Love ’em and Leave ’em: Casual Dating is not Serial Dating

When you are trying to have an affair the important thing is that you do not ever get attached to the women you’re meeting on the side. That can spell total disaster that is reminiscent of a Lifetime movie. Do not get emotionally involved with the chicks you are having an affair with. Affairs are about sex and that’s all. When you’re getting down and dirty with a babe, it’s only natural to start getting a soft spot for them, but you need to fight that urge. When you get too involved with them, you open yourself up to making mistakes that you, a married man, just can’t afford to make. Using Family Money This is the one that gets guys caught the most, hands down. A chick can play on your heart strings like you would not believe. When the girl you’re seeing on the side calls you up with a sob story it’s only natural to want to ride in on a white horse and save her. Even if it’s just a simple loan that you’re certain your wife won’t notice, do NOT give into the temptation. Women are natural budgeters. They can multitask like we don’t even understand. This means that they can balance a budget, write…

Rekindle Your Fire With an Affair

“Get the spark back in your relationship” After the “I do’s”, it can be hard to keep all the promises you made. Maybe the spark is just dead, and you’ve done all you can to rekindle it, but it just isn’t working out. There are a multitude of reasons that marriages fail, with nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, though divorce might not always be an immediate option. Having children or being reliant on your partner’s income can keep you with her out of necessity, but that doesn’t meant that you don’t want to have any fun. Being discreet about your affairs isn’t as easy in this day and age, but it certainly isn’t impossible. You just have to play it smart, and an affair is easily within your reach, ready to light your fire all over again. Most married men aren’t looking for another relationship to complicate their lives, so you want to avoid women who are going to cling. Go out to the bar, and don’t be afraid to turn down a few girls to get to the better ones. Don’t settle for just anyone – the girls who flock to you immediately are going to be the girls who want to hang around, want to…

Cheaters Always Prosper: How to Have the Best Affair

So you want to have an affair, do you? Look, we’re not here to judge you. We wouldn’t be working on this site if we were. As a matter-of-fact, having an affair is something we like to think we’re pretty damn good at. It’s not that you don’t love your wife; you just need to get out and play the game a little bit more. You probably got married too soon, or want to do something freaky that you sure as shit aren’t going to try to fly by the Mrs. That means that your only option is to have an affair or to rent a hooker. One of these things may not be legal in your area, so we’re here to help you with the first. Keep it Simple The last thing that you should do when you start having an affair is make up complicated stories to tell. You absolutely want to make sure that the stories you tell all of the ladies in your life are easy to keep track of. This gets truer the more mistresses you want to pack on. One of the biggest mistakes that dudes make is that they come up with these extremely impressive stories to hook in the best babes and…

The Best Affair Dating Websites

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#1 Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Site: AshleyMadison
#3 Site: AffairsClub
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: MarriedDateLink


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