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This site needs to be shut down! VictoriaMilan failed to meet even one of our requirements when tested.

Having to give a very negative review is a little depressing for us. This site looks like it’s trying REALLY HARD.

Granted, it looks like it’s trying REALLY HARD to copy, one of our top websites for hooking up while you’re married. But still, at least it’s trying!

This was kind of a relief after going through a bunch of websites that clearly don’t give half a crap about even trying to look legit. might be a copycat, but at least it’s a well-designed copycat.

affair dating scam image

So, why did we rank so low if it’s not that bad a website? Well, we did have our reasons…

There are VERY few women on

When we say “very few,” we don’t mean that we had trouble hooking up in certain cities. We mean that it’s almost impossible to hook up at ALL on this site, even if you know exactly what you’re doing. Yeah, we know what we’re doing. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our reviews of our favorite websites, like the one is ripping off,

main page image for victoriamilan

Yes, is nice to look at. However, there is a BIG warning sign plastered all over even the very first page when you first go to the website to look around.

When we teach you how to spot affair dating site scams, one thing pops up over and over: don’t trust a website that has a lot of spelling and grammar errors in the copy. No, spelling and grammar aren’t a huge deal when it comes to hooking up, and we don’t care if the girl you want to hook up with can’t spell her own name.

However, it’s a VERY high trend in scam websites. They don’t bother hiring native fluent English speakers, which is a big sign that this is an international scam company that they’ve just ported in for an American audience. In other words, this is a recycled website, and you’re just the latest in a long line of dupes.

We were pretty disappointed-like we said, looks nice, and at first run, works well! Unfortunately, we can’t really get over the fact that every instinct we have is warning us away from a site that offers “Meat the love of you life and Relieve the Passion.”

That’s… probably not what you want to say,

What We Found When We Tried What Turned Us Off

When we say it was difficult to find 200 women that we could send emails to, let’s clarify: it was difficult to find 200 women that we could send emails to in ALL OF AMERICA.

America is really big, both in terms of population and in terms of geography. We can understand if you don’t have a big presence in EVERY city-after all, not every site has the kind of membership that and do.

However, as soon as you buy an account on, you start to realize that all the beautiful women you saw when you first logged on are conspicuously absent from your current list of matches. In fact, they’re conspicuously absent from the website in general.

Sadly, there don’t seem to be too many people on, as we found in our VictoriaMilan review.

After we sent out 200 emails on this site, we got back…19. 19 whole emails. Wow.

Yeah, that’s less than 10 percent. When you compare it with the 80+ percent that we got back on good sites like, it’s actually kind of sad. It further reinforces our suspicions that is a total scam, which is a shame, since it at least looks nice and professional.

Of the responses we got back, we were considerably less than impressed. One of the biggest warning signs for us was the fact that very few of our supposed “dates” could speak English very well. Now, we’re not against a little international sugar (far from it!), but we do kind of have a rule that you have to be able to verbally consent in English.

Of course, the fact that these girls didn’t know their “Ja” from their “Jaegermeister” was a pretty big hint that this wasn’t just a bad site, it was a very unsafe site for our money. We didn’t go on a single date, and we didn’t hook up with a single girl. This is NOT the kind of result we’re looking for in an affair dating site.

Why Won’t Help You Have an Affair: Could Be a Scam?

Have you ever taken an organic chemistry class? How about gone swimming with dolphins? Have you ever spent an afternoon engaging in art appreciation, basketweaving, or learning the names of different kinds of pollen?

These are all activities that will probably not get you laid. Let’s add “visiting” to the list of activities, because there’s nothing on this website that will get you laid. All you’ll get on is a lighter bank account, because you’ll be paying money for absolutely nothing.

At least if you engage in some other activities, you’re likely to learn a skill or something. Get out there and contribute to the world. Just don’t do it by using this website.

