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Do not expect to get anything out of TheAffairSite! We tried everything and got nothing in return! is one of the worst websites we’ve ever encountered. We definitely didn’t get laid on this site. In fact, we’re not sure it’s POSSIBLE to get laid on this site. is the kind of site that looks like it was put together by a bored college student two minutes before the final project was due. We can’t think of many things LESS sexy than’s website. It looks industrial, boring, and just generally not the kind of place where you’d want to spend any time whatsoever.

affair dating scam image

If you’re going to have an affair, make sure you don’t lose all respect for yourself by doing it somewhere like Come on, we know you’re better than that.

So, why do we hate this website so much? Let’s take a closer look and find out just what’s wrong here.

The first thing we need to point out about is that the landing page is abysmally bad. When we say it’s terrible, we mean our junk beat a hasty retreat.

This is the least sexy website ever. At the bottom of the page it has really childish definitions of words like “affair,” “cheating,” “adultery,” etcetera. It gives childish explanations for trying to persuade guys to cheat on their wives. Some of our favorite pearls of wisdom from the site include:

screen capture for theaffairsite

“Some people say is having an affair wrong? No it feels good!”

“Some people get a thrill out of secret affairs meeting in hotels.”

“People who have been hurt by a cheating spouse evoke a lot sympathy and you can see why.”

This is a terrible website. It doesn’t even make any sense. Why would a site that’s trying to make money from you having an affair try to make you feel bad about having an affair?

In other words, is really It pisses us off, it’s dishonest to its customers, and it obviously put no effort into trying to make you feel comfortable.

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

One thing we found interesting when we signed onto this website is that there were VERY few women available to meet up. After a little searching, we realized that the vast majority of the members were located in the U.K. rather than the U.S.

We did a little digging around, looking to see if maybe we’d accidentally gotten on, but no luck. This was still, but all the women on it were located in the U.K.

Finally, we managed to beat up the search algorithm until it started giving us results in America-and wow, there were NOT very many of them. We had a huge problem with even finding 200 women to email.

Still, we did it, and sent out 200 emails to girls we thought we’d like to hook up with. Unfortunately it looks like most of them have moved on. Only 11 girls bothered to email us back, of all 200


These numbers are terrible. No matter where we looked on, we just found abandoned profile after abandoned profile. It’s as if everyone collectively decided that the site wasn’t worth being on, and never bothered to tell the site itself that it was dead.

In essence, it’s running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It’s already dead, but for some reason it just keeps moving around.

Needless to say, we didn’t wind up hooking up with the women who DID finally email us back. For once, it wasn’t because they looked fake, or looked like private investigators, though a couple of them did. So, why didn’t we talk to these women?

They just seemed boring.

This is a very boring site. It felt like being on here was completely futile, and we couldn’t wait for our trial to be over.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about beautiful women sending you unsolicited messages on

Wait, did we say “fortunately?” Sorry, we meant the opposite of that. See, for most dating sites, women who have filled out their profile fully and who have uploaded at least one picture will be able to contact members. This is a way that many legitimate dating sites balance out their membership, since men in general are willing to spend more on finding a date.

However, doesn’t allow this.

That means that not only are you NEVER going to get contacted first by a woman, but you’re also never going to find a woman at all. Why does it mean that?

Because the ratio on is TERRIBLE.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for websites to get a good ratio of males to females. A GOOD website will correct this in a variety of ways. A CRAPPY website like will not, and you’ll wind up with 70 percent sad desperate men who never get laid and 30 percent women. This also means that even women who aren’t that great will walk around like they’re God’s gift to men, and you find yourselves desperately competing to win the affection of some chick that’s probably a 5/10 at best. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair? is pretty useless when it comes to helping you find an affair. There are WAY better websites out there, and this one solidly deserves a place on our list of the WORST affairs dating sites. There are no women, it’s clunky and messy, and the whole site feels kind of sad and desperate.

If you want to see a great dating site for married people looking for love, check out instead. We’re confident that you’re about 100 percent more likely to find a good affair there than you are at a crap site like

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Impala Rocking

    a really lame site tbh. there’s nothing on here that really appeals to me and the girls are really ugly. they’re also FAKES in a lot of places!

  2. i am all but entirely sure this place should be used in a comparison to a craphole. it’s THAT bad. theaffairsite has the worst name to try and be discreet, too!

  3. Impala Rocking

    probably a scam as i have seen a ton of fake profiles just in the first few minutes. the pics are ok but that’s the only redeeming quality to this site..

  4. about as far from legit as you can get…i think the affair site has a LOT of issues, but if you’re bored, you can always browse the pics on some of the profiles!

  5. Preston Mosser


  6. Rotten Lone Swush

    pretty sure a test of this site was a waste, there is NOTHING that will ever make a girl here hook up with you because they’re all fakes, no messages returned or anything!

  7. i have done a lot of affair site hopping and the affair site REALLY doesn’t hold up at all. it’s just a piece of crap filled with ugly ladies and you will SERIOUSLY regret wasting money here.

  8. Fisherman Pointless

    when i did a review 2013 of this site i was really disappointed…at least you might be able to find a few interesting profiles but i find that really unlikely

  9. REALLY not good for dating, maybe the affair site will be ok for a quick hook up? idk, it’s not discreet enough for me, but for others it might work out.

  10. Teddy Crawford

    the lowest point of affair dating that i have seen so far. it’s so obviously a scam and invested with private investigators. you will get caught using this site!

