One Great Profile Example

If you’re not having any luck getting women to contact you with your online dating profile, you are probably in desperate need of reworking your presentation. It’s no secret that the ones with all of the cards in the dating world are the chicks. This means that a babe is going to have to be impressed if she is going to shoot you that first email. What makes the perfect profile? That’s different for every dude. However, we’ve got a great template for you to follow. Remember, the profile itself needs to be around 500-600 words (that’s as long as this article). Introduce Yourself Simply Don’t give yourself a huge introduction. You’re no celebrity. We don’t mean to be a jerk to you, man. But it’s true. Open simply. ?My name’s Kevin and I’m a programmer for a major company in Hometown.? This sort of introduction will show her that you’re human and that you have a JOB. Jobs are important when it comes to dating. No chick wants to date a bum who can’t pay for dinner. ?When it comes to dating I’m looking for a lady who likes [insert your interest here]? Keep this to your major interests. Biking, Cars, Tolkien Re-enactments, or whatever. Now you’ve told a…

How to Break Up with Your Other Woman without Causing Drama

“Avoid the drama” It’s happened before, maybe even to you if this isn’t your first affair: you started hooking up with the beautiful coworker who’d been checking you out ever since she got hired at the company, and now you’re in too deep. You need to end the relationship for both of your sakes, or you just might go insane. This can be tough, it’s true, but for her sake and yours you need to let her know that you feel the relationship has run its course, whether it was just sexual or was even romantic at times. There’s no shame in it; humans can tend to be very transient and moving on quickly is a characteristic, especially of men. If you get bored easily, that’s perfectly all right. But how can you break up with your other woman without creating any drama? “Just agree to whatever she is saying and skip the drama” There are usually around three reasons you might want to break it off with a woman you’ve been having a fling with: either one or both of you has started developing romantic feelings for each other that are inconvenient, or you might have found someone else that you want to sleep with. In a worst-case scenario,…

Having an Affair With Someone Who ISN’T Her Sister

“This might end badly” When having an affair, it’s best to do so outside you and your wife’s network of friends. If you want one surefire way to get yourself caught cheating, it’s by sleeping around with her friends and family. That’s a one-way ticket to Jerry Springer, so you want to be as discreet as you can. Even thought it might be pretty easy to get a girl you or your wife has known previously, there’s a huge chance that she’ll wind up ratting you out to your ball-and-chain and land you in a whole heap of trouble. Pro-tip: if you’re friends on Facebook, you shouldn’t hit her up. If she’s friends with your wife on Facebook, DO NOT hit her up. Even if your wife isn’t friends with her, if she starts suspecting you it’ll be only too easy for her to dig up who you’ve been hooking up with if you’re friends online. Especially be sure to avoid the chat function on the site – not only does it log the conversation permanently, but it’s easy to take a screen shot of the conversation. If you go after her and she doesn’t take the bait, she might get offended and send the conversation to your wife. Even…

The Best Affair Dating Websites

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#1 Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Site: AshleyMadison
#3 Site: AffairsClub
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: MarriedDateLink


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