What to do when your Affair gets Serious

“You should break up without hurting her” If you started up any relationship with a woman, regardless of its nature as primarily sexual or even a bit romantic at times, you were probably attracted to her. Many men hear “attracted to” and think it only means romantically, but even being unable to get that cute blonde out of your mind or being unable to stop imagining what a night with that gorgeous redhead would be like is a form of attraction. Considering this, it’s not surprising to hear that there have been cases where that attraction has progressed into something a little more serious and when that happens, some men are understandably a little confused. To put it bluntly, you have two options – go with the flow of things and allow your once fun, on-the-side fling become serious, or break it off before any further damage can be done. Going on with any romantic feelings you might have can be rewarding but can also be challenging for you – it may be difficult to ration the amount of time you feel that each woman deserves and having feelings and developing a sense of feeling that you HAVE to tell someone about it, meaning that your committed relationship might have…

Three Ways to Sharpen Your Image and Get Laid

You’ve already landed your wife, but maybe you’re feeling a little trapped. She’s probably let herself go, but that doesn’t mean you have to. While we like lounging around in our boxers and playing video games on the weekend as much as the next guy, that’s not going to get you any action. The older you get, the more effort you’re going to have put in to hooking some hotties, so we came up with a few tips that have worked for us. Clothes The thing about girls is that they like a well-dressed man, and you’re already working overtime if she knows you’re married. If she doesn’t know now, she’ll probably find out, so make it worth her while. You don’t have to spend money on a new wardrobe, especially since it will arouse your wife’s suspicions, but there are a few things you can do to slick up your look. The first one is going to a tailor and getting your old pants and shirts fitted to your actual body type. It’s not as expensive as buying a new pair of pants, and it makes you look like you know how to dress. Your wife may wonder what looks different, but she won’t be able to put her…

The Profile Will Get ’em: Find a Steamy Affair

You want to have a hot, steamy, perfectly X-rated affair? Look no further. You have to start somewhere: with a killer profile. That profile is your digital foot out of the door that will get you the hook ups of your dreams. There are some key things that you absolutely need to have in your profile to reel in the perfect one night stands. Likewise, there are some things you just should not put up if you want to get yourself a down babe. We’re going to outline some of the key parts of the profile that is going to get you laid TONIGHT. Keep it Simple You know KISS? Keep it simple, stupid. Don’t spend a ton of time on your biography. You want to keep that down to around 600 words. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to read a lot about her personal history, why do you think she wants to read anything about yours? The truth of the matter is that chicks that are looking for a one night stand don’t give three shits what your first pet’s name was. In fact, they just want to know what you plan to do on their date and how much they can expect out of you. If you…

Love ’em and Leave ’em: Casual Dating is not Serial Dating

When you are trying to have an affair the important thing is that you do not ever get attached to the women you’re meeting on the side. That can spell total disaster that is reminiscent of a Lifetime movie. Do not get emotionally involved with the chicks you are having an affair with. Affairs are about sex and that’s all. When you’re getting down and dirty with a babe, it’s only natural to start getting a soft spot for them, but you need to fight that urge. When you get too involved with them, you open yourself up to making mistakes that you, a married man, just can’t afford to make. Using Family Money This is the one that gets guys caught the most, hands down. A chick can play on your heart strings like you would not believe. When the girl you’re seeing on the side calls you up with a sob story it’s only natural to want to ride in on a white horse and save her. Even if it’s just a simple loan that you’re certain your wife won’t notice, do NOT give into the temptation. Women are natural budgeters. They can multitask like we don’t even understand. This means that they can balance a budget, write…

How to Treat an Easy Lady

Look, you want to bag a chick who really likes sex. The problem is that every time you open your mouth you end up turning them off. Considering all the talk you’ve heard about how easy she is to turn on, you’re stumped as to what it is you’re doing wrong. It’s true that there are a lot of babes who are ready to party and aren’t too choosy with who they get down with. However, these chicks aren’t going to just put out for anyone because they have a dick. Most chicks, even easy ones, get to call the shots and that means that if you’re a jerk to them, you’re not going to get laid. Here are some tips to get you past the jumping point and rolling in the sack with that hot babe whose been down for everyone else. Don’t be Rude Look, if you call chicks sluts and bitches they are not going to be flocking towards you. No one wants to get naked with someone who is going to just be a jackass to them. Why would they? First thing about getting a down babe is to stop that shit right away. If you’re looking for a woman who puts out easily, you’re obviously…

How to Keep a Mistress

Looking to level up in having an affair? That means it’s time to hit up the highest class of relationship holy grail. The greatest of all status symbols for the successful man: having a mistress. Having a mistress is hard; if you don’t have all your shit together and a certain level of income you can just forget about it. We’re not talking about down and dirty affairs, we’re talking about a dedicated side lady, someone who is there for your needs and your needs alone. To have this going on in your life you’re going to have to have a few things ironed out right from the start. Treat Her Like an Employee You need to set firm boundaries with the mistress, especially if you have no intention on leaving your wife. She needs to know from the very start of the affair what she is to you and how you plan on running the relationship. You’re the CEO, you’re the boss, and she’s on your payroll to handle what you need her to. Give her a specific phone number to reach you at and times that she can if she needs something. The moment you let her bleed into your home life is the moment you’re going to…

First Email Tips: How to Score a Hot Date

When you’re in the wide world of Internet dating, you are not alone. There’s a ton of competition on most online dating sites and it can seem pretty vicious out there. When you’re trying to get a woman’s attention you can be 100% certain that you’re not alone. Not only that, but you have no real way of knowing what you’re up against unless you spend time looking at other dudes profiles (and no one wants to do that). The thing that you need to put you above other men who are emailing babes is a good first email. Your first email needs to be simple, short, and direct without being pushy or demanding. Short Emails are Best When women have online profiles out there, they get lots of emails. The best babes can clock in tens of emails a day, sometimes more than even that. A lot of the chicks that we’ve talked to say that they actually have a spam email box for certain dating sites and they sometimes go through and just cull emails at random. What’s the one thing that they cut first? Wordy emails. This means that if you want to be seen, you need to keep it short and sweet. Try to keep that…

The Best Affair Dating Websites

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#1 Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Site: AshleyMadison
#3 Site: AffairsClub
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: MarriedDateLink


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