  11. Mink Circus

    i honestly don’t normally review but this one deserves it. this is overall a giant scam, waste of your money, and will NOT get you laid!! please save your time and go elsewhere!

  12. one of the worst dating sites i have used. the affair site has no comparison for how bad it is…you will just not get laid and have the chance of getting caught, too!

  13. Temporary Pottery

    probably a scam. if you look around though, MAYBE you will be able to enjoy the pics…lol. i seriously haven’t seen a single real girl on here, though!

  14. full of private investigators so i really doubt it’s legit. at least i managed to figure that out before joining the affair site and spending a ton of money.

  15. Danilo Sealis

    REALLY not good. do not spend your time here or waste your money. this site is riddled with PIs looking to report you to your wife so watch OUT!

  16. Dreaded Invader

    i just wanted to test out a few sites and this one really ended up as a mistake. don’t spend your money here or you will just be signing a death sentence to your affairs!

  17. is a really bad place to have fun on. there’s no fun…even though it’s an affair site you will NOT have an affair, there’s no women around to even get in bed with!

  18. Furious Ray

    when i made my new review 2013 list this one was immediately on it. just empty of women, full of scams, and a real hazard for most users. watch out.

  19. not my pick for dating at all but maybe the affair site can work for you and your hook ups. just not my scene. i was really not impressed, especially with a name like that.

  20. Antonia Gibson

    affair dating at its absolute worst. do not spend your money or time here. you will regret it! it’s just a giant mess and you will NOT be able to get laid on here!

  21. Chaos Buffalo

    F- review and nothing will change my mind. this site is an empty mess of space, no women to be seen, and really just a bad buy. don’t bother with it.

  22. nothing in comparison to how bad this is! the affair site will NOT get you an affair. it’ll just get you an empty wallet… a total scam! don’t buy!

  23. Flying Pineapple

    as far as a scam goes this one really takes the cake. nothing nice to really say about this one, but maybe you’ll enjoy the fake porn star pics everywhere LOL

  24. i am convinced this isn’t legit but i wanted to give the affair site a chance anyway. some of my message were returned but i’m not sure if they were spam or not…

  25. Derek Mays

    nothing about this site is good. you will NOT get a hook up here and if you are lucky, you also won’t get found out by your wife. really a huge risk.

  26. Rough Puglet

    one of the worst sites i gave a test run to. do not bother with this one. you WILL get caught, i was lucky and my wife didn’t somehow!

  27. for an affair site this one is just really bad… isn’t discreet at all, just look at the name! it’s awful and doesn’t even have women in my area on it.

  28. Donkey Small

    one of the lowest ranked on my review 2013 list and the only redeeming factor does seem to be looking at the fake profiles full of obvious porn stars!

  29. while i think most dating sites are a rip off, i gave a chance. nothing has really come of it so far, i am not impressed of it so far…

  30. Jayson Akers

    the lowest point of affair dating that i have experienced. really not worth a dime. there aren’t even any women on here that i was impressed by and i don’t think any of them are real anyway!

  31. Flapper Streaming


  32. I can’t think of a single site that comes close to how bad this is in comparison. really takes the cake as far as fakes and obvious ones! pass pass pass.

  33. Risky Antelope

    this is a scam, pretty sure, but i gave it a shot and was mostly left shrugging. nothing that bad on this site but a huge disappointment in the fact no one even replied to my messages.

  34. unsure if this is legit. looks ok and some of the women look hot but i have yet to get a single reply to any of my e-mails.

  35. Max Lafortune

    not good at all and i will never be back. i ran into a few private investigators on here and i am just glad i know how to spot them so i can avoid them!

  36. i just wanted to test out this site and a few other ones and i ended up on this craphole. a total waste of time. this one did not get me a single messages back!

  37. one of the worst affair site places i have been. do not use the affair site, it is FILLED with people looking to ruin your life, just pick any other site to get laid on!!

  38. Wolverine Grim

    when i came up with my new picks in my review 2013 list, let’s just say this one was FAR from it. it’s just not good. no lays, no messages, nothing!

  39. bad for dating not sure about hook ups, seems pretty skeezy and i worry about how discreet and safe it really is to use!

  40. Giovanni Eisenman

    not my pick for affair dating by far. i will pick any other site over this one to be honest, it’s full of fakes and private investigators looking to make a quick buck!

  41. nothing good to say in my review about this site. you are really wasting your money. there are no girls that are active over here so don’t expect anything.

  42. honestly just bad. there’s no comparison to how bad is because i’ve literally never been on a dating site this pathetic LOL just don’t bother!

  43. Freaky Mutant

    i am about 99% sure this is a scam but i gave it a shot! as i suspected, lots of fake profiles, fake pics, fake everything, but hey, at least the pics are hot!

  44. I have no idea whether or not this site is legit, but the affair site at least provided a bit of entertainment in really humorously bad spam messages.

  45. Dale Rummel


  46. Morbid James Seagull

    i wish i hadn’t bother giving this one a test. it’s awful and about as bad as they come, just full of fakes, private investigators, spam bots, etc.

  47. a really crappy affair site and not one i will use ever again. is basically a guide to getting caught, your wife will find out if you use this place!

  48. as if the name wasn’t bad enough, the site itself is bad, too. in my review 2013 list, i mentioned all of that as well as all of the fakes on this site that i found.

  49. bad for dating and i have no clue if it’s any good for getting laid. i just wanted a little romantic accounter, but really didn’t provide.

  50. Frederic Sanders

    NOT good for affair dating and so i will never be back here again. spend your money at any other site and actually get laid, seriously!

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