The Best Places to Meet Girls Your Wife Would Never Suspect

With all the surveillance on us these days, how’s a guy supposed to have an honest, old-fashioned affair? Well, we’ll tell you how: you have to pick the places your wife would never suspect. Don’t doubt that she’ll check your credit card statement, your phone history, text messages and even e-mail if she knows your password, the moment she suspects you’re doing something on the DL. The best way to participate in activities that seem totally innocuous, but also have the potential of netting some hotties. It’s called hiding in plain sight, and it’s your best tactic for sexual survival. Comic Book Conventions Nerd girls come in two shapes: Wonder Woman and not-Wonder Woman. We think you can probably guess the type you should be watching for. Even better is the fact that a lot of nerd girls at comic book conventions will do something called cosplay, which is short for “costume play.” It’s not what you might first think, which is a fun, kinky sex game, but when fans of nerdy things like comic books or video games dress up as the characters. It sounds really weird, but can you imagine banging Wonder Woman? Yeah, exactly. Conventions are a great place to meet hot women, because you get to…

Love ’em and Leave ’em: Casual Dating is not Serial Dating

When you are trying to have an affair the important thing is that you do not ever get attached to the women you’re meeting on the side. That can spell total disaster that is reminiscent of a Lifetime movie. Do not get emotionally involved with the chicks you are having an affair with. Affairs are about sex and that’s all. When you’re getting down and dirty with a babe, it’s only natural to start getting a soft spot for them, but you need to fight that urge. When you get too involved with them, you open yourself up to making mistakes that you, a married man, just can’t afford to make. Using Family Money This is the one that gets guys caught the most, hands down. A chick can play on your heart strings like you would not believe. When the girl you’re seeing on the side calls you up with a sob story it’s only natural to want to ride in on a white horse and save her. Even if it’s just a simple loan that you’re certain your wife won’t notice, do NOT give into the temptation. Women are natural budgeters. They can multitask like we don’t even understand. This means that they can balance a budget, write…

Keep Yourself Sane With an Affair

“Get a grip on reality” Even good guys get bored and lonely, and not all wives are the most dutiful. Marriage dictates that you aren’t supposed to be with anyone but her, but rules are made to be broken, right? So, if she’s not doing it for you, it’s better for the both of you if you find someone else to do it instead before you wind up blowing up at her for it. If you’re looking for a fun affair to keep you busy on long “work” nights that you would have originally spent at your desk agonizing about going home to your wife, you have to make sure you have the perfect alibi to avoid suspicion. The affair itself won’t be difficult to find – there are plenty of women out there looking for a no-strings-attached fling who would love to help you have a good time. Finding a woman to sleep with you is infinitely easier than finding one to commit to you in a relationship, so don’t spend your time worrying about that. Worry instead about how to keep your lies valid and hole-free so your wife doesn’t ever find out. Feed her lines about how stressful your job is lately, and how much of a…

How to Keep Your Wife in the Dark

Now that you’ve managed to hook into the hook up culture, you need to make sure that your wife doesn’t find out. There are some dudes that say all good things will come to pass, but that’s not true at all. The fact of the matter is that most men get sloppy and that’s when the party ends. You don’t need to be some master of disguise or a super secret agent to keep the Mrs. from finding the mistress. There are some very simple ways that you can do this without causing yourself too much grief. The added piece of mind will keep you having your cake and eating it too. Clearing the Cache If you’re using a shared computer then you’re going to have to keep your iTracks a secret. The problem that most men have is they may assume that their wife is clueless with computers. This isn’t the case anymore. Most people understand how to clear cookies and keep their browsing history clear for security and ease of browsing. That means that you can get away with clearing the cookies and history every so often without causing your wife any alarm. If you want to be truly sneaky, however, you’re going to have to selectively clear…

The Best Affair Dating Websites

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#1 Site: EroticAffairs
#2 Site: AshleyMadison
#3 Site: AffairsClub
#4 Site: NoStringsAttached
#5 Site: MarriedDateLink


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