We are always wary when a website gets basic spelling and grammar wrong, but for a website to do that and then immediately follow it up with girls who don’t speak English, that’s a pretty big sign to us that something is wrong with the website. We’re not big fans of giving our money and our credit card details to some Eastern European racket. We like our kneecaps where they are, thanks. (Do Eastern European rackets do kneecaps? We’re not sure, but we don’t want to find out because of, that’s for sure.)

This website gets a lot wrong, nothing right, and will take your money and give you nothing in return. Review: Is A Good Idea for Someone Looking to Have an Affair?

Even if it looks nice at first, beauty is only skin deep. If you can meet a girl on, you’re better at this than we are-and let’s be honest, you’re not better at this than we are. Check out our results on a GOOD website, like That’s where there are actually a lot of beautiful, LOCAL women to choose from.

Or if you want to see the excellent original that is trying to copy, check out our number two site,

50 Responses to “ Review: Why Was Not One of Our Top Affairs Dating Sites List”

  1. Stray Massive Bull

    it could be worse but honestly my review will focus on the fact that there just isn’t anyone on this site! honestly a waste of money for such a small pool to choose from

  2. in comparison to other sites i have had a dozen messages returned by now at LEAST! honestly is a waste of time, there just isn’t anyone active here

  3. Rocky Rough Girl

    I don’t think this site is a scam, but that doesn’t make it good either. At least the people on it are real, but there just aren’t many of them!

  4. probably legit, still not good, i didn’t get a single hookup on victoria milan…but i will probably keep trying. at least the girls are REAL and TALK TO ME!

  5. Abdul Canham

    as far as dating sites go, this one really isn’t good. it’s all because it’s empty, and what’s the point in spending money on a site that’s completely empty?

  6. Silver Baby

    This was a test run that I regretted. Money spent on literally nothing! I have been to so many sites and gotten a ton of results in my area, this one had next to none!

  7. one of my least favorite affair site to visit, it’s just not good. victoria milan will NOT get you laid because there’s just no one on it at all, very inactive and very slow going!

  8. Fox Maximum

    when i came up with my new review 2013 list, i put this one down as just kind of eh. it could be worse but for the most part it’s a giant disappointment.

  9. not the best for dating. it’s because there’s just no one active on victoriamilan…i feel like i really have to dig to find anyone on here that will talk to me at all.

  10. Tomas Wells

    for affair dating, this one is a huge pass. you will not get laid. the girls on this are real but that doesn’t mean much when they won’t talk to you!

  11. you will NOT get laid. that is the point of this review. don’t waste your money on a site that can’t get you a hot chick or two! this is one of those sites so stay away!

  12. did a comparison to other sites and i really have to say that is a TOTAL waste of money, you just won’t get a single hookup on here, don’t bother with it

  13. Liquid Angel

    i don’t think this is a scam really but that doesn’t mean it’s good either…none of my messages get returned…most of the time the profiles are empty

  14. i think it’s legit?? but not sure. either way victoria milan just seems kind of ‘okay’ at best. not a lot of responses on my end and there’s just not many women on it to begin with.

  15. Drew Wentzel

    really not good. i could go downtown and see more active women running around! seriously save your money and spend it on a site that actually has breathing girls on it.

  16. Color Goldbeast

    a bad test run for me. i was not impressed with this site. there is just no one on it and i got very few messages returned. i want my money back!


  18. InvaderInvader

    did a new review 2013 list and this one was on it as just kind of poorly done. i’m not sure if they just don’t advertise or what but it’s soooo empty!

  19. for dating i really have to give this one a nope. victoria milan got me absolutely no results and i am about as unimpressed as i have ever been, maybe for hookups its better…

  20. Mitchell Crissman

    affair dating is a nope on this one. there’s just no one to hook up with! save your cash and really try out a site that has some active memberships going on!

  21. Navy Stony Leopard

    a review for this site is just eh as far as i am concerned. maybe in a few years it will be better… it’s just not very populated right now and i couldn’t get any hookups

  22. when i did a comparison to other sites, i was really unimpressed. for the amount of money i have spent at i really expected to get laid! so much for THAT idea!

