMMEDIATELY!!

  12. in my eyes there is absolutely no comparison to this one. i really love this site because the girls on it are open and honest and really know what they want.

  13. Brutal Power

    i’m always worried these kinds of sites will end up being a scam but this one definitely isn’t. i met and hooked up with a couple of women from this site now!


  15. Haywood Hynes

    good for a quick hook up that’s for sure! the women on this site are consistently hot and i haven’t seen a fatty yet…pretty awesome place to hang out!

  16. DetectiveDetective

    I just wanted to give this one a test run and I am glad i did…. ended up being my favorite site. A great place to meet women, no complaints over here!

  17. for me this is a solid 10 out of 10. i can’t imagine rating it lower. i have had nothing but great hookups from this site and all the women are just gorgeous!

  18. Jack Purple Redblade

    for affairs you can’t beat this one. i think it’s discreet and easy to use. only problems are the messaging system, stuff gets lost sometimes!

  19. probably one of the BETTER dating sites out there but i’m still not entirely impressed with a lot of the women seem pretty money hungry. i can do better.

  20. Branden Van

    I’ve used a lot of affair dating websites but this one is one of my favorites. Consistently full of hot women and I haven’t ever had any issues with scams!

  21. Aimless Mountain

    what kind of review can i give this site other than an amazing one? is one of the best dating sites i’ve used in awhile and i will not look back!

  22. when i tried to think of a comparison to this site i really couldn’t. absolutely fantastic, the women on it are gorgeous, and it’s very discreet! i’ll be back again!

  23. a little pricy for me but when i saw it wasn’t a scam i was sold. honestly a good site to hook up on. the women on it are pretty good looking over all.

  24. legit enough that i gave it a try. no strings attached isn’t the best site i’ve used but it’s ok. the women aren’t the most attractive in my opinion but i’ll keep at it.

  25. Sandy Carden

    is this good? no. IT’S AMAZING. you really can’t beat this one as far as i’m concerned, you will just keep meeting more hot ladies as time goes on!

  26. Screaming Rolling Moose

    i just wanted to test this one out but really i am addicted to no strings attached now! an awesome site that will really help you meet some awesome women, don’t look this one over!

  27. A+ rating without a doubt. i can’t recommend this site enough. my current flings are from this site and they are awesome and constantly want to hook up.

  28. Runny Purple Walrus

    nothing but good experiences in my affairs for this site. that being said it’s not without flaws…not the most subtle name and sometimes my messages don’t get returned!

  29. for dating i think you can do better. i think has a few flaws that irk me and most of those have to do with the NEED SEX mindset.

  30. Dee Harrow

    if you’re looking for a good place to start affair dating this is one of them. never had a single issue with this site, only ended up getting laid and that’s what you’re paying for!

  31. Seriously Beaver

    can’t give anything less than an A+ review for no strings attached. i have never not gotten laid from this site so my monthly fee is WELL WORTH IT. awesome site, guys!

  32. i have yet to find another comparison to this one. this is a great site and i always end up in the sack with a lovely lady…brings new heights to my sex life!

  33. Heavy Boy

    i’m always worried about a scam but this one isn’t one thank god. it’s pricy but for me it’s worth it if i actually get laid. this site usually delivers on that regard!

  34. i’m convinced that no strings attached is legit at this point but i’ve yet to actually have a hook up. not sure if it’s me or the site but let’s hope it isn’t me…

  35. Ernie Reese

    pretty good as far as i’m concerned! i had a great experience with this website and the lovely woman that i hooked up with. i’ll be hooking up with her again!

  36. Angry Jaguar

    a great test run and an amazing outcome…i had my first hook up because of this site and i couldn’t be happier…i’ll definitely be using nostringsattached in the future!

  37. for this one it’s a 10 out of 10!!! i cannot think of a better site to find the best hook up other than this one…all the other sites just pale in comparison!

  38. not saying i’ve had a lot of affairs but the ones i’ve had, this site has helped me out on. AWESOME ladies…only problem is it isn’t the most discreet and can be pricy…

  39. i’ve used way more dating websites than just this one and i think no strings attached is just ‘okay.’ one or two hook ups isn’t the best ratio as far as i’m concerned.

  40. as far as affair dating goes, NOTHING tops this one. i have had so many great hook ups and even just meet ups with women here that have led to amazing things!

  41. Brutal Power

    this deserves my highest review. can’t sing enough praises for no strings attached just because it’s so professional and yet so easy to find the woman right for you.

  42. i try to think of a good comparison and there just isn’t one! bathing in beauties this site is, and i really enjoy all the women i’ve hooked up with on here.

  43. Captain John Sangre

    i was worried this was just another scam, but thankfully it isn’t. well worth the money in some ways but in other ways i feel it’s too expensive for the number of women i actually met.

  44. no strings attached IS legit, but it’s not the best site out there for a good hook up. some of the pics are fake or at least the women posting them edit them heavily!

  45. Salvador Wheeler

    Honestly this is a really great site. I have had nothing but good experiences here and i think that it’s well worth your while to try it out and see how many women you meet.

  46. for a test run this turned out to be a committment! no strings attached has me by the strings lol i really enjoy every girl i’ve met on here!

  47. when i have to put a rating on something i usually don’t rate very high but this one deserves that A…an awesome site…met my favorite hook up on here!

  48. Gutsy Empire

    for affairs you can’t find anywhere better imo. this is a good site that helps you really find that perfect hookup. there’s not anywhere else as discreet but just fair warning that your wife might eyeball that site url…

  49. really not a hot spot for DATING, just for SEX. no strings attached doesn’t work for me in that regard, i’m much more of a ROMANTIC than a sex addict.

  50. Johnny Keilbach

    when it comes to affair dating this is REALLY the site for you! you can’t go wrong in meeting some hot girls here and really having that exciting sex life you crave.

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