  23. Belay Henri Coldbane

    not a scam i don’t think but it’s not all that great either. what a mess. this is just not a good site and i have not gotten really any responses from any of these girls.

  24. if this site is legit i still am not very popular on it lol victoria milan probably is good but i just am not having much luck in my area with it!

  25. Porfirio Wilkins


  26. Eternal Ox

    i did this site as a test and i was really not happy with the results. no responses to my messages at all. mostly spent my time tapping my foot!

  27. Just doesn’t perform as an affair site very well. Victoria Milan is just not a good site, they need to advertise more or something…it’s very empty and not worth the cash.

  28. Morbid Seal

    for my review of this site i had to put it on my review 2013 list of bad sites to waste money on lol it’s not good, no hookups, no messages, no anything!

  29. a miss for me when it comes to dating. victoria milan might be better for hookups, i’m not sure, but at any rate i didn’t have much success on this one

  30. Lawerence Ling

    kind of a crappy affair dating site. very empty, no one in my area, and i have found hundreds in my area before! don’t waste your money over here.

  31. Donkey Loose

    nothing nice to say in this review unfortunately. this site is just empty and a real rip-off for the price. you won’t find anyone in your area that wants to do it!

  32. when i did a comparison to my other sites i am often on, this one really comes up empty. victoria milan is just not a very active site and it is a waste of money!

  33. Rotten Crystal

    I don’t think it’s a scam but I still haven’t had many good results here. It’s just not very populated and i don’t think many girls hang out here!

  34. probably legit but i am not impressed all the same…i think victoria milan needs to advertise more, then maybe more girls will come and chat

  35. Jonathan Baum

    really not good, i think that it’s mostly full of empty profiles, people that have moved on, not worth any money, do research on these things before joining!

  36. Dangerous Beta

    just supposed to be a test run and i ended up demanding my money back. it’s a real time waster. there’s just no one around on this website at all!

  37. for an affair site this one falls super short of the mark. victoria milan is an example in how something good can turn REALLY BAD, it’s not worth a penny!

  38. Eternal Cool Star

    when i made my new review 2013 list i had to rank this one pretty low just because i barely got any messages returned. what the heck is up with that??

  39. if you are looking for a good dating site this unfortunately isn’t it. victoria milan is empty and no messages were returned to me at all!!

  40. Walton Holdeman

    all the messages i got on this site were spam…what a waste of an affair dating site, i wish i could get my money back sooner rather than later!

  41. Billy Darkblade

    just a bad site and i can’t give it a positive review at all. spent way too much time and money here for nothing, there aren’t any girls around at all!

  42. comparison to another site yields what i thought: empty and a waste of time and money. victoria milan doesn’t put out at all and i really think your money could be spent better anywhere else

  43. i don’t THINK it’s a scam but i still didn’t get a single good result from this place! no one replies to my messages and not a single hookup to be found

  44. is it legit? not sure. but at least the pics are hot lol. victoria milan COULD be good but i think it’s just lacking in traffic right now, maybe good to try later.

  45. Moises Orner

    not very good at all if we are being honest. i think for the most part it just lacks in people and if they advertised more maybe more people would come and hookup

  46. wanted to just test this one to see if i could get a single hook up and i was really disappointed to spend money and get absolutely nothing! a waste!

  47. pretty far from my ideal affair site. victoria milan suffers from just being void of ANY activity and that’s where you will just be throwing your money away!

  48. Sleepy Demon

    for a bunch of different review 2013 lists i know this ranked pretty low and i am no different…unfortunately none of my messages were returned at all!

  49. bad for dating, not sure about hookups. maybe you will get luckier than i did on victoria milan and actually find a girl in your area that gives you the time of day.

  50. one of the worst affair dating sites i’ve been on in awhile, and that’s because you are spending money for absolutely nothing. a total waste of my time